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24th February 2020
How digital removes the guesswork from manufacturing

Digital transformation is a top strategic priority for 94% of executives, but in order to realise its full potential, manufacturers must start to prioritise customer-centric enterprise solutions on their innovation roadmap. Here, Kevin Bull, Product Strategy Director at Columbus UK has explained how becoming a digitally empowered business can create better customer engagement throughout the entire manufacturing product lifecycle, and has the powe...

4th October 2019
Five ways food companies can ensure digital success

As digitalisation and the Internet of Things (IoT) sweeps across the business landscape, food and beverage companies are eyeing up ways to transform and modernise their business structure. They realise they can increase efficiency, enhance forecasting and deliver a better user experience by introducing automation and AI into their operations. 

21st February 2019
Columbus delivers rapid reporting from multiple data sources

Polyco Healthline is an industry leading provider of protection and hygiene products and services – including over three billion gloves annually – across 38 countries, and Columbus has delivered the new analytics solution based on TimeXtender Discovery Hub, which provides Polyco Healthline with automated data warehousing from multiple sources for rapid reporting.

Artificial Intelligence
25th October 2018
Field Service solution with advanced business intelligence

  Global digital business services provider, Columbus, has today announced the launch of a fully connected and mobile Field Service solution. Columbus has created an end-to-end intelligent Field Service solution that utilises the full Dynamics 365 platform.

19th September 2018
How any size business can turn the IoT into operational success

It has been indicated through research that IoT deployments are set to skyrocket over the next four years, growing 140% to exceed 50 billion connected devices by 2020. Therefore as the cost and complexity of deploying connected devices continues to fall, IoT projects are no longer a far-fetched dream but a deliverable reality, already transforming a huge range of industries from Field Service to Manufacturing.

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