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AVX is a leading worldwide manufacturer and supplier of a broad line of passive electronic components and Interconnects.

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6th February 2020
Safe power supplies for conduction cooling

With two new models BEO-0812 (+12V) and BEO-0824 (+24V) presented, the power supply specialist Bicker Elektronik is expanding its AC/DC switching power supply series BEO by power class 80W fanless for contact conduction cooling in the space-saving form factor of two by four inch.

28th November 2019
Medical PC power supplies with equalisation and safety approvals

The newly introduced medical PC power supplies MHG2-5300G-B1 (300 Watt), MHG2-5400G-B1 (400 Watt) and MHG2-5500G-B1 (500 Watt) from Bicker Elektronik, Donauwoerth/Germany, provide the reliable ATX power supply of mainboards with +3.3, +5, +12, -12V and + 5Vsb.

24th October 2019
Rugged DC UPS features maintenance-free long life Supercaps

  For reliable protection against power failure, flicker and voltage fluctuations, Bicker Elektronik has introduced two new uninterruptible DC power supplies for use in extreme environmental conditions: the UPSI-1208IP-23UW with 12VDC output (8A) and UPSI-2406IP-24UW with 24VDC output (5.42A).

19th August 2019
DC/DC converter features three selectable output voltages

The new DC/DC converter DC160WS from Bicker Elektronik delivers fanless 160W continuous power at a constant high efficiency of up to 98%. Developed for long term 24/7 continuous operation in the extended temperature range from -20 to +70°C, the DC160WS is equipped with premium components of highest quality (MTBF >410,000h).

8th August 2019
Tested medical Power+Board bundles from a single source

In medical technology, the perfect interaction of all components of a system is of decisive, if not even life-sustaining importance. When developing a new medical computer system as an embedded IPC or a stand-alone unit, developers are faced with the challenge of selecting the core components mainboard, processor, memory and power supply concerning many criteria.

10th June 2019
Maintenance-free DC UPS modules for DIN rail mounting

  Two new DC UPS compact modules from Bicker Elektronik ensure the uninterruptible power supply of DC loads such as low power embedded IPCs, gateways, motors, sensors, actuators or cameras in the field of industrial control, process and automation technology, medical and laboratory applications as well as safety equipment.

25th March 2019
Power Supply solutions delivered for system developers

The new 2019 product catalogues from Bicker Elektronik are now available online and as a free print version. The publications are aimed primarily at system developers, purchasers and project managers in the fields of industrial automation, IIoT / Industry 4.0, medical and laboratory technology, gaming, POS / POI, kiosk, digital signage, energy, communications, security and data technology, maritim and transportation.

8th February 2019
Energy storage for uninterruptible power supply

The modular UPS system UPSI from Bicker Elektronik reportedly ensures the uninterruptible 12/24/48V DC power supply and thus the fail-safe availability of process-relevant systems and components in industrial and medical applications. The UPSI system provides effective protection against power outages, flicker, fluctuations or voltage drops and eliminates costly downtime. 

20th December 2018
Modular DC UPS system for DIN rail mounting

The modular DC UPS system UPSI from Bicker Elektronik ensures the uninterruptible 12V and 24V DC power supply and thus the fail-safe availability of process-relevant systems and components. The UPSI system provides effective protection against power outages, flicker, fluctuations or voltage dips in the DC power supply, eliminating costly plant or system down-time.

11th September 2018
Maintenance-free supercap energy storage for modular DC UPS system

A modular and integrated solution called the DC UPS system UPSI from Bicker has been announced. It is a solution with safe and durable battery technologies. The two new DC UPS modules Bicker UPSI-1208 (12VDC) and Bicker UPSI-2406 (24VDC) are available in combination with the maintenance-free Supercap energy storage units Bicker BP-SUC (up to 3.6 kJ). The supplied DC consumers are reliably protected against power fail...

16th August 2018
Two in one IPC ATX Power Supply with additional +24V DC output

The new industrial PC PSU BEA-750H from Bicker Elektronik, offers in addition to the regular ATX outputs for current mainboards a strong 24VDC output, which can be loaded with up to 7A and thus provides enough power to ensure the reliable supply of displays, receipt printers, card readers, coin counters, actuators, sensors and many other possible 24VDC peripherals.

20th July 2018
Intelligent μExtension module for supercap UPS

 The uninterruptible power supply of industrial computers, embedded PCs and gateways with highly durable UPS systems in becoming an increasingly crucial factor both in industrial and medical technology. 

19th June 2018
Fanless DC/DC ATX power supply with ultra-wide input range

Bicker Elektronik has offered with the DC161W a compact DC/DC ATX converter with cable management for individual wiring harness configurations. The compact ATX power supply solution for fanless Embedded Box PCs also has an expanded set of operating modes for in-vehicle applications, so-called vehicle ignition functions for intelligent shutdown control with deep discharge protection for vehicle battery.

18th June 2018
AC/DC power supply meets energy efficiency levels VI and Tier2

Bicker Elektronik is presenting the new BET-0900-T, a highly efficient and very robust external AC/DC power supply unit for industrial use with an output of 90W. The product meets the stringent requirements of the US Department of Energy (DoE) for energy efficiency level VI, as well as the current European energy efficiency standard EU-CoC-Tier2. This applies in particular to the power consumption in standby mode, which is less than 0.15W and the...

10th May 2018
Energy-saving power supply with high power density

The BEO-3000M AC/DC switching power supply series from Bicker Elektronik, Donauwoerth/Germany, was developed for space-saving installation in medical devices and medical computer systems. The 3x5" open frame power supplies are available with precisely regulated DC single output voltages of 12V, 24V, 36V or 48V, which can be fine tuned in the range of ±5%. In addition, a 5V standby and a 12V fan output is available.

26th February 2018
Compact DC UPS systems offer SuperCaps as energy storage

  An economical solution for the uninterrupted power supply of DC loads, such as motors, sensors, actuators or card readers, has been announced by Bicker Elektronik. The two DC UPS modules UPSIC-1205 (12VDC/5A) and UPSIC-2403 (24VDC/3A) are equipped with ultracapacitors (so-called SuperCaps) as energy storage which operate according to the principle of double-layer capacitors (EDLC).

12th March 2015
Power & board combinations speed up time-to-market

Bicker Elektronik has expanded its Power+Board programme with offerings from two well-known board manufacturers. In addition to Fujitsu's industrial PCBs, bundles with embedded mainboards from ASRock and Perfectron are also available. The three mainboard manufacturers excel through quality, long-term availability and an extended temperature range for industrial applications.

7th March 2014
Encapsulated DC/DC converters for industrial applications

Space-saving and cost-effective power supplies for industrial applications, the BDC series of encapsulated DC/DC converters have been announced by Bicker Elektronik. Supplied in shielded aluminium cases, the converters are available both as printed circuit modules (BDC) with industry standard pinning, as well as DIN rail versions (BDCD) with practical terminal strips.

8th July 2013
Powerful industrial PC power supply for 24VDC networks

The new DC IPC power supply BES-540C by Bicker Elektronik has been designed for operation in +24VDC networks. It is ideally suited for use in industrial environments as well as in the areas of logistics and transportation. Due to its broad input voltage range from 18 to 36VDC the robustly built power supply is able to withstand strong input voltage fluctuations. With 400 watts output power and a high current level at the +12VDC output it ensures ...

2nd July 2013
Power supply for parallel support of mainboard and display

The new power supply BEG-300-1224 with dual output by Bicker Elektronik, Donauwörth, provides +12VDC and +24VDC output voltage, thus enabling a simultaneous supply of the mainboard (+12V) and a second device such as display, printer or coin validator.

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