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Test & Measurement
15th July 2015
ARM processor powers embedded data acquisition module

A real-time data acquisition module extends Data Translation’s recently launched generation of ARM-based embedded data acquisition solutions. The DT7816 is based on a Linux platform with Cortex-A8 processor and 2GB Flash memory. The module provides eight 16-bit analogue inputs supporting simultaneous data acquisition with a sampling rate of up to 400 kHz per channel.

Test & Measurement
21st June 2015
24-bit USB modules include data logging software

Three USB data acquisition modules from Data Translation are offered as complete high-accuracy temperature measurement solutions including the easy-to-use QuickDAQ data logging software. The DT9828, DT9829 and DT9874 modules support the direct connection of thermocouples and thermistors, and provide highly accurate 24-bit A/D technology and galvanic isolation.

Test & Measurement
4th May 2015
USB measurement system aimed at acoustic test

The VIBbox is a portable solution for test and measurement tasks with high channel count. With 64 IEPE/ICP sensor inputs, eight analogue outputs and four tachometer inputs as well as a multitude of digital I/O channels and counter/timers, the USB measurement system from Data Translation is ideal for acoustic and vibration analysis applications.

Test & Measurement
11th February 2015
Embedded solution meets sound, vibration applications

The new DT7837 ARM-based embedded solution from Data Translation is designed for noise, vibration and acoustic measurement applications and features high-accuracy 24-bit data acquisition technology. The module provides an ARM Cortex-A8 processor with 2 GB flash memory and interfaces for USB, Ethernet and RS232 as well as a SD card slot.

Test & Measurement
28th November 2014
FFT analysis option added to data acquisition software

Two options have been added to Data Translation’s QuickDAQ data logging software, extending the base version by powerful measurement and analysis capabilities for sound, vibration and other applications. Combined with Data Translation's USB and Ethernet data acquisition modules, the software allows the continuous and triggered acquisition of measurement data, including spectrum analyses and modal analyses – both in real time and offli...

Test & Measurement
18th September 2014
Data acquisition modules analyse sound and vibration

Data Translation has expanded their range of USB data acquisition modules for vibration measurements with 24-bit resolution with the the DT9857 series. The new modules provide eight or sixteen analogue inputs for IEPE/ICP sensors, such as measurement microphones or accelerometers. Key features also include two 32-bit analogue outputs, digital I/Os, a 32-bit tachometer input and three counters, supporting a wide variety of acoustic and vibration m...

Test & Measurement
30th June 2014
USB data acquisition modules boast galvanic isolation

Data Translation’s DT9626 USB data acquisition series features a 24-bit A/D resolution and a high measurement accuracy along with all the advantages of a dedicated A/D converter for each channel as well as galvanic isolation. The modules are available with 4, 8 or 16 analogue inputs, each providing sampling rates of up to 41.6 kHz.

Test & Measurement
26th May 2014
USB data acquisition module features 32 analogue inputs

A new USB data acquisition module from Data Translation comes with 32 analogue inputs, a 1 MHz A/D converter and 20-bit A/D resolution. The DT9844 is designed to provide high throughput and high accuracy for a large number of channels. Even at the maximum overall sampling rate of 640 kHz, the module achieves an outstanding system accuracy and minimises noise and crosstalk. In addition to the 32SE or 16DI analogue inputs, the module also features ...

Test & Measurement
14th April 2014
USB data acquisition modules eliminate phase shifts

With the DT9816 series Data Translation offers a range of low-cost USB data acquisition modules for simultaneous sampling of up to six analogue signals. Unlike comparable measurement instruments in the same price range, these modules feature separate 16-bit A/D converters per input channel instead of multiplexed inputs.

Test & Measurement
24th January 2014
Plug-and-play features on multi-sensor measurement module

A multi-sensor measurement module with USB port and plug-and-play connectivity has been unveiled by Data Translation. The module supports the direct connection of an array of different sensor types, from NTCs, thermocouples and RTDs to strain gauge sensors and load cells. The DT9829 is available with two, four or eight inputs, featuring separately programmable gain and sensor settings for each differential input channel. Voltage, current and resi...

