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25th June 2019
Ceramic hermetic DDR2 memory available for space

Data Device Corporation (DDC) has introduced what is believed to be the first CCGA Rad-Hard DDR2 SDRAM for space applications, the latest addition to DDC's wide range of high density space grade ceramic hermetic memories, spanning Flash (NAND/NOR), SDRAM, SRAM and EEPROM solutions.

Aerospace & Defence
1st April 2019
Single board computer deployed on JAXA’s GOSAT-2 mission

Another successful flight of its SCS750 Single Board Computer (SBC) on the Second Greenhouse Gases Observing Satellite (GOSAT-2) has been announced by Data Device Corporation (DDC). Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and JAXA successfully launched H-IIA Launch Vehicle No. 40 (H-IIA F40,) which encapsulates the GOSAT-2 satellite, on October 29th, 2018 from the JAXA Tanegashima Space Center. 

12th September 2018
NAND flash chosen for the NASA BioSentinel CubeSat spacecraft

The Rad Hard high density NAND flash memory, from Data Device Corporation (DDC), has been selected to be integrated within the Pearl Single Board Computer (SBC), that is used as the flight computer on NASA’s BioSentinel CubeSat spacecraft. The Pearl SBC, along with DDC’s flash memory, is baselined for use on multiple upcoming missions for both NASA and the DOD. 

3rd August 2018
DDC’s single board computer chosen for robotic mission

It has been announced by Data Device Corporation (DDC) that the US Naval Research Laboratory (NRL), developer of the robotic servicing payload for RSGS, has chosen DDC’s SCS750 Single Board Computer (SBC) for use on the Robotic Servicing of Geosynchronous Satellites (RSGS) program for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). 

11th January 2018
Cost and space saving aircraft power solution

Data Device Corporation (DDC) has introduced a new 280W converter to supply 28V power for IFEC electronics and USB charging ports for Portable Electronic Devices (PED), to up to 18 aircraft seats, with a compact, high output, and cost effective solution that the company claims delivers the industry's best power efficiency performance.

18th August 2017
PMC boards provide high accuracy test & simulation

Versatile, rugged, and time saving Synchro/Resolver conversion and simulation PMC boards featuring multiple high accuracy, independent channels and easy programmability have been announced by Data Device Corporation (DDC). They provide a highly accurate and convenient method to test and simulate positioning systems in lab and embedded environments.

17th August 2017
High-efficiency smart power 3-phase motor drive

A new high power 3-Phase Bridge drive designed to precisely deliver current to windings of 3-Phase Brush and Brushless DC Motors, with a high-efficiency MOSFET drive stage has been introduced by Data Device Corporation (DDC). The new PWR-82335 motor drive offers up to an 8 times improvement in power efficiency compared with the previous generation PWR-82331 bridge drive, and is a pin compatible direct replacement.

23rd May 2017
DDC acquires North Hills Signal Processing

With the acquisition of North Hills Signal Processing, completed on 5th May 2017, Data Device Corporation (DDC) has announced the expansion of its transformer product offering. North Hills Signal Processing is a supplier of MIL-STD-1553 data bus couplers, network testers, and related hardware including cables, connectors, and terminators.

Aerospace & Defence
21st November 2016
Partnership provides rugged and high temperature IPMs

A partnership between BETA Transformer Technology Corporation (BETA) and CISSOID has developed compact and reliable Intelligent Power Modules (IPM). These modules are optimised for power converters and motor control within extreme environments, including aerospace, industrial, ground vehicles, automotive, and oil and gas.

5th September 2016
Secure data requirements supported by 1U Dual Server

Combined with Tresys’ industry leading secure filtering software, Data Device Corporation (DDC) has introduced the new Secure 1U Dual Server (BU-67127W), to provide an innovative approach to solving cross domain information transfer problems, which delivers unmatched flexibility, red/black hardware separation, and high performance at a low cost.

Aerospace & Defence
17th June 2016
3-phase motor drive provides 100k rad total dose protection

Featuring 100k rad total dose protection and advanced circuit and logic protection to ensure fail-safe operation, Data Device Corporation (DDC) has announced a high-reliability, 3-phase radiation tolerant motor drive. The PW-82336 utilises a high-efficiency, radiation tolerant MOSFET output stage with 100VDC rating to deliver 5A continuous current (10A peak current) to the motor, along with flexible I/O, enabling a common design to be used across...

25th May 2016
Transdigm Group to buy Data Device Corporation for $1bn

Data Device Corporation (DDC) has revealed that its owner, private equity investment firm Behrman Capital, has entered into a definitive agreement to sell DDC to Transdigm Group in a transaction valued at $1bn.

6th May 2016
PCIe board offers a flexible solution for angular measurement testing

Data Device Corporation (DDC) introduces a high accuracy Synchro/Resolver input PCIe board offering an easy and flexible solution for angular measurement testing in production screening and prototype evaluation. The SB-3625XKX board features a user-friendly Windows GUI and a comprehensive Synchro/Resolver LabVIEW support package, to support a wide range of applications and test requirements.

3rd May 2016
DDC expands space market capabilities

Data Device Corporation (DDC) has announced that it has expanded its space market capabilities and product offering with the acquisition of the Microelectronics group from Maxwell Technologies. Maxwell is aleading developer and manufacturer of innovative, cost-effective, space-qualified microelectronics solutions for satellites and spacecrafts.

19th April 2016
DDC to acquire Maxwell Microelectronics

Data Device Corporation (DDC) has announced that it has entered into an agreement to expand its space market capabilities and product offering with the planned acquisition of the microelectronics group from Maxwell Technologies. Maxwell is aleading developer and manufacturer of innovative, cost-effective, space-qualified microelectronics solutions for satellites and spacecraft.

10th March 2016
Power inductors are built & tested to MIL-PRF-27 Grade 5 Class S

Beta Transformer Technology introduces high-reliability, cost-optimised miniature Power Inductors (BPI series) and Common Mode Chokes (BCM series), that are a direct drop-in replacement for Pico Electronics power inductors and common mode chokes. Beta credits its optimised manufacturing facilities and focus on continuous process improvements, as its engine in delivering high performance and reliability, cost saving magnetic solutions.

27th January 2016
Industrial motor controller suitable for position control

Data Device Corporation (DDC) introduces a low-cost BLDC motor controller for speed, torque and position control. The MC-5000 series BLDC motor controller provides a turnkey, plug-and-play solution, that is available in configurations to support motors that utilise Hall sensor or sensorless commutation for torque and speed control, or encoder feedback for position control or commutation.

18th January 2016
Solid-state power controller offers advanced programmability

Data Device Corporation (DDC) introduces a 10-Channel, 120A, 115VAC Solid-State Power Controller (SSPC), offering advanced programmability, system health diagnostic and prognostic data and high-power density in a compact and reliable board, certifiable to DO-160, making it suitable for use in mission system and non-flight critical applications onboard manned and unmanned aircraft.

14th July 2014
The ultimate in precision and efficiency

Modern Brushless DC (BLDC) motor controllers that are housed in compact assemblies are ideal for integration into systems that require precision control and efficiency. This enabling technology fulfils the requirements of both simple and complex motor systems, while offering significant advantages and improving time to market. By Don Laskay, Data Device Corporation.

2nd August 2013
Save space & power with new PCIe-Express AceXtreme

Data Device launches the BU-67302B0C0L-202, a PCIe-Express AceXtreme, which provides dual MIL-STD-1553 transceivers, protocol, and 64K x 36 of internal memory within a single BGA device with a PCI-Express host interface.

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