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Cypress Semiconductor Corp. is listed on the Nasdaq stock exchange under the ticker symbol CY. Based in San Jose, California, the company has 7,100 employees worldwide serving more than 30,000 customers.

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1st August 2017
MCUs enable graphics in 2017 Toyota Camry Instrument Cluster

  Cypress Semiconductor has announced that automotive supplier DENSO has selected Cypress’ Traveo automotive microcontroller (MCU) family and FL-S Serial NOR Flash memory family to drive the advanced graphics in its instrument cluster for the 2017 Toyota Camry.

5th July 2017
IoT Development Platform offers wireless connectivity

Cypress Semiconductor and Arrow Electronics have announced a development platform that enables engineers to quickly bring a broad range of connected IoT products to market. The new Quicksilver kit features Cypress’ Wireless Connectivity for Embedded Devices (WICED) platform and incorporates the robust connectivity of the Cypress CYW43907 802.11n Wi-Fi microcontroller (MCU).

14th June 2017
Two-port USB-C controller offers Thunderbolt 3 support

A new USB-C controller has been announced by Cypress Semiconductor, with Power Delivery (PD) optimised for Thunderbolt notebook and desktop PCs, as well as docking stations. The company claims that the EZ-PD CCG5 controller is the industry’s first two-port USB-C controller that supports the Thunderbolt alternate mode with Intel’s Thunderbolt 3 (Alpine Ridge) controllers. EZ-PD CCG5 enhances the plug-and-play USB-C user experience, whi...

2nd June 2017
Cypress expands wireless connectivity portfolio for IoT

Cypress Semiconductor has announced a wireless solution that delivers advanced coexistence combining 802.11AC high performance WiFi, Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) for IoT applications.

1st June 2017
Next-gen USB-C power adapters and chargers in integrated controller

Streamlining the design of power adapters, mobile chargers, car chargers and power banks, Cypress Semiconductor has announced the availability of a new USB-C controller with Power Delivery (PD). The EZ-PD CCG3PA controller supports the PD 3.0 standard with programmable power supply (PPS) and Qualcomm’s Quick Charge (QC) 4.0 protocol, which enables new power source product designs to provide an improved fast charging user experience.

23rd May 2017
Evaluation kit enables simplified design

Cypress Semiconductor has introduced a new kit to evaluate its energy harvesting PMIC family. The CYALKIT-E04 Evaluation Kit providea developers with an easy-to-use platform to create battery-free systems using a solar-powered module or to support battery-life extension, and can be used for evaluation of diverse power management functions used for wireless sensor nodes. The kit can be used with BLE wireless connectivity solutions from Cypress for...

16th May 2017
Collaboration produces next-gen ADAS with NOR Flash memories

Cypress Semiconductor has announced that Bosch has selected Cypress’ automotive-grade Serial NOR Flash memories for its next-generation video-based Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). Cypress’ Quad Serial NOR Flash product family offers the highest performance, combined with scalability, safety and security for modern ADAS platforms that will be used to enable co-pilot functionality and fully automated cars.

15th May 2017
USB-C technology provides fast power charging

Cypress Semiconductor has announced that its USB-C technology is enabling people to use their smartphones as a desktop computer with the Samsung DeX Station. The Samsung DeX allows users to dock their Galaxy S8 and S8+ smartphones via a USB-C port and use apps, review documents, and set or check notifications in a desktop environment, as well as send and receive text messages and make phone calls.

13th April 2017
Collaboration enables lower power consumption for IoT applications

Shanghai Huali Microelectronics Corporation (HLMC) and Cypress Semiconductor have announced a new milestone for the combination of HLMC’s 55nm Low Power (LP) process technology and Cypress' SONOS (Silicon Oxide Nitride Oxide Silicon) embedded Flash memory Intellectual Property (IP). HLMC’s customers have started early production of low-power embedded Flash aimed at Bluetooth Low Energy and Internet of Things applications using the tec...

