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12th March 2015
FD-SOI heterogeneous design becomes a reality for the IoT

CEA-Leti today announced the launch of its Silicon Impulse IC design competence centre, a comprehensive IC technology platform offering IC design, advanced intellectual property, emulator and test services along with industrial multi-project wafer shuttles. Established to increase the competitiveness of Leti’s industrial partners, the centre provides immediate access to Leti’s and CEA-List’s advanced IC technologies and systems ...

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6th March 2015
CEA-Leti to present silicon successes at OFC 2015

At OFC 2015, which takes place from 22nd to 26th March in Los Angeles, CEA-Leti will present updates on its silicon photonics technology, including its results on ‘Heterogeneously integrated III-V on silicon distributed feedback lasers at 1310nm’ and hybridisation of electronic and photonic ICs.

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19th November 2014
Leti to present 17 papers at 2014 IEEE IEDM

CEA-Leti will present 17 papers at the 2014 IEEE IEDM (International Electron Devices Meeting), 15th to 17th December in San Francisco. The total is the most ever for Leti and includes four invited papers.

16th October 2014
IRLYNX and CEA-Leti to Streamline New CMOS-based Infrared Sensing Modules Dedicated to Human-activities Characterization

IRLYNX and CEA-Leti announced they have launched a technology-development partnership for a new CMOS-based infrared technology that will allow a new type of smart and connected detectors in buildings and cities.

Events News
16th April 2014
Development, challenges and markets for the IoT

At LetiDays Grenoble, June 25-26 2014, industry leaders, research experts and analysts will present multiple perspectives on the development, challenges and markets for the Internet of Things (IoT).

11th March 2014
Split-gate memory Cell boasts 16nm gate length

CEA-Leti has fabricated ultra-scaled split-gate memories with gate length of 16nm and demonstrated their functionality, showing good writing and erasing performances with memory windows over 6V. The devices provide several benefits especially for contactless memory applications, such as enlargement of the memory window and increased functionality. Also because of an optimised fabrication step, the devices allow better control of spacer memor...

12th February 2014
Leti and Partners in PIEZOMAT Project Target New Fingerprint Technology for Highly Reliable Security and ID Applications

CEA-Leti announced the launch of PIEZOMAT, a research project funded by the European Commission to design and implement a new technology of fingerprint sensor that enables ultra-high resolution reconstruction of the smallest features of human fingerprints. 

9th December 2013
Leti-UTSOI2 available in all major SPICE simulators

Leti-UTSOI2, the first complete compact model that enlarges the physically described bias range for designers, is now available in all major SPICE simulators. Accounting for back interface inversion in ultra-thin body & box (UTBB) transistors, the updated model maintains a formal symmetry between front and back interface in all equations of the core model.  

26th November 2013
Magnetometer to expand understanding of Earth’s magnetic field

CEA-Leti has revealed that its next-generation magnetometer technology was today launched into space on board the European Space Agency’s three Swarm satellites. Collecting data over a four-year period, this mission will make it possible to distinguish between the various sources of the magnetic field (the Earth’s core, mantle, crust and oceans, as well as the ionosphere and magnetosphere) for the first time.

24th July 2013
CEA-Leti join Japanese companies in ClouT project

CEA-Leti reveals that a group of European and Japanese companies, research institutes, universities and cities will work together in the ClouT project to deliver ways for cities to leverage the Internet of Things and cloud computing, to become smart cities. ClouT will develop infrastructure, services, tools and applications for municipalities and their various stakeholders, including citizens, service developers and application integrators, which...

12th June 2013
CORMORAN Project Exploring Ways to Improve Cooperation In and Between Wireless Body Area Networks

CEA-Leti today announced it is coordinating the multi-partner CORMORAN project focusing on new forms of cooperation in and between wireless body area networks. Targeted applications include coordinated navigation of groups in buildings or large-scale motion capture for gaming, sports and healthcare.

6th June 2013
Leti Innovation Days Combines Outlook for Micro- and Nanotechnologies with Technical Workshops in Key Fields

CEA-Leti will present recent advances and a preview of future developments in micro- and nanotechnologies, followed by workshops on key technical fields, during Leti Innovation Days, June 25-28, on the MINATEC campus.

18th April 2013
BeSpoon and Leti Establish World Record Distance Measurement on a Single Chip

BeSpoon and CEA-Leti have demonstrated an IR-UWB integrated circuit able to measure distances within a few centimeters’ accuracy, and have established a world-record operating range at 880m (standard regulation) and 3,641m (emergency situations).

21st January 2013
Leti and Agilent Present Results on Millimeter-Wave Short-Range Communication Integrated Systems

CEA-Leti and Agilent Technologies will present their recent research results in the field of embedded integrated systems at the IEEE Silicon Monolithic Integrated Circuits in RF Systems Conference in Austin, Texas, Jan. 21-23.

15th June 2012
CEA-Leti Workshop on Innovative Memory Technologies to Include Presentations by Samsung, Infineon, Micron, Macronix, STMicroelectronics

CEA-Leti organize its fourth workshop on innovative memory technologies at MINATEC on Thursday, June 21th, 2012.

26th September 2011
CEA-Leti and NEOLUX Partner to Industrialize Third-generation Intelligent LED Systems

The three-year project, known as MODULED, will industrialize smart LED systems in France by simplifying functioning and assembly, reducing the mechanics and electronics of current LED systems, and incorporating the latest LED features. The project also will include establishing processes to allow the fabrication of next-generation LED modules while reducing the costs of acquisition for OEMs.

16th December 2010
CEA-Leti Creates an HgCdTe Infrared Imaging Array With Record-Breaking Thermal Resolution

CEA-Leti announced today the first infrared imaging array in the 8-10μm band capable of returning an image with a record-breaking minimum temperature difference, or thermal resolution, of 1 to 2mK at ambient temperature and with traditional image cadences of 25-50 Hertz.

16th December 2010
CEA-Leti Creates an HgCdTe Infrared Imaging Array With Record-Breaking Thermal Resolution

CEA-Leti announced today the first infrared imaging array in the 8-10μm band capable of returning an image with a record-breaking minimum temperature difference, or thermal resolution, of 1 to 2mK at ambient temperature and with traditional image cadences of 25-50 Hertz.

16th December 2010
ELIOT - the world’s first smart, detectable plastic pipe unveiled by RYB and CEA-Leti

RYB, the French leader in piping systems and polyethylene networks, chose the Pollutec exhibition (30 November to 3 December 2010 in Lyon) as a platform to unveil the world’s first smart, detectable plastic pipe. By integrating RFID-type technology, developed through a partnership with CEA research laboratories, this pipe is set to revolutionise the safety, monitoring and maintenance of a variety of networks: gas, drinking water, wastewater, el...

16th December 2010
Captaucom: Three manufacturing prototypes

The Captaucom program, launched in 2005, has now achieved all its objectives. Three self-powered communicating prototype devices have been developed for the benefit of the three manufacturers involved in the program, the SEB Group, Somfy and NTN-SNR. The development work was carried out in partnership between CEA-LETI, CEA-LITEN, CSEM, MIND, CETIM and Thésame.

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