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17th November 2020
Cal Test adds four alligator clip models

Four new insulated alligator clip models to have been added to Cal Test Electronics’ Test Clip offering.

Test & Measurement
2nd July 2020
Hook clip provides high voltage protection

A High Voltage Hook Clip that provides an extra level of protection needed in high voltage applications has been released by Cal Test Electronics.

Test & Measurement
21st January 2020
Fused probe body cuts power in microseconds

A Fused DMM Probe Body - the CT4299 (individual colours) and CT4300 (black and red pair) – has been introduced by Cal Test Electronics. The fused probes easily connect to 4mm sheathed banana plug leads, which are in turn connected to a DMM or other equipment.

Test & Measurement
5th September 2018
Oscilloscope probes boast bandwidths from 55MHz to 1.5GHz

The CT4200 series of passive voltage oscilloscope probes featuring compact 2.5 mm barrel size and bandwidths from 55 MHz to 1.5 GHz has been launched by Cal Test Electronics. The eight model series includes 1x, 10x, 20x, and 100x attenuation ratios.

20th June 2018
New test bench coaxial cable assemblies

  CT4098 is a new BNC male to BNC male assembly featuring RG223/U coaxial cable.

Test & Measurement
15th April 2016
Differential probes take on high voltage applications

A new line of High Voltage Differential Probes has been launched by CalTest Electronics. The series is marketed under the Cal Test Electronics licensed brand of Elditest, known in both North America and the European Union. The line includes the following models CT4068, CT4076, and CT4079.

12th April 2016
Solderless connectors speed up field repairs

A new family of solder-assembly 4mm Safety Banana Plugs and Jacks has been launched by Cal Test Electronics to complement its existing line of solderless connectors. These plug and jack connectors provide a fast, easy way to build or repair custom patch cords in the field, office or lab.

29th July 2015
Feed-Thru terminators have impedances of 75 & 93Ω

Cal Test Electronics announces an upgrade to its popular 50Ω BNC Feed-Thru terminator along with the introduction of two new models featuring impedance's of 75 and 93Ω. The improved model CT2944, now designated CT2944-50, features an increased 2GHz bandwidth and an impedance tolerance of ±0.25Ω, with its accuracy at now 0.5%. The CT2944's BNC female coaxial connector is gold plated for lower contact resistance and corrosi...

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