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Partnership aims to integrate security technology

Intrinsic ID and Barco Silex have announced the companies are partnering to offer their customers the benefit of integrated security technologies by enabling the use of Intrinsic ID’s BROADKEY or QUIDDIKEY in combination with Barco Silex’s ESECURE. Intrinsic ID’s BROADKEY and QUIDDIKEY are secure key management solutions that dynamically reconstruct on-chip secret keys without ever storing those keys.
27th April 2017

Barco partners with Accelize to enable encryption-as-a-service

Barco Silex has announced a partnership with Accelize, the leading enabler of FPGA Acceleration-as-a-Service. Barco Silex enters the QuickAlliance ecosystem, joining a growing number of world-class IP providers that offer their IP cores through Accelize’s platform for plug-and-play configuration of FPGA accelerators. In addition, Barco Silex and Accelize will partner to enable high-quality cloud-based encryption services leveraging Barco Silex’ acclaimed encryption cores.
31st March 2017

IP solution for search and rescue system

It has been announced by Barco Silex that Acacia Research has licensed its acclaimed JPEG 2000 IP cores. The JPEG 2000 cores will be integrated in a search and rescue system to help deliver high-quality video to mission computers and ground stations.
28th June 2016

Barco Silex at InfoComm

Barco Silex will exhibit at InfoComm 2016 (June 8 - 10, Las Vegas), booth C8720. The company will demonstrate its Viper boards along with its advanced IP solutions for the professional AV market. The Viper allows transport of high-resolution video up to 4K/UHD HDMI over a 1Gbit Ethernet cable. The innovative board is designed for seamless integration into such applications as video conferencing, residential AV distribution, digital signage and video walls, or real-time local video networks.
31st May 2016

Plug into simplicity with Barco’s two ClickShare models

Plug into simplicity with Barco’s two ClickShare models
Barco announces an important expansion of its wireless presentation and collaboration portfolio. The CS-100 and CSE-200 join the ClickShare portfolio, offering the freedom to better tailor the ClickShare unit to the meeting room’s – and the participants’ – needs. In this way, Barco’s ClickShare portfolio spans the complete spectrum of meeting rooms, from small huddle rooms to large boardrooms.
5th February 2016

OEM board enables 4K/UHD HDMI transport over IP

OEM board enables 4K/UHD HDMI transport over IP
Barco Silex is breaking new ground with the introduction of an OEM board for the professional audio-visual market. The board enables the transport of HDMI video/audio over IP networks, including high-resolution video up to 4K/UHD over a single 1Gb Ethernet cable.
5th February 2016

Equipment manufacturers offered new possibilities

Barco Silex has validated its hardware solution for lightweight, low complexity video compression against the SMPTE 2042-3 reference. The low footprint core is now ready to be integrated in both ASIC and FPGA designs without the need for an expensive footprint. This opens up new possibilities for equipment manufacturers as they get a low cost, interoperable compression solution to upgrade video transport to high definition formats such as UHD and 4K.
22nd January 2016

Securing the IoT with lightning fast IP core

A new IP core for public-key cryptography has been introduced by Barco Silex. The new core boosts the performance of Barco Silex’s solutions reaching less than 150µs to perform an ECDSA-P256 verify operation, even on an FPGA. With support for all major algorithms, the core could be a key tool for IoT applications that require a dependable, fast security.
26th November 2015

Lightweight video codec features ultra-low latency

At IBC 2015 Show in Amsterdam, Barco Silex announced that the VC-2 Low Delay codec is now available for licensing to broadcast equipment manufacturers. The VC-2 Low Delay codec is a patent-free lightweight compression codec suited to encode HD video content. VC-2 LD has ultra-low latency and compresses video streams by a compression ratio of four times visually lossless.
9th September 2015

Core features VC-2 codec to HD/UHD-proof video tools

At the NAB conference, Barco Silex announced that it will add VC-2 LD (SMPTE 2042) to its offering of hardware cores for video compression. VC-2 is a light compression codec especially suited to manage HD video production and storage. This core will give video equipment OEMs a cost-effective and fast way to make their tools HD/UHD-proof.
8th April 2015

