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CUI Devices is an electronic components manufacturer dedicated to nurturing the spirit of innovation with a heavy dose of humanity - caring more than is expected, embracing evolution, taking a holistic approach, and having fun along away. Tracing our roots back to 1989 just outside of Portland, Oregon, we have continually evolved over the years to help our customers find the freedom to do amazing things and change the world with their designs. We specialise in an ever-expanding range of product technologies, including audio, interconnect, motion, relay, sensor, switch, and thermal management solutions.

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11th July 2018
USB Type-C: a look at data speeds, power delivery, and USB standards

Faster, Stronger, Higher said the Olympic motto: Faster, Smaller, Easier To Use could be an equivalent rallying cry for the electronics industry - and connectivity standards like USB in particular. By Bruce Rose, Principal Applications Engineer, CUI Devices

2nd May 2018
Using switched audio jacks to save space and add value

It appears that many of today’s mobile products are beginning to shun the trusty 2.5mm audio jack, in favor of wireless speakers or headphones. However, for a huge number of other products, this convenient, simple and universally recognised socket continues to offer robust and easy-to-use connectivity. By Ryan Smoot, Technical Support Engineer at CUI Devices

5th April 2018
Low power encoders offer 12-bit and 14-bit resolutions

CUI Devices has announced the addition of two absolute encoder series, outputting 12 bits or 14 bits of single-turn absolute position information, to its line of AMT modular encoders. The AMT21 series, featuring high speed RS-485 communication, and the AMT23 series, designed with a Synchronous Serial Interface (SSI), are based on CUI Devices' proprietary capacitive sensing technology.

3rd April 2018
How to design with mini speakers for the best sound and reliability

Miniature speakers can be designed into a wide range of devices including door-entry systems, small timers or alarms, and various types of handheld and portable audio products. They can also be used to enhance the Human-Machine Interface (HMI) of equipment like industrial machinery, medical devices, computer peripherals, office automation and others. By: Bruce Rose, Principal Applications Engineer, CUI Devices

23rd February 2018
How to specify the optimal heat sink for your design

Excessive temperatures can seriously reduce the lifetime of electronic components. It is well known that for every 10°C rise in operating temperature, the lifetime of an IC is reduced by about 50%. By: Aaron Yarnell, Senior Product Manager, CUI Devices

7th February 2018
Product line expanded with new USB Type C connectors

  CUI Devices has announced the addition of USB Type C connectors to its USB product family. The UJ31 receptacle connector series and UP31 plug connector series conform to the USB 3.1 Gen 2 standard that supports data transfer speeds up to 10Gbps and power delivery up to 100W at 20V.

17th January 2018
Centrifugal blowers suitable for high pressure applications

With frame sizes of 50, 60, 75, 97, and 120mm and airflows ranging from 2.6-54.7 CFM, CUI Devices has announced the introduction of its CBM line of DC centrifugal blowers. The CBM‑75B, CBM‑97B, and CBM‑120B series utilise ball bearing construction, while the CBM‑50V and CBM‑60V series feature CUI Devices' omniCOOL system.

28th September 2017
Are you a fan of DC fans?

  Fans are all around us and form an integral part of our mechanised, electronics-centred lifestyles. From consumer appliances to large industrial machinery, devices we use every day rely on fans to expel hot air and keep them cool enough to operate reliably.

6th June 2017
Aluminum heat sinks improve heat dissipation

CUI Devices has added a heat sink product line to its portfolio of Peltier devices & DC fans. The aluminum heat sinks, available in both extruded & stamped versions, are compatible with TO-218, -220, -252, & -263 transistor packages. Designed to improve the heat dissipation of low & high power board level applications, these stampings & extrusions are conveniently measured under four conditions for thermal resistance, making i...

5th April 2017
Modules deliver high performance and longer life

A new line of high performance Peltier modules have been announced by CUI Devices which boasts performance and reliability, thanks to its innovative arcTEC structure. This construction utilises a combination of thermally conductive resin between the ceramic and copper on the cold side of the module, high temperature solder, and larger P/N elements made from premium silicon ingot.

