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Cree is a market-leading innovator of lighting-class LEDs, LED lighting, and semiconductor solutions for wireless and power applications.

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5th March 2013
The Biggest Thing Since The Light Bulb

Cree LED bulbs look and light like the incandescent bulbs you love, but are priced significantly lower than competing LED lighting. Backed by our 10-year warranty, Cree LED bulbs are powered by Cree LED Filament Tower Technology for beautiful, omni-directional light in 2700K and 5000K color temperatures. Long-lasting Cree LED bulbs are the perfect incandescent replacement that will pay for themselves quickly and pay you every year after.

15th January 2013
Cree Announces Revolutionary LM16 LED Replacement Lamp to Obsolete Energy-Wasting Halogen MR16

Using up to 80 percent less energy and designed to last up to eight times longer than traditional 50-watt halogen MR16 lamps, the Cree LM16 LED Lamp delivers a new standard in LED lighting. The new Cree lamp can deliver payback in less than 12 months and provide years of consistent color quality and lumen output.* The high-performance LM16 LED Lamp delivers the industry’s best center beam candlepower for 25° beam angles – making it ideal for...

12th November 2012
Cree Announce Fully Qualified, Production-Ready All-SiC Power Module

Cree has introduced the first commercially available all-SiC Cree power module. The new high frequency module, rated at 100A current handling and 1200V blocking, allows higher efficiency, compact and lighter weight systems that can result in lower total system costs compared to conventional silicon-based technologies.

5th November 2012
Best Buy Debuts Exclusive Insignia LED Light Bulb With Improved Features for Easier Adoption of LED Lighting

Best Buy Co., Inc, the industry leader in consumer electronics, today announced a new LED light bulb. Powered by Cree, Inc LEDs, the new bulb is designed with improved features to make adoption of LED lighting easier for consumers. The Insignia LED bulb, available exclusively at Best Buy, was developed in partnership with local Twin Cities inventor Dave Carroll and offers distinct advantages over existing LED bulbs on the market today.

24th October 2012
Cree Delivers Highest-Efficacy Lighting-Class LED Arrays

Cree, Inc announces new CXA LED Arrays, boasting high lumen output and high efficacy in a family of single, easy-to-use components. Optimized to simplify designs and lower system cost, Cree’s newest CXA LEDs can deliver system-level performance ranging from 500 to 5000 lumens and up to 146 LED lumens per watt, enabling applications ranging from LED replacement lamps to commercial downlights.

24th October 2012
New York City’s Central Park Completes LED Lighting Installation to Lower Energy Usage, Reduce Maintenance and Improve Area Lighting

The New York City Department of Transportation recently completed the installation of nearly 1,600 LED luminaires that light walkways and grassy areas in Central Park. The new luminaires from Spring City Electrical feature Cree (Nasdaq: CREE) XLamp XP-G LEDs in each fixture and were produced using an advanced light engine from Heatron. DOT officials estimate the new LED lighting will reduce energy usage by 62 percent and deliver annual maintenanc...

10th October 2012
Cree Introduces Next-Generation Color LEDs

Cree, Inc announces commercial availability of XLamp XB-D color LEDs and XLamp XM-L multi-color LEDs. The high-performance color LEDs provide lighting manufacturers with discrete and multi-color LED options to more cost-effectively address a wider spectrum of applications such as architectural, vehicle and display lighting.

2nd October 2012
Cree LED Lighting Brightens Ronald McDonald House

The Ronald McDonald House of Durham, North Carolina (RMHD) is opening its doors to even more families with a newly renovated facility which features nearly 150 LED luminaires from Cree, Inc. The addition of Cree LED lighting supports the RMHD mission of providing a comfortable, warm, home-like atmosphere for critically ill children and their families, while also saving energy and money.

27th September 2012
Cree LED Lighting Shines in the Hart Senate Office Building for Improved Savings

The Hart Senate Office Building, the third and largest office building serving the U.S. Senate, now features energy-efficient LED lighting by Cree, Inc. More than 150 Cree CR22 architectural LED troffers were recently installed in the American Grill, Sundry Shop and main hallway of the Hart Building – delivering a 33 percent reduction in annual energy costs.

24th September 2012
New Cree 10-Year LED Lighting Warranty Covers Industry’s Broadest Range of Products

LED lighting leader Cree, reaffirms its commitment to delivering world-class LED lighting quality, performance and customer service with the introduction of a 10-year limited warranty on nearly all new Cree commercial LED lighting fixtures.