6th April 2017
Cypress’ wireless tech connects Samsung's secure IoT platform

Samsung has selected Cypress' WiFi connectivity solution for the Samsung ARTIK IoT platform. The low-power CYW43907 802.11n Wi-Fi SoC is now in production in Samsung’s ARTIK 050 module providing secure IoT connections in smart home appliances and industrial electronics devices. The SoC solution delivers robust WiFi connectivity and applications processing to the ARTIK 050, and the SoC’s unique architecture helps enable the module...

30th March 2017
Power, performance and security: the new requirements for IoT device controllers

Machine-to-machine (M2M) communication is hardly a new concept - technologies such as the HART industrial communications protocol have been enabling various forms of M2M communications for decades. Michiyuki Yoneda, Senior Product Marketing Engineer (Programmable Systems Division), Cypress Semiconductor explains.

29th March 2017
Wireless connectivity solution improves IoT boards

  Cypress Semiconductor has announced its Wi-Fi and Bluetooth combo solution delivers wireless connectivity for the new Raspberry Pi Zero W board for IoT applications.

28th March 2017
USB-C solution chosen for lightweight notebook

LG Electronics has selected Cypress Semiconductor’s EZ-PD CCG3 controllers, what the company claims to be the industry’s most highly integrated USB-C solutions, for three new models of its lightweight LG Gram notebook. CCG3 integrates multiple components and supports the new USB-C UCSI connection standard, enabling LG to meet its size and feature requirements. CCG3 is featured in the LG Gram 13”, LG Gram 14” and LG Gr...

24th March 2017
Low power MCU architecture setting standard for IoT devices

  Cypress Semiconductor has announced PSoC 6, its newest microcontroller (MCU) architecture that is purpose-built for the IoT. The architecture is built on low power 40-nm process technology and delivers the lowest power and most flexible solution, with integrated security features required for next gen IoT devices.

23rd March 2017
Touchscreen family expanded with added glove touch performance

The automotive solutions offering from Cypress Semiconductor has been expanded with a capacitive touchscreen controller that delivers added water-proofing, glove touch and resistance to electromagnetic interference. The EMI resistance is driven by Cypress’ proprietary AutoArmor technology. The new Automotive TrueTouch CYAT8165X controllers, which target screens up to 8.5“, join a portfolio that includes Cypress’ Automotive TrueT...

21st March 2017
Automotive MCUs drive next-gen body electronics platform

  Cypress Semiconductor has announced that Continental has selected Cypress’ automotive MCUs for its next-generation body electronics platform. Cypress designed the Traveo II family specifically to deliver the performance, scalability, low power consumption and security required for emerging automotive platforms.

13th March 2017
Connectivity solution enables a multiplayer user experience

A dual-band 802.11ac combo solution is now in production by Cypress Semiconductor which delivers high-speed WiFi and Bluetooth connections using advanced Bluetooth and WiFi coexistence algorithms. The solution is used in the new Nintendo Switch gaming system to support online gaming and communication to the Joy-Con controllers. The Nintendo Switch system, with its multiple configurations and portable controllers, needed a careful and innovat...

17th February 2017
USB-C solution enables company to deliver HDMI alt mode cable

  Cypress Semiconductor has announced that its USB-C solution has enabled Taiwan-based cable company ELKA International to deliver the market’s first HDMI Alternate Mode (alt mode) cable. 

26th January 2017
Enhanced security for automotive with flash memories

Cypress Semiconductor introduced 64Mb and 128Mb densities to its family of NOR Flash memories with a Quad Serial Peripheral Interface (Quad SPI). The new FL-L NOR Flash devices provide the utmost reliability and security for high-performance embedded systems that store critical data and operate at extended temperatures. The FL-L devices also offer low power consumption and AEC-Q100 automotive-grade qualification with high read bandwidth and fast ...

19th January 2017
Building wearables that sense, think, and communicate: part 2

This article is part of a two part series by Jaya Kathuria and Anbarasu Samiappan. In Part 1 they discussed several design challenges of wearable product design, including always-ON applications and power implications, analogue front-end and sensor integration, board or system real estate, sleek user interface through gestures, and privacy and secure communications.

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