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11th August 2022
Corner mount any enclosure with Bud’s CWB Adapter Bracket

Bud Industries, a manufacturer of electronic enclosures, has introduced an adapter bracket that allows users to convert a standard electronic enclosure into a corner-mount enclosure.

29th December 2021
DPS and DPH series IP68/NEMA 6P plastic box enclosures

Bud Industries has introduced the DPS and DPH Series of heavy-duty plastic enclosures that give designers exceptional flexibility in installing printed circuit boards and other components. 

19th May 2016
Impact-resistant enclosure is reinforced with 10% fibreglass

Bud Industries has introduced the PTS series enclosure, made of highly impact-resistant grey polycarbonate reinforced with 10% fibreglass. This combination offers a rugged and long-lasting protection alternative to more expensive metal enclosures and it offers an option for a clear plastic cover.

26th April 2016
Enclosure protects designs even during submersion in water

Bud Industries has introduced the AN-A Series enclosures, the broadest line of IP68 rated boxes available at the lowest price. This unusually high IP rating safeguards electronics and electrical designs with exceptional protection, even where there is a risk of submersion.

26th January 2016
Explosion proof enclosures provide safety for designs & workers

Bud Industries has introduced an ATEX certified enclosure for use in settings that may have explosive atmospheres caused by gases, vapors, mists or air/dust mixtures. Application environments include chemical and pharmaceutical processors, petrochemical sites, nutrients processors, wood and metal grinding operations and other powder/dust operations.

8th January 2016
Extruded aluminum enclosure transfers heat with style

Bud Industries has introduced the EXN series enclosure, an attractive IP-66 rated enclosure made of anodized aluminum extrusion with plastic or aluminum endcap covers. Removal of the cover allows a user-supplied PCB to slide in. The extruded aluminum construction has grooves that enhance heat dissipation.

6th October 2015
Extruded aluminium enclosure provides security in style

Bud Industries has introduced the DMX series DIN-rail-mounting enclosure, an attractive, easy-to-mount, NEMA-4X/IP-66 rated enclosure made of extruded aluminium and plastic endcaps. It holds up to three PCBs and it may be used independently or easily mounted on a standard 35mm DIN rail.

30th July 2015
Plastic enclosures are fibreglass-infused for added strength

Constructed from a polycarbonate plastic infused with 10% fibreglass to enhance strength and impact resistance, the PTQ series enclosure has been announced by Bud Industries. The enclosure is an IP67, NEMA 4 and NEMA 6 rated box with latching lid. The video below shows a PTQ enclosure being driven over by a car to demonstrate its superior strength.

11th September 2014
Easily vent heat and moisture from enclosures

Designed to allow the circulation of a large volume of air, the IPV series PC/PC wide opening external vent has been unveiled by Bud Industries. Equally suited for indoor and outdoor use, the enclosure vent targets applications such as control boxes, WiFi and radio housing, power supply housing, access controls, high heat systems, corrosive environments and general factory environments.

22nd April 2014
Push button box offers high corrosion resistance at low cost

The PBB Push Button Box, from Bud Industries, offers customers a low price alternative within the existing line of NEMA plastic enclosures for automation. The boxes reduce costs compared to steel versions, and provide the advantage of higher corrosion resistance in washdown, humid and outdoor environments. 

28th March 2014
Affordable box protects against water in harsh environments

The PIP Series IP67 box has been introduced by Bud Industries. It is cost effective, offering waterproof protection for approximately 10% less than competing enclosures, claims the company.

8th October 2013
Stow-away workspace for multiple development boards

Bud Industries has today announced a solution to the problem of organizing multiple development boards and a maze of wiring. Using a revolutionary “flat or folded” approach, the patent-pending Board-ganizer enclosure provides a tidy work platform, keeps components of a design project in one place, and makes breadboarded designs easy to store and transport.

5th June 2013
Low-Cost High-Performing Tablet Enclosures From Bud Industries

Bud Industries has introduced tablet enclosures that are 20-30% less expensive than leading competitive enclosures, without sacrificing quality. Ideal for portable, desktop or wall mounted electronic applications, the new tablet enclosures are made of high-impact ABS plastic that is flame retardant to UL94-VO (white colour) and UL94-HB (black colour).

1st March 2013
Bud Announces Plastic Enclosure For The KL25Z Freescale Freedom Development Platform

Bud Industries continues its focus on developing plastic enclosures for popular programming boards by introducing its new FBB-3665 enclosure designed for the Model KL25Z Freescale Freedom Development Platform. Bud’s new enclosure is friendly to a prototyping environment while providing protection and functionality.

1st November 2012
Dual Compartment Enclosures with Transparent Cover Providing Protection, Visibility and Access

Bud Industries today unveiled the DCH Series of dual-compartment IP65 enclosures. DCH enclosures are unique in that the upper compartment has an easily-removable, transparent cover that allows users to view meters and other indicators and to easily access system components that may require frequent maintenance.

3rd October 2012
Bud Industries offers custom electronic enclosures in only five days

Bud Industries is proud to announce that it can now make simple modifications on electronic enclosures to customer specifications in five days – faster than the 10- and 15-day turnarounds offered by some enclosure suppliers, and at no extra cost for the expedited service.

28th August 2012
35 mm DIN Rails and Clips from Bud Industries

Bud Industries has today announced the release of new 35 mm DIN rails and clips for its lines of industrial and commercial electrical enclosures. The rails are designed to accept most commonly-used DIN rail mounted components and enclosures.

24th July 2012
Bud's Wall Mount Cabinet with Slim Profile & Price

Bud is pleased to unveil a new Wall Mount Network Cabinet with a narrow profile and a variety of value-added features for EIA 310D-compliant storage of 19 rack-mount equipment. This enclosure is available in two sizes: 23” high x 6” deep or 23” high x 12” deep.

13th June 2012
Bud Industries Releases Cost-Effective NEMA Box with 3R Rating and Exceptional Durability

Bud Industries has released a new NEMA box with a 3R rating and a variety of value-added features. This steel enclosure costs up to 25% less than competing products and includes an internal zinc-plated steel panel that most manufacturers offer as an accessory item.

6th June 2012
Bud Industries Announces Case for Raspberry Pi Microcomputer

Bud Industries announced an affordable case for the Raspberry Pi, a credit-card size microcomputer created to help kids learn programming. Made of two identical halves that fit together, the Bud “Pi Sandwich” case has windows on four sides, allowing easy access to ports for keyboard, TV/video, audio, USB, and LAN connections that need to be accessible when the case is closed.

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