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28th October 2019
Motion detection using pyro-electric and passive infrared

In our increasingly connected world, there are a rising number of applications that benefit from the ability to detect people or objects, including building energy management (BEM) systems that control the environment in homes, offices, factories and other buildings. By Martin Keenan, Technical Director, Avnet Abacus

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30th August 2019
EuMW 2019: Avnet Abacus parades power and connectivity

Avnet Abacus will focus on two main product areas — power and connectivity at European Microwave Week in Paris (September 30-October 3). In dedicated power and connectivity sections, product specialists will be available to discuss design needs and give technical advice.

14th August 2019
Safety requirements in medical power supplies

  There are specific existing and new requirements for medical safety. Philip Lechner, Avnet Abacus looks at what’s needed for a particular application

Events News
11th October 2018
Product demo focuses on live parcel tracking service

Avnet Abacus will participate at this year’s electronica in Munich (November 13-16) as part of a consolidated Avnet EMEA presence. Avnet Abacus is one of four major business units that will each host a dedicated area of the stand, demonstrating the capabilities and support provided by the Avnet ecosystem.

23rd August 2018
No battery required: Tactile switch uses energy harvesting

The SPGA series from ALPS, a tactile switch that needs no battery or accumulator thanks to energy harvesting techniques is available from distributor Avnet Abacus. Based on magnetic induction technology, the modules measure just 17.5 x 23 x 17.9 and supply 170 µJ with every touch.

11th July 2018
Van Parijs succeeds Ward at helm of Avnet Abacus

Nigel Ward has retired from the role of President, Avnet Abacus and will be replaced by another industry veteran Rudy Van Parijs. Ward leaves after a successful 30-year career with Avnet. Van Parijs joined EBV Elektronik, an Avnet company, in 1991, as a field application engineer.

4th July 2018
Avnet Abacus honoured with Senten Manten Gold award by TDK

It has been announced that Avnet Abacus, an interconnect, passive, electro-mechanical and power distributors and a regional business unit of Avnet, is the recipient of TDK Corporation’s 2017 European Senten Manten Gold award.

15th December 2017
RFID evolution enables smarter tracking

Did you know the origins of RFID technology can be traced to WWII? However, RFID as a technology only started to gain any recognition in product surveillance tags during the 1960s. Since then, RFID’s popularity has shown no signs of dimming. Used in any situation that requires contactless and non-line-of-sight identification of an individual object, RFID systems are now found at the heart of most supply chains.

15th December 2017
Making a connection: a summary of RF connector trends

In a cost-effective way, Radio Frequency (RF) connectors seek to transfer data across multi-megahertz radio frequencies with minimal data loss from reflection and dispersion. Situated at the end of every cable with the job of transferring data to the next PCB or system, RF connectors operate like a gateway to the device-under-design; select the right one and the data being transferred passes without the least delay, select the wrong one and ...

Test & Measurement
15th December 2017
eCall automotive telematics become mandatory in the EU

Legislation on eCall (emergency call) functionality is one of the major factors driving advanced vehicle connectivity today. An eCall subsystem will automatically call the emergency services in the event of an accident or crash. The system will be mandatory for all cars and vans sold in the EU from April 2018. Guest piece written by Alan Jermyn, Avnet Abacus.

15th December 2017
Materials science techniques enable optimisation of antenna designs

A change in approach to antenna design and specification is well underway. Previously a somewhat overlooked element of the end design, the physical and power consumption characteristics are often so tight for the latest portable designs, that antenna design demands contemplation earlier in the design cycle. Guest piece written by Martin Keenan, Technical Director, Avnet Abacus.

13th December 2017
Selecting the right Li-ion battery for a consumer robot design

Fuelled by the growing popularity of hybrid and full electric vehicles, plus an ever-buoyant consumer electronics industry, Li-ion has become the battery technology of choice for electronic devices on the move. With high storage capacities, high efficiency and longer lifecycles than many of their rechargeable counterparts, the Li-ion market is booming and the choice for electronic designers has multiplied. Guest piece written by Tim Parker,...

1st December 2017
A quick guide to choosing a pressure sensor

When considering what type of pressure sensor is best suited for your industrial application, it may be an overwhelming experience looking at the sheer number of different choices available. Here’s a quick breakdown of the different pressure sensor technologies available and key pressure sensor attributes that should help you decide. Guest blog by Martin Keenan, Technical Director, Avnet Abacus.

16th August 2017
Circuit protection is vital for long lifetimes in LED lighting

  LEDs are widely perceived as the perfect solution for lighting applications because, in theory, they last forever. What’s less frequently spoken about is the inconvenient truth: the circuit protection measures specified can make or break the design.

14th July 2017
Meeting requirements for mission critical stock power supplies

  The regulatory requirements surrounding mission-critical and non-mission critical rolling stock power supplies are paramount to application safety, but ready made solutions are available to meet these complex standards.

6th July 2017
Sensor fusion: the future of intelligent devices

Sensor fusion is an intriguing idea: if data from more than one sensor can be combined in the right way, the combined data can be more accurate, more reliable or simply provide a better understanding of the context in which the data was gathered. It is perfectly possible to combine data from two or more (or in fact, lots of) sensors to produce extremely rich, context aware data that eliminates the limitations in range or accuracy of the indi...

6th July 2017
RF and wireless modules join distributor portfolio

Avnet Abacus is extending its distribution agreement with Panasonic to include RF and wireless module based products and technologies which cover all the latest communication protocols with ready-to-use modules for Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy and Wi-Fi. The focus is to help companies shorten their development cycle and gain faster time-to-market.

7th June 2017
Keeping the noise down: Converter and inverter output filtering

  Most modern power conversion topologies use switched-mode techniques for highest efficiency and smallest size and cost. Inevitably, switching noise is produced and output filters are required to minimise EMI and provide reliable operation of the power converter and load. This article looks at the effects of noise and some of the filtering techniques that can be used.

6th June 2017
Selecting DC-link capacitors in power converters

  In applications from the simplest cell-phone charger to grid-tied inverters operating at hundreds of kW, power conversion schemes are used which incorporate an intermediate stage where energy is processed at DC. A ‘DC-link’ capacitor is fitted at this point to provide a low impedance path for high frequency switching currents and to provide energy storage.

2nd June 2017
Specifying explosion-proof connectors

  The threat of explosion is real in many industrial applications, from petrochemical refineries and cleaning facilities to flour silos and even landfill sites. While explosion is a hazard anywhere there is a flammable substance in the atmosphere in the form of gas, vapour or dust, the presence of the flammable substance on its own is not enough to trigