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CUI is a technology company focused on the development and distribution of electronic components. At the leading edge of power supply design, the organization supports customers as they strive to improve the energy efficiency and environmental credentials of their application.

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29th June 2020
Asymmetrical output isolated DC/DC converters from CUI

CUI Inc has announced the addition of four isolated converters to its isolated DC/DC converter line. The PRQ3W-S, PQD10W-D, PQF20W-D, and PRF30W-D are three to 30W, dual regulated, DC/DC converters in SIP & DIP packages. These converters additionally offer wide input ranges, robust operating temperatures, and EN 62368-1 certification

10th June 2020
CUI VMS-450B AC/DC power supply for medical applications

CUI has announced the addition of four high-density AC/DC power supply series to its medical product family. The VMS-450B, VMS-450B-CF, VMS-450B-CFS, and VMS-450B-CNF offer 450W of continuous power from compact chassis mount packages. These AC/DC supplies have been designed for space-constrained medical and dental applications where reliability and regulatory compliance are major concerns.

2nd June 2020
Common reliability factors in peltier modules

Gaining more wide-spread use due to their precise temperature control and reliable solid-state construction, Peltier modules or ThermoElectric Coolers (TEC) operate by transferring heat from one side of the module to the other when electrical power is applied. By CUI Devices

13th May 2020
Chassis and board mount line expansion from CUI

CUI Inc today announced the addition of nine power supply series to its AC/DC product family. The PSK-S12B, PSK-S25B, PSK-S60B,VOF-S12B, VOF-S25B,VOF-S60B,VOF-S12C, VOF-S25C and VOF-S60Coffer 12 to 60W of continuous power in chassis and board mount packages. These AC/DC power supplies have been designed for a wide range of consumer, industrial and ITE applications.

14th April 2020
Non-isolated DC/DC converter offers extreme efficiency

CUI Inc has announced the addition of its first four contact, surface mount, non-isolated DC/DC converter to its DC/DC converter line. The ultra-thin VXO78-500-M features a 500mA output current, no-load input current as low as 0.2mA and a wide -40 to +85°C temperature range.

10th February 2020
AC/DC power supply includes GaN desktop adapters

CUI Inc today announced the addition of two GaN desktop AC/DC power supply series to its SDI product family. The SDI200G-U and SDI200G-UD offer 200W of continuous power from a compact desktop package. These ac-dc supplies have been designed for a wide range of portable industrial and consumer products, where efficient power is needed in a lighter, smaller adapter package.

7th October 2019
Oscilloscope probing techniques for measuring power supply ripple

When evaluating a power supply, engineers need to check the amount of ripple and noise present in the output voltage and the response of the output to load transients. Careful attention to measurement techniques using an oscilloscope probe, and applying suitable conditions for transient tests, are essential to ensure an accurate assessment. By Ron Stull, Power Systems Engineer at CUI Inc.

17th July 2019
Next-generation ultra-compact multi-blade power adapter

CUI’s Power Group has introduced a next-generation six watt wall plug-in AC/DC power supply with interchangeable ac blades designed for global use. The SMI6B series features an ultra-compact package measuring 47x34.5x26.5mm, while complying with the US DoE Level VI and EU CoC Tier 2 efficiency regulations as well as the new IEC 62368-1 safety standard for ICT and AV equipment.

19th March 2019
New line of AC/DC power filters address EMC and surge compliance

  CUI’s Power Group has announced the addition of AC/DC power filters, designed to accompany its existing portfolio of low power embedded AC/DC power supplies. The EMC‑20 and EMC‑30 series offer 20 and 30dB of AC-line noise filtering at 150kHz to 1GHz, respectively. 

14th February 2019
Encapsulated AC/DC power supplies offer multiple mounting options

The addition of three and five watt models have been introduced to CUI’s Power Group line of low power, encapsulated AC/DC power supplies. Available in board mount, chassis mount, wire lead, and DIN rail configurations, the single output PSK S3 and PSK S5B series are housed in compact packages measuring 37x24.5x18mm, making them well suited for space-constrained low power applications.

11th October 2018
AC-DC efficiency measurements need to include power factor

Power converter designers compete to minimise losses, chasing the last decimal points of efficiency, η, the ratio of output to input power. But when it comes to calculating efficiency in AC-DC power supplies mistakes are often made as a result of omitting or improperly measuring power factor, which is why it is important for designers to understand power factor basics and how to incorporate it.

11th October 2018
External AC/DC power supplies upgraded to the new standard

  CUI’s Power Group has announced that it has upgraded the majority of its external AC/DC power supplies to the new IEC 62368-1 standard for ICT and AV equipment. 

2nd October 2018
External power supply line upgraded

There has been an update to the majority of CUI’s external ac-dc power supplies to the new IEC 62368-1 standard for ICT and AV equipment. Set to supersede the outgoing IEC 60950-1 and IEC 60065 standards on 20th December, 2020, IEC 62368-1 will introduce fundamentally different guidelines based on hazard-based safety engineering principles.

19th September 2018
Waterproof speakers with compact frame sizes carry IP67 ratings

The addition of several waterproof micro speaker models, with Ingress Protection (IP) ratings of IP67, to the CMS product family, has been announced by CUI’s Audio Group. The micro speaker models are housed in compact packages measuring as small as 15x11mm with profiles as low as 2.5mm.

4th September 2018
AC/DC power supplies housed in low profile metal case

CUI has announced a line of compact, chassis mount AC/DC power supplies housed in an enclosed metal case. The VGS‑B series offers power ratings from 35 to 350W with low 30mm profiles and packages as small as 99 x 82 x 30mm (3.89 x 3.22 x 1.18in). Delivering no-load power consumption as low as 0.3W and an operating temperature range of -20 to +70°C, these metal enclosed power modules are suitable for reducing standby power usage and optimisi...

28th June 2018
Partnership to offer free PCB footprint files

It has been announced by CUI that it has teamed up with SnapEDA, to provide designers with a catalogue of free, ready to download PCB footprints and symbols for CUI’s range of board mount electromechanical components.

20th June 2018
Understanding reliability data to design more dependable products

We can all agree that dependable products are highly valued by users, and the brands responsible for them are usually well regarded in the marketplace. For technology businesses, building and maintaining a reputation for supplying dependable products is often high on the list of strategic objectives, but it does not happen by accident. By Jeff Smoot, VP of Application Engineering & Motion Control, CUI.

18th April 2018
AC/DC power supplies housed in ultra-compact SIP packages

The addition of two models has been announced by CUI’s Power Group, which have been added to its PBO family of ultra-compact AC/DC power supplies. Outputting 1W of continuous power, the open frame PBO‑1 and PBO‑1‑B series are housed in vertical and right-angle SIP packages, respectively.

28th March 2018
Master Electronics and CUI enter into global distribution agreement

  CUI has announced that it has signed a worldwide distribution agreement with Master Electronics. As a part of the agreement, Master Electronics will distribute and market CUI’s extensive product portfolio of power, interconnect, motion, audio, and thermal management technologies.

12th March 2018
Line of DC/DC converters for renewable energy applications

  CUI’s Power Group has announced a new line of DC/DC converters ranging from 5W to 40W. The AE series, available in board mount, chassis mount, and DIN rail mount configurations, offers power ratings of 5W, 10W, 15W and 40W with input voltages up to 1,500VDC and input ratio ranges up to 10:1.

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