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Artificial Intelligence
15th August 2019
How should the NHS spend today's AI money?

The UK government has announced that there are plans for £250m for the NHS, to be invested in artificial intelligence. But how should the money be spent? Here, Tim Ensor, Director of Artificial Intelligence at Cambridge Consultants, commented.

Artificial Intelligence
12th April 2019
Is it possible for social media to regulate harmful content?

Internet companies could be fined if they fail to tackle ‘online harms’, including hosting terrorist propaganda or images of child abuse. The ‘Online Harms White Paper’, which also proposes an independent watchdog and written ‘code of practice’ is a joint proposal from the DCMS and the Home Office.

4th April 2019
Autonomous cars on the streets of London

Autonomous vehicles are now on the streets of London in a major test being run by autonomous technology firm FiveAI. Though the vehicles have safety drivers for now, the goal is for passenger trials by 2020, in advance of the launch of an autonomous car sharing service. Volkswagen has also just announced similar tests in Hamburg. 

Artificial Intelligence
7th December 2018
AI technology repairs distorted and obscured images in real time

Cambridge Consultants has announced DeepRay, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology that creates clear, undistorted views of the real world from a damaged or obscured moving image. Based on recent advances in deep learning, DeepRay’s power to see clearly in difficult, unpredictable situations could transform numerous machine vision and imaging applications, from autonomous driving to empowering healthcare professionals with more accurat...

Artificial Intelligence
23rd October 2018
Are we anywhere near to fully autonomous cars?

  Addison Lee plans self-driving taxis by 2021. It will start by creating detailed maps that record the position of kerbs, road signs and traffic lights, in preparation for autonomous cars. Dr Sally Epstein, Machine Learning expert at Cambridge Consultants, applauds the ambition but cautions that full autonomy remains a long way off.

5th October 2017
Knock, knock! Who's there? Drone delivery!

The love for drones keeps on growing as more and more companies are adopting their services. We've all seen the different types of drone delivery technology improve over the years, from UPS drone deploying delivery trucks, to Costa Coffee's drink deliveries in Dubai, and Domino's pizza delivery dropping your meal off right at your door.

9th September 2013
Satellite Cameras Saving Endangered Species

Product development firm Cambridge Consultants is helping conservationists at the Zoological Society of London (ZSL) – in partnership with the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) – protect some of the world’s most rare and endangered species.

29th August 2013
Take control of digital security with Cambridge Consultants

Cambridge Consultants have today announced a new, cost-effective, easy-to-implement turnkey platform. Companies can now secure their digital links with Trusted Source. It’s an efficient way of allowing brand owners to give each of their products – even low-cost ones – a unique digital identity before they leave the manufacturer’s production line. This kind of secure identification is becoming more important with the growth...

18th April 2013
Cutting Edge Anti-Counterfeit Laser Technology

Product development firm Cambridge Consultants has worked with Ingenia Technology to develop a high-speed laser scanner for use in brand protection, product authentication and ‘track and trace’ applications.

5th April 2013
Helping industry power ahead

The challenge was equivalent to compressing a bulldozer into a small hatchback. The client wanted a fully digital-controlled 10kW power supply crammed into a uniquely compact form factor. It had never been done before – until the client approached Cambridge Consultants.

3rd April 2013
Cambridge Consultants Announce Accurate Indoor Locator System

New technology from Cambridge Consultants can accurately detect someone’s location indoors when GPS drops out. A number of sensors and a custom algorithm determine the location, with an accuracy of within approximately 1% of the distance travelled. Yet the technology uses low-power, low-cost sensors and the device concept is small enough to clip on a belt. It also doesn’t need any existing internal infrastructure.

6th February 2013
Delivering peace of mind

Keeping track of dropped and damaged parcels has just got easier – with a new sensor system and app developed by innovative product development firm Cambridge Consultants. Called DropTag, the concept shows at a glance what’s happened to a package in transit.

18th December 2012
Smart Bicycle of the Future Controlled with your Smartphone

Cambridge Consultants is making the future of smart technology a reality with its ability to make everyday products digitally intelligent. The company’s latest design concept is the world’s first wireless automatic gear-changing bicycle. This bicycle of the future – controlled by smartphone technology – is the latest example of how Cambridge Consultants is using its expertise in wireless technology to showcase the next stage of product ev...

25th October 2011
Cambridge Consultants spins out Aveillant to get wind farms turning

Cambridge Consultants has announced the spin out of Aveillant with venture investment from DFJ Esprit and AIFCL, the wind industry fund. Aveillant’s technology will remove the concerns about aviation safety and air defence that are holding back growth in the wind energy industry. Wind turbines in motion can mimic aircraft on an air traffic controller’s radar screen. Aveillant will provide airfields with the accurate radar data needed to elim...

20th September 2011
Cambridge Consultants passes proof of concept stage using holographic radar missile scoring for US Defense program

Cambridge Consultants has successfully carried out proof of concept trials of its groundbreaking radar, pinpointing the impact of rapid shell fire for the US Department of Defense (US DoD). During trials the radar was able to measure the trajectory and burst points of shells fired from a naval gun at a rate of one every three seconds - the first time radar has been used this way.

Wireless Microsite
14th September 2011
Cambridge Consultants and Iridium continue to innovate with introduction of Iridium Extreme

Cambridge Consultants, worked with longstanding partner Iridium Communications Inc., to develop the core technology of Iridium’s newest satellite phone, Iridium Extreme™. The phone is part of a new force in communication, putting innovative capability into the hands of people everywhere.

3rd August 2011
Cambridge Consultants develops industry's smallest 2G and 3G femtocell base station

New Sidewinder™ reference design can provide a complete base station on a single PCB

27th April 2011
Cambridge Consultants awarded second Queen’s Award for Enterprise

Cambridge Consultants has been awarded a second Queen’s Award for Enterprise, this time in the Innovation category, for its ground breaking through-wall radar, Prism 200. The award follows on from the Queen’s Award for International Trade in 2009.

8th April 2011
Cambridge Consultants sprints ahead with innovative counter-terror search technology

Cambridge Consultants, a leading technology design and development firm, today unveiled ‘Sprint’, a prototype handheld device which provides a 3D image of objects embedded within walls or floors.

30th March 2011
It doesn’t have to be hard for the hard of hearing with Salix

Cambridge Consultants, a leading technology design and development firm, today announced Salix, a new wireless audio distribution system for the provision of hearing assistance or simultaneous translation within auditoria and conference centres.

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