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3rd October 2013
CommAgility DSP module for ATCA and MicroTCA systems

CommAgility have announced a high performance processing board in the mid-size Advanced Mezzanine Card format, the AMC-2C6678L. With 16 DSP cores and shared memory, the new module is ideal as a DSP accelerator or front end processor in AdvancedTCA systems, where it can provide the horsepower required for a range of high performance applications including image sensor processing, voice/video, telecoms and stepper control.

8th August 2013
Xilinx Virtex-7 FPGA based AMC signal processing module

CommAgility have introduced a new high performance Advanced Mezzanine Card module based on the latest Xilinx Virtex-7 FPGA and two TI TMS320C6678 multicore DSPs. Ideal for a range of high performance DSP/FPGA processing applications including telecoms and image processing, the AMC-V7-2C6678 module features fast, flexible I/O including Serial RapidIO, Gigabit Ethernet and PCI Express.

18th July 2013
Providing 32 DSP cores for high performance from CommAgility's AMC 4C6678

CommAgility introduce the AMC-4C6678, a high performance DSP processing module in the compact Advanced Mezzanine Card form factor. The new board provides four of the latest TMS320C6678 fixed- and floating-point octal core DSPs from Texas Instruments running at 1.25 GHz, giving a total performance of 640 GFLOPS and 1280 GMACS. It is ideal for a range of high performance DSP applications, including image sensor processing, telecoms and stepper cont...

14th February 2013
Hermon Laboratories chooses CommAgility DSP and RF modules for LTE handset test

CommAgility announced today that its Advanced Mezzanine Card modules are being used in the latest LTE test equipment from Hermon Laboratories. CommAgility will be at the Hermon Laboratories booth at Mobile World Congress (Stand 6F53 in Hall 6) to demonstrate how its DSP processing and RF boards have helped Hermon to create cost-effective, high performance LTE test products.

7th February 2013
CommAgility boosts North American sales with new appointment

CommAgility announced they have appointed Terry Manus as business development manager for North America. Based in Texas, Manus will be responsible for developing new opportunities for CommAgility's embedded processing boards throughout North America.

22nd May 2012
CommAgility AdvancedMC module provides affordable FPGA performance and flexible I/O

CommAgility announced today the AMC-V6L, a competitively-priced FPGA processing module. The new board provides high performance in an AdvancedMC form factor, and an extensive set of high speed I/O for maximum flexibility in interfacing. The module is ideal for a wide range of applications including wireless, general-purpose FPGA acceleration and I/O processing.

10th April 2012

3GPP Long Term Evolution (LTE) wireless technology is starting to move into deployment, with countries around the world working through the process of rolling out the necessary infrastructure. For CommAgility this meant designing an FPGA-based RF interface for LTE wireless.

17th February 2012
WizYa and CommAgility reduce time to market with LTE eNodeB implementation

CommAgility have announced that WizYa Technologies has demonstrated a complete LTE eNodeB system for advanced wireless networks, running on its AMC-2C6670 and AMC-RF2x2 AdvancedMC modules. By integrating the proven system or its components into their LTE designs, wireless equipment manufacturers will be able to cut time to market and development effort.

25th January 2012
CommAgility first to ship AMC boards with highest speed Texas Instruments DSPs

CommAgility announced today that its AMC-2C6678 and AMC-2C6670 DSP boards are now shipping with the fastest versions of the high-performance TMS320C6678 and TMS320C6670 digital signal processors (DSPs) from Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI).

2nd November 2011
CommAgility AMC provides high quality RF interface for LTE and LTE Advanced wireless applications - Flexible, high performance module for wireless

CommAgility announced today the AMC-RF2x2, a wideband, highly flexible dual channel RF card in the AdvancedMC format. The new card provides a high quality RF interface for LTE and LTE Advanced wireless infrastructure applications, and is suitable for test equipment, research, demonstrators and trial systems.

28th October 2011
Commagility demonstrates interoperability of AMC-2C6670 card with MTI remote radio head and Xilinx CPRI core

CommAgility announced today that it has successfully completed interoperability testing of its AMC-2C6670 AMC (Advanced Mezzanine Card) with a MTI Remote Radio Head (RRH) equipped with CPRI (Common Public Radio Interface), as well as with a Xilinx CPRI IP core.

27th April 2011
CommAgility AMC incorporates Texas Instruments' eight-core DSP for high-performance applications

CommAgility announced today the AMC-2C6678, its latest AdvancedMC module, which includes two high-performance TMS320C6678 digital signal processors (DSPs) from Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI). The module also includes a Xilinx LX240T Virtex-6TM FPGA for additional I/O and co-processing flexibility.

12th November 2010
CommAgility AdvancedMC modules harness the performance of Texas Instruments' new multicore DSP and SoC base station

CommAgility announced today two new AdvancedMC modules based on the latest high-performance TMS320TCI6616 base station System-on-Chip (SoC) and TMS320C6670 digital signal processor (DSP) from Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI). The two modules harness the industry-leading power of TI's new devices and add high-speed, flexible I/O to deliver solutions for wireless base station and high-performance applications. The modules also include a Xilinx L...

6th October 2010
CommAgility announces high-performance AdvancedMC card for wireless front-end applications

CommAgility announced today the AMC-V6, a high performance FPGA-based interface and processing module for wireless baseband applications. For maximum processing power, the AMC-V6 incorporates a Xilinx Virtex-6 FPGA. The new module is ideal for wireless radio head interfacing applications requiring multiple CPRI links at up to a 10x (6.144Gbps) line rate.

5th February 2010
CommAgility announced complete PHY and MAC card for LTE or WiMAX

CommAgility announced today a new module that provides a complete Digital Baseband design including L1 PHY (physical layer) L2 RLC/MAC (Radio Link Control/Media Access Control), S1/X2 interface and security processing for LTE (Long Term Evolution) or WiMAX in the compact single width, full-size Advanced Mezzanine Card (AMC) form factor.

27th October 2009
CommAgility - FPGA processing AdvancedMC module with PCI Express interface

At the AdvancedTCA Summit CommAgility announced the AMC-V5Fe, a mid-size Advanced Mezzanine Card that includes a high-speed PCI Express interface and a Xilinx Virtex-5 FPGA. The new module’s combination of high processing power and flexible I/O makes it well-suited for many industrial, scientific and telecoms applications.

27th October 2009
CommAgility targets high-end wireless and data processing applications with 10G Ethernet/CPRI interfaces

At the AdvancedTCA Summit CommAgility announced today the AMC-V5F-10G, a high performance FPGA-based interface and processing card for the latest wireless baseband and other demanding processing and optical data interfacing applications.

12th May 2009
CommAgility announces three sector wireless base station AMC with integrated GPS

CommAgility announced today the AMC-3C87F-GPS, a single width, full-size Advanced Mezzanine Card for 4G wireless PHY layer processing, which includes three Remote Radio Head (RRH) interfaces, an integrated GPS receiver and an OCXO option for timing holdover. By providing this extra functionality, the new module is optimised to significantly reduce system cost and complexity for next-generation wireless base stations.

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