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Mixed Signal/Analog
9th November 2017
'Virtual wall' improves wireless security and performance

Fed up of poor WiFi signal? A team of researchers led by Dartmouth College may have finally solved the problem of how to inexpensively improve wireless signal strength for indoor spaces with multiple rooms. The same technology for enhancing office and home WiFi signals can also be used to strengthen wireless security. The research, presented on 8th November at ACM's BuildSys 2017 in Delft, Netherlands, relies on 3D printing to produce a...

23rd October 2017
Dartmouth to debut the smartest wearables at UIST 2017

A watch that works in multiple dimensions and a smart ring that provides calendar alerts are among the top technology Dartmouth College will bring to the 30th ACM User Interface Software and Technology Symposium (UIST 2017). Other technology to be introduced by the Dartmouth team includes a thumb-tip recognition technique that optimises interaction with computer applications.

8th May 2017
Prototype watch can move in five different directions

In an effort to make digital smartwatches more convenient for their users, researchers at Dartmouth College and the University of Waterloo have produced a prototype watch face that moves in five different directions. With the ability to rotate, hinge, translate, rise and orbit, the model dramatically improves functionality and addresses limitations of today's fixed-face watches. The concept, named Cito, will be presented on May 10 at the ACM...

3D Printing
22nd March 2017
3D printing turns nanomachines into life-size workers

Using advanced 3D printing, Dartmouth College researchers have unlocked the key to transforming microscopic nanorings into smart materials that perform work at human-scale. Nanomachines can already deliver medication and serve as computer memories at the tiny nanometer scale. By integrating a 3D printing technique pioneered at Dartmouth's Ke Functional Materials Group, researchers may unlock even greater potential for these mini-machine...

10th October 2016
'DarkLight' enables visible light communication in the dark

With the rise in wearables such as smartwatches and fitness trackers that rely on smart sensors, and the continued popularity of smartphones, smart devices are taking our country by storm. Wireless data for such devices is typically beamed through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, yet, the new wireless communication technology of "visible light communication (VLC)," has emerged as a new option albeit with limitations due to the challenges it faces in practice,...

Component Management
26th April 2016
Artificial protein could control assembly of buckyballs

A Dartmouth College scientist and his collaborators have created an artificial protein that organises new materials at the nanoscale. "This is a proof-of-principle study demonstrating that proteins can be used as effective vehicles for organising nano-materials by design," says senior author Gevorg Grigoryan, an assistant professor of computer science at Dartmouth.

8th April 2016
Robotic 'artist' spray paints giant murals

Robots do many things formerly done only by humans - from bartending and farming to driving cars - but a Dartmouth researcher and his colleagues have invented a "smart" paint spray can that robotically reproduces photographs as large-scale murals. The computerised technique, which basically spray paints a photo, isn't likely to spawn a wave of giant graffiti, but it can be used in digital fabrication, digital and visual arts, artistic stylisation...

1st March 2016
Home health care with the wave of a wand

Increasingly, health care is moving out of the doctor's office and into the home, allowing greater patient freedom and monitoring, but also giving rise to new security risks. One of the main challenges facing home health technology design is the public's inability to set up a secure network in their home and keep it operational. This can lead to compromised or stolen data, or even potentially hacked devices, such as heart rate monitors or di...

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