Video-over IP reference design enables JPEG 2000 networks

A full reference implementation of the Video Services Forum VSF TR-01 recommendation, which allows interoperable transport of JPEG 2000 streams over IP networks, has been released by Barco Silex. Targeted at broadcast equipment OEMs that want to make their video transport tools interoperable, the multichannel design is built around a Xilinx FPGA platform and integrates IP cores from Barco Silex and Xilinx.
7th April 2015

Barco Silex adds support for the Apple HomeKit

Barco Silex has announced that it has added support for the Apple HomeKit to its Public Key IP core, in the form of Curve25519 and EdDSA. Barco Silex is the first IP provider offering hardware acceleration for these algorithms, which are especially suited to secure IoT applications. 
12th February 2015

True randomness ensures secure cryptography

Barco Silex announces that Dialog Semiconductor has successfully integrated the Barco Silex BA431 IP core into its short range wireless communication ASIC. The core is a FIPS-140-2-certified Deterministic Random Bit Generator (DRBG) combined with a True Random Number Generator (TRNG), designed to enable secure cryptography.
9th December 2014

Barco Silex launches AES-GCM core supporting up to 100 Gbps

Barco Silex has announced the launch of its AES-GCM (BA415) IP core for 10-100Gbps applications. The AES-GCM (Galois Counter Mode) is an authenticated encryption algorithm which combines the AES counter mode for encryption and the Galois field multiplier for the authentication.
19th June 2014

Partnership aims to develop H.265/HEVC encoder solutions

Barco Silex and Vanguard Video are joining forces to develop and provide the market with high quality H.265/HEVC encoder solutions based upon Xilinx FPGA devices. As value-added distributor of Vanguard Video, Barco Silex is developing a complete HEVC encoder using the Xilinx® Virtex®-7 FPGA family integrating the Vanguard Video H.265/HEVC encoder core.
4th April 2014

Barco Silex FPGA Design Speeds Transactions In Atos Worldline Hardware Security Module

Barco Silex announce that Atos Worldline uses a Barco Silex FPGA crypto platform in its ADYTON. The ADYTON, which recently received an iF product design award in addition to its red dot product design award, integrates Barco Silex’s IP to achieve RSA and ECC performance levels of over 7000 op/s in RSA CRT and FIPS 140-2 Security level 4 certification.
8th April 2013

AES performance and flexibility boosted by Barco Silex with its innovative BA411E crypto engine

Barco Silex, Barco's center of competence for electronic design, has announced the enhanced version of its multi-purpose AES crypto engine. Just like its predecessor, the BA411E supports a wide range of ciphering modes and offers an outstanding ratio performances/resources for ASIC and FPGA. The high level of scalability and flexibility of this IP core eases the support of tricky features. The BA411E allows Barco Silex to generate silicon and power efficient solutions with a high level of performance. After the announcement of its new BA414E Public Key crypto engine that covers the full spectrum of algorithms used in asymmetric cryptography, Barco Silex is proud to extend its EasyKey family with this innovative, universal AES crypto engine.
16th June 2011

Barco Silex presents enhanced version of Public Key hardware solution

Barco Silex, Barco's center of competence for electronic design, has announced an enhanced version of its Public Key Hardware Accelerator. The BA414E is the first member of a new generation of Crypto Intellectual Property (IP) cores developed, validated and licensed by Barco Silex.
24th February 2011

Barco presents innovative solution for sub-frame latency processing of single-tile JPEG 2000 images

Barco Silex, Barco's center of competence for embedded video coding, has presented a new JPEG 2000 IP core which performs at sub-frame latency while preserving the high quality of single-tile images. Thanks to these new cores, the cumulated latency delay to encode and decode an image becomes less than one frame. In the case of HD application, the total delay can be as low as 10 milliseconds.
9th September 2010

Barco delivers its JPEG 2000 IP cores on all 40nm FPGA platforms

Barco Silex, Barco's center of competence for embedded video coding electronic and design services, announces the support of its JPEG 2000 IP cores on all high-performance and low-cost 40nm FPGA families. Barco Silex, announces the support of its acclaimed JPEG 2000 IP cores on all FPGA families using 40/45nm process nodes for both high-performance and low-cost applications.
8th September 2009

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