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13th November 2013
Dual output single phase Panel Mount power supplies

Delta Electronics announce two new dual output single phase Panel Mount power supplies. An expansion of the company's existing PMT series, the PMT-D1V100W1AA and PMT-D2V100W1AA power supplies provide 100W power output with output voltages at 12V & 5V or 24V & 5V, respectively. Operated with selectable AC input switch for 85-132Vac or 170-264Vac, the new power supplies conform to harmonic current IEC/EN 61000-3-2, Class A.

17th October 2013
Delta Electronics unveil 3-Phase 960W DIN rail power supply

Delta Electronics has enhanced its popular CliQ II DIN Rail Power Supply series with the addition of a new 3-Phase 960W power supply. The model DRP024V960W3BX provides 24V output with a full corrosion resistant aluminium body that can withstand up to 30G Shock test according to IEC 60068-2-27 and operates over a wide temperature range from -25°C to +65°C.

20th August 2013
Delta announce 48V 150W PMC panel mount power supply

Delta has today announced an expansion of its PMC panel mount power supply series with the addition of a new version featuring 150W output power and 48V output voltage. The single output PMC-48V150W1BX features universal AC input at 85Vac to 264Vac and a built-in active PFC circuit to achieve high Power Factor value.

18th July 2013
Delta Electronics unveil 15W Output Open Frame Power Supply

Delta Electronics has today announced that its PJ Open Frame Power Supply series is now available with 15W output power. The single output product comes with universal AC input at 85Vac to 264Vac and nominal output voltage options of 5V and 12V. Like its predecessors, the PJ-5V15W and PJ-12V15W have options that offer metal chassis and/or cover for different installation preferences.

24th June 2013
Delta Extends CliQ DIN Rail Power Supply Series with 48W Power Rating at 24V Output Voltage

Delta Electronics announced the DRP-24V48W1AZ as part of the popular CliQ DIN Rail power supply series. The DRP-24V48W1AZ has a power rating of 48W with 24V output voltage. The rugged plastic casing has a compact body at only 32mm wide and operates within a wide temperature range from -20°C to 70°C. Like its CliQ predecessors, the DRP-24V48W1AZ comes with universal AC input and major industrial standards like UL 508, EMI according to EN 55011.

3rd October 2012
Delta Introduces High Efficiency EV Charging Solutions for Ishavsveien Charging Network

Delta Electronics announced today that it will provide high efficiency Electric Vehicle charging solutions for the Ishavsveien charging network in Norway. Delta offers two DC Quick Chargers that provide 50-500V DC / 50kW output power with among the world's highest efficiency.

7th September 2012
CliQ II DIN Rail 24V 60W NEC Class 2 from Delta

Delta Electronics is introducing the CliQ II DIN Rail 24V 60W NEC Class 2 certified power supply. The product can be used in general Industrial applications especially for dry indoor environment with the advantage of lower wiring cost for a system due to compliance with NEC Class 2 requirements. The National Electrical Code is a North American standard, which is regarded as a law in most North American states.

28th May 2012
Introducing Delta PMC 12V 150W Wide Range Panel Mount Power Supply

Delta Electronics Group introduces another Panel Mount Power supply in its PMC series. The new PMC 12V 150W power supply operates at wide range input from 85Vac to 264Vac. Like its predecessors the compact and unique aluminum body weighs less than 540 Grams. The product comes with a set of impressive specifications.

21st March 2012
Introducing Delta CliQ II 48V 120W (2.5A) DIN Rail Power Supply

Global power supply manufacturer Delta Electronics Group has announced the launch of CliQ II 48V 120W Single Phase DIN Rail standard power supply. The product comes with 3 years warranty like all Delta CliQ series. It is also compatible with both 20A and 40A CliQ II Redundancy Modules.

2nd February 2011
Bridgestone Corporation and Delta Electronics Agree on Joint-Development for Next-Generation Electronic Paper Products

Bridgestone Corporation and Delta Electronics announced today that they have entered into an extensive joint agreement to develop and manufacture the next-generation of electronic paper products and applications.

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