Test & Measurement
20th November 2013
Data acquisition module runs on USB power

A USB data acquisition module designed to help high-accuracy measurements using bridge-based assemblies, such as load cells, torque sensors or pressure sensors has been launched by Data Translation. The DT9838, provides four direct sensor connections with integrated, separately programmable bridge excitation.

23rd July 2013
A .NET class library for FFT and signal processing operations

Data Translation launches the release of a .NET class library for FFT and signal processing operations. The library supports quick and easy development of sound and vibration applications – independently of the measurement hardware used. Key features include tools for performing single-channel and two-channel FFT operations and calculating the relevant signal metrics.

Mixed Signal/Analog
20th June 2013
Isolated USB Analog Output Modules for Continuous Waveform Streaming

Data Translation announces the release of enhanced performance versions for its DT9853 and DT9854 USB analog output modules. The new versions have four or eight outputs with 16-bit resolution and can now also provide continuous analog waveform streaming at up to 8 kHz.

Test & Measurement
16th May 2013
Accurate And Cost-Effective USB Data Acquisition Module From Data Translation

Data Translation release the new DT9828E thermocouple measurement module, expanding the DT9828 series, which has been available since the beginning of the year. Designed for users looking for a very cost-effective module, the DT9828E provides all the basic features for temperature measurements and analyses without galvanic isolation and four instead of eight differential inputs for thermocouples.

Test & Measurement
17th April 2013
Low-Noise USB Data Acquisition Module with 14.8-Bit ENOB for Sound and Vibration Measurements

Data Translation announces the release of a new module with 16-bit Delta- Sigma A/D converter for its USB-powered sound and vibration data acquisition series. With 14.8-bit ENOB and a dynamic range of 96 dB (SFDR), the DT9839 offers exceptional accuracy at an affordable price.

Test & Measurement
11th March 2013
New Data Logging Software for USB and Ethernet

Data Translation announces the release of the new QuickDAQ 2013 data logging software, which comes with all USB and Ethernet data acquisition modules as well as the PCI data acquisition boards from Data Translation. Users of DT data acquisition hardware can also download the software for free from the manufacturer's website.

Test & Measurement
12th February 2013
Low-Cost Thermocouple Measurement Module With 24-Bit Delta-Sigma ADC

Data Translation announces the release of the new DT9828 data acquisition module for temperature measurements. Featuring a 24-Bit Delta-Sigma A/D converter and galvanic isolation, the module brings exceptional accuracy to the low-cost segment. It provides eight differential analog inputs for thermocouple or voltage measurements in the millivolt range, as well as four digital inputs and four digital outputs.

Test & Measurement
14th November 2012
Signal generation with ultra-low distortion!

Data Translation announces the release of the new DT9847 series of multifunction USB data acquisition modules for high-precision measurements in audio and acoustic applications. The modules provide up to three 24-bit analog inputs, and up to two analog outputs with a 32-bit D/A converter per channel, depending on the model. This allows the generation of high-accuracy nominal or reference signals with an ultra-low total harmonic distortion (THD) o...

Test & Measurement
8th October 2012
Data Translation launches DT8824-HV Ethernet data acquisition module

Data Translation announced the release of the DT8824-HV Ethernet data acquisition module, which is specially designed for measurement technology used in the development and testing of renewable energy systems. The instrument provides four high voltage differential inputs supporting input voltage ranges of ±600V.

Test & Measurement
30th August 2012
VIBpoint Framework software spectrum analyzer from Data Translation

Data Translation announced the release of a new version of the VIBpoint Framework software spectrum analyser. Version 3.0 provides powerful new features to output stimuli with waveform generation. This allows using the analogue outputs of data acquisition modules to output any frequency, swept sine or random noise; for example, in order to control a shaker for mechanical tests.

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