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Datalight Releases File System With Built-in Data Diagnostics For Android, Embedded Linux And Windows CE

Datalight have released Reliance Nitro 3.0, the latest version of its embedded file system for Android, Embedded Linux and Microsoft Windows Embedded Compact operating systems. This new version adds advanced instrumentation, enabling fast, precise diagnosis of errors within the flash memory subsystem. Finding the source of these flash storage failures is normally a time consuming part of the development process, which can delay market availability of embedded devices for many weeks.
1st February 2013

Datalight Announces Initiative to Support Latest JEDEC eMMC Standard

Datalight announced an initiative to provide software support for JESD84-B45, Embedded Multi-media Card (e•MMC), Electrical Standard (4.5 Device), just published by JEDEC, enabling device manufacturers and their customers to make full use of the performance characteristics inherent in flash memory.
21st July 2011

Datalight Joins JEDEC

Datalight announced today that it has joined JEDEC, the semiconductor industry’s top engineering trade organization and standardization body. The organization brings together a wide range of companies worldwide, including key technical experts from most device, assembly, system and testing companies, which enables JEDEC to set widely adopted standards for product interoperability. As a maker of high-performance file systems and flash memory management software, Datalight offers a perspective unique among JEDEC members.
18th February 2011

Datalight Unveils Support for Microsoft Windows 7

Datalight announced today support for Microsoft Windows 7 with desktop driver for its proprietary file system Reliance Nitro™. Reliance Windows Driver (RWD) allows data from devices using Datalight’s acclaimed file systems to be exchangeable with computers running Windows 7, XP or Vista. This allows, for example, users of CF cards formatted with Reliance Nitro to work in the CF card slot located in many printers and PCs. Current support is for 32-bit versions of Windows 7 with support for 64-bit versions slated for 2011.
18th November 2010

New Version of FlashFX Pro Offers Performance, Security and Power Efficiency Improvements Improvements

Today Datalight announced FlashFX Pro 4.1, the latest version of its well-known flash memory management software. The new version extends the significant performance and design-flexibility benefits formerly available only for Microsoft Windows CE and Windows Mobile to users of Wind River VxWorks and other RTOS environments.
15th September 2010

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