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CUI Devices is an electronic components manufacturer specialising in an ever-expanding range of product technologies. Formerly part of CUI Inc, you can trace their roots back to 1989 just outside of Portland, Oregon. In September of 2019, a group of senior managers deeply involved in the historical growth of CUI Inc - and with over 15 years of average tenure - spun-off part of the business. Thus, CUI Devices was born, offering a wide range of Interconnect, Audio, Thermal Management, Motion, and Sensor solutions.

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6th April 2010
Commutation Encoder Offers Flexibility

CUI Devices announced a new addition to its high resolution, low-cost AMT encoder line with the AMT303 series. The encoder generates standard U/V/W commutation signals for vectoring current to brushless motors. Resolutions can be set through the AMT303’s SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface). Commutation output can accommodate brushless motors with 2, 4, 6, 8 or 10 pole pairs, and is also selectable via the SPI. The AMT303 offers supplemen...

3rd February 2010
CUI Launches Updated Website for AMT Encoder Series

CUI Devices announced that it has launched a new version of, a website dedicated to their proprietary AMT modular encoder series. The site now features detailed product pages, a resource area with technical documents, videos, frequently asked questions, a news section, and an inventor’s bio. CUI Devices' VP of Marketing Jeff Schnabel commented, “Users of the new can expect to find a wealth of re...

18th November 2009
2-bit Quadrature Encoder Series Now Offers IP65 Protection

CUI Devices has announced that its C14 panel mount optical encoder is now available with optional IP65 protection to prevent dust and water intrusion. The C14 series offers a 2-bit quadrature resolution with a very clean square wave output signal. Possible applications include industrial equipment, portable communication equipment, and medical equipment, or as a replacement for a panel mount potentiometer.

3rd November 2009
MES3 series - CUI Devices Introduces World’s Smallest Optical Encoder

CUI Devices announces the release of the MES3 series, the latest in their line of high performance micro optical encoders. Claimed to be the world’s smallest shaft-type optical encoder, the MES3 has a 5 mm body diameter and a 1.5 mm shaft diameter. The series is ideal for use in medical and robotics applications where size is critical.

10th September 2009
Flexible mechanical encoder series offers over 1000 configurations

CUI Devices announces the release of a line of flexible mechanical encoders that can be configured into over 1,000 different versions. The 2-bit quadrature ACZ series is available in three sizes: 11 mm (ACZ11), 12 mm (ACZ12), and 16 mm (ACZ16). The encoders have a rotational life of up to 100,000 cycles and are rugged, utilizing metal material where similar models would use plastic. This series is ideal in applications for audio, aircraft, medica...

24th March 2009
2-bit quadrature high quality encoder from CUI Devices fits wide range of applications

CUI Devices has introduced a panel mount optical encoder that has a 2-bit quadrature resolution and can be used in a wide variety of applications. The C14 series is of high quality with a clean, crisp square wave output and no plastic components. Possible applications include audio, aircraft, medical and test equipment, or as a replacement for a panel mount potentiometer.

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