1st February 2017
Waterproof micro-USB connector provides protection

CUI Devices announced the addition of a waterproof micro USB 2.0 connector to its USB product family. The UJ2W MIBH 4 SMT is a micro B type jack connector with an Ingress Protection (IP) rating of IPX7, offering protection from liquid and moisture in challenging environments. Thanks to its copper alloy contact terminals with 30 microinch (µin) gold over nickel plating and stainless steel shielding, the UJ2W MIBH 4 SMT is designed for h...

7th December 2016
Lin and CUI release efficient stepper motor and encoder combo

CUI Devices announced a partnership with Lin Engineering to integrate CUI Devices' innovative AMT encoder technology with Lin’s latest, high performance motor series. Lin Engineering’s G3718V series is a NEMA 17 sized motor with a length of 0.90 inches (22.86 mm) that can produce up to 50% more torque than motors of a similar size. Thanks to its design, the G3718V also features improved passive cooling, increasing overall efficie...

20th October 2016
USB connectors feature a voltage rating of 30VAC

An expansion to an existing portfolio of power, audio and signal connectors of a USB product line has been announced by CUI Devices. The connector family incorporates USB 2.0 and 3.0 connectors available in Type A, Type B, Micro AB, Micro B, Mini AB and Mini B USB versions.

2nd August 2016
Waterproof buzzers target high-moisture environments

CUI Devices has expanded its range of waterproof buzzers with three models carrying an IP rating up to IP68 and featuring SPL up to 95dB at 30cm. This makes the CPT‑1495C‑300, CPT‑1495CI‑300 and CPT‑2521C‑500 suited for a range of industrial and outdoor applications where moisture and other environmental contaminants are a concern.

13th July 2016
Compact micro buzzers are suited for portable equipment

CUI Devices has announced several additions to its range of micro buzzers. The three models, CMT‑4023S‑SMT, CMT‑5023S‑SMT and CPT‑9019S‑SMT, are housed in compact, surface mount packages as small as 4x4mm. Featuring profile depths as low as 1.9mm and Sound Pressure Levels (SPL) ranging from 65 to 80dB at 10cm, these micro buzzers are suited for a range of portable equipment applications.

13th April 2016
Compact micro-speakers target portable applications

  CUI Devices has announced a line of compact, low-profile micro-speakers housed in packages as small as 13x13mm. The CDS series, with profile depths as low as 3mm, offers a variety of power ratings from 0.3 to 6W and come with impedance of 4 or 8Ω.

Tech Videos
11th February 2016
CUI Devices in the Lab - AMT Zeroing & One Touch

CUI Devices in the Lab series takes viewers inside the engineering lab for technical and application-based demonstrations on the latest technologies from CUI Devices.

Mixed Signal/Analog
6th October 2015
The advantages of capacitive vs. optical encoders

In partnership with Ingvar Andermo, CUI Devices has developed a proprietary method of measuring rotational movement by implementing an ASIC to detect changes in the frequency of a signal modulated by capacitive reactance. Used for years as the key technology in digital callipers, it has been applied to position encoding in the form of the AMT series modular encoder.

8th October 2014
Commutation encoder reduces assembly time on BLDC Motors

A next-generation modular encoder series is now available from CUI Devices. The AMT31 series, using a capacitive code generation system coupled with a proprietary ASIC, generates standard U/V/W commutation signals for vectoring current to brushless motors. The technology employed allows the device to be particularly well suited to brushless dc motor applications subject to vibration and contaminants.

23rd May 2012
CUI Devices Adds Line of Enclosed PCB Mount Speakers

CUI Devices announced the addition of a new family of enclosed pcb mount speakers to their Components product line. The CVS series is housed in a protective plastic case with diameters ranging from 15 mm to 31.8 mm.

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