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6th November 2019
Tackling Linux fragmentation through app stores

When people think of apps, it’s usually the Apple or Android offerings that first spring to mind. However, these both represent closed ecosystems, and tend to stifle innovation and restrict any application beyond the traditional tablet or smartphone.  By Tom Canning, VP of IoT at Canonical - the company behind Ubuntu

3rd October 2018
IoT taking the smartphone’s lead

Nokia re-released its 3310 last year amid much hype, celebrating one of the pieces of technology that helped define the early 2000s. Indeed, the original is still one of the best-selling mobiles of all time, with only one of Apple’s devices, the iPhone 6, selling more. Author: Jamie Bennett, VP of Engineering, Devices and IoT, Canonical

17th August 2018
Securing the future of IoT

Whether you know it or not, we are surrounded by the Internet of Things (IoT). In this article Tom Canning, VP of IoT Devices at Canonical, explores how we navigate through an invisible IoT network, surrounded by device to device communications as different devices and objects trade commands and exchange our data with one another.

2nd March 2018
Taking charge of the IoT’s security vulnerabilities

  The IoT has almost infinite capacity to enrich our lives and add value. However the major security issues that currently loom over the industry are threatening to derail the IoT’s hard-earned progress to-date. By listening to, and understanding, end users, Canonical believes it has identified the route to righting past wrongs and putting the IoT back on track.

26th January 2018
What is the future of the IIoT?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is at the heart of many industrial transformation strategies – streamlining production, improving efficiencies, and providing a basis for innovative new internal processes. And yet simply tearing out outdated systems and replacing them with new connected processes isn’t nearly enough. In fact, it’s often the exact opposite of what businesses need to do. Author: Frank Jones, CEO at IMS Evolve, and To...

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