20th September 2012
Cree Extends Leadership with Introduction of Brighter, More Efficient XLamp XP-E2 LEDs

Cree introduces the new XLamp XP-E2 LED, delivering higher lumens per watt and lumens-per-dollar to lower system costs for existing XP-E and XP-G designs. The new XP-E2 LEDs can increase the lumen output of XP-E designs for the same cost and power or lower system cost with fewer LEDs – enabling lighting manufacturers to deliver a better lighting system with minimal redesign.

20th August 2012
Cree Illuminates Seven Newport News Public Schools with Energy-Efficient LED Lighting

Newport News Public School District in Virginia recently installed more than 185 Cree, Inc LED exterior luminaires, becoming the first Virginia school district in the area with a significant LED lighting installation. The district selected Cree THE EDGE security, area and parking structure luminaires to illuminate the exteriors of seven schools: General Stanford Elementary, Greenwood Elementary, Lee Hall Elementary, Palmer Elementary, Crittenden ...

31st July 2012
Cree Raises Industry Standard with New 170 Lumen-Per-Watt Prototype LED Light Bulb

Less than one year after showcasing the 152 lumens-per-watt concept LED bulb, Cree, Inc. delivers a new performance benchmark with the 170 lumens-per-watt (LPW) prototype LED light bulb. The innovations behind the high-performance 170 LPW LED bulb are enabling significantly higher efficacy and lower cost for Cree’s luminaire portfolio and demonstrate Cree’s continued commitment to accelerate the adoption of LED lighting by addressing initial ...

Tech Videos
26th July 2012
Join us for the Cree 2012 Lighting the LED Revolution Tour

Sign up to attend Cree's Lighting the LED Revolution tour in a city near you. This is your chance to experience industry-leading Cree interior and exterior LED lighting products and see first-hand how you can reduce energy costs without sacrificing light quality.

25th July 2012
New Downlights Enable Rapid Payback, Exceptional Light Quality and Efficacy Over Fluorescent and Incandescent Lighting

LED lighting leader Cree, Inc introduces a new four-inch CR4T LED downlight and a higher lumen output six-inch downlight. Relentless innovation has enabled Cree to attack cost barriers to LED adoption, while exceeding the industry's highest standards for performance, color quality and ease of use. The new six-inch CR6T downlight uses 87 percent less energy than comparable incandescent lighting and delivers payback in less than one year in many co...

10th July 2012
New Cree XLamp LEDs Deliver 20 Percent Efficiency Increase in the XP Footprint

Cree, Inc introduces the XLamp XP-G2 LED to deliver luminaire manufacturers up to 20 percent more lumens per watt and 2.5 times the lumens-per-dollar over the original XP-G LED. The brighter, more efficient XP-G2 LED provides customers an immediate boost in performance and enables manufacturers to use fewer LEDs to get the same brightness at lower cost or increase brightness levels using the same LED count and power.

27th June 2012
Cree LEDs Light Up the Largest Municipal Street Lighting Project in China

Officials in the Beibei district of Chongqing, China recently completed the installation of more than 20,000 street lights featuring 1.9 million Cree XLampR XP-E and XP-G LEDs. The country's largest municipal intelligent lighting control project began in July 2011 and includes nearly 16 miles of highway, with Cree LED-based luminaires installed along 119 streets and one tunnel. Officials estimate the installation will result in annual maintenance...

13th June 2012
Cree Technology Breakthrough Enables 50 Amp Silicon Carbide Power Devices, Bringing Efficiency and Cost Savings to a Broader Range of High-Power Applications

In a breakthrough that redefines performance and energy efficiency in high-power applications, Cree announces a new family of 50A Silicon Carbide (SiC) devices, including the industry's first 1700V Z-FETT SiC MOSFET.

11th June 2012
Cree Brings LED Luminaire Design and Evaluation Services to China

Cree, Inc announces new technology centers in China, further expanding Cree TEMPO (Thermal, Electrical, Mechanical, Photometric, Optical) Services in these key markets. The groundbreaking technology centers support demand for Cree products and services throughout China and demonstrate Cree's commitment to accelerate broader market adoption of LED lighting. TEMPO Services provide LED lighting manufacturers a comprehensive suite of evaluation servi...

24th May 2012
Cree Announces CFO Transition

Cree, Inc. today announced that John Kurtzweil has resigned as executive vice president-finance and chief financial officer, effective May 21, 2012, to pursue other opportunities, and that Michael McDevitt has been appointed CFO on an interim basis.

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