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15th July 2016
Computer memory experts predict the future of mobile phone storage

As it’s revealed that that Microsoft are set to release the Surface Phone with an impressive 256GB of internal storage, Data Memory Systems, a computer memory specialist in the US, has championed the news and predicted that mobile phones could soon be used to enhance customer experiences of laptops and tablets in a whole host of settings.

14th July 2016
10th gen 10TB Enterprise HDD sparks data back-up concerns

With the release of Seagate's 10th gen 10TB Enterprise HDD last month, Data Memory Systems has reiterated the need for businesses to back up their data in order to avoid unexpected losses.

7th July 2016
10TB helium-filled hard drive consumes less power

Helium-filled hard drives have been talked about for quite some time in the industry, however Seagate has recently announced that their new 10TB hard drive is filled with helium in order to give users superior performance. Data Memory Systems has championed the developments, signalling it as an innovation for the industry.

5th July 2016
Stormy clouds ahead?

It has been announced by Apple that it will be introducing what it calls ‘Optimised Storage’; an updated version of the iCloud Drive that will automatically store Mac’s older documents in the cloud. Data Memory Systems is urging users to make sure they still back up their important files in order to make sure they are safe. 

4th July 2016
Biological developments made in computer memory

It has been announced by Microsoft, that they are buying ten million strands of DNA from biology start-up Twist Bioscience to investigate the use of genetic material to store data, Data Memory Systems, one of the leading computer memory specialists in the US, highlighted it as an innovation for the data memory industry.

13th May 2014
Are Chromebooks the future of computing?

With the different models and totally different approach to computer memory, Data Memory Systems are attempting to discover whether Chromebooks really will be the huge hit that their manufacturers are anticipating. Data Memory Systems are asking whether Chromebooks really are the laptops of the future.

22nd October 2013
Back it up or you could lose everything!

Data Memory Systems has posed a question pertinent for almost all computer users: what would you do if your computer experienced an error and you suddenly found that all of your important files could not be recovered? With only 7% of computer users performing daily back ups, Data Memory Systems urges everyone to back up their system regularly to avoid all of their most precious data being lost due to an unpredictable error.

21st October 2013
Tips to reduce Google Chrome RAM consumption

Google Chrome, one of the fastest and most popular internet browsers available, is constantly providing improvements and updates, and has the option to add extensions and plug-ins to the program to increase its functionality. All of these features have contributed to making it an excellent and efficient way to surf the net, but Data Memory Systems has discovered that many people are experiencing a lack of RAM memory when they use the prevalent br...

9th October 2013
Could you diagnose your computer's memory problem?

Diagnosing computer memory issues is just about one of the toughest problems that computer users will ever face. The issue can stem from numerous different roots, and occasionally a computer’s BIOS might inform the user of the problems, but more often than not, it will be up to the user solely to turn detective and find what is causing the issues.

23rd July 2013
The retrieval guide for flash drives

Whether you use a 4GB drive for saving music or a 32GB drive for complete system back-ups, flash drives have quickly become the preferred storage device for people around the globe. They are now a vital computing device for many in business and domestic situations. But what happens when the flash drive fails, and what happens when an error prevents access to important data?

19th July 2013
Crystal Memory that could outlive the human race

A computer memory crystal that has been designed in the UK could end up outliving the entire human race and survive for one million years without any information being lost, according to some experts. The memory crystal, which is an incredibly advanced form of computer memory, can store digital information across five dimensions: the three dimensions of space, and two extra dimensions facilitated by crystal lattice.

24th June 2013
Apple: A Look Back In History

This week sees not only a landmark sale for Apple computers, but also the anniversary of one of their most ground-breaking products. The Apple I has been sold at auction this week to a German collector. The vintage device was not only Apple’s first offering to the computer industry; it was also the first fully-assembled computer to be sold in shops. One of the 200 original units produce in Steve Jobs’ parents’ garage has sold this week for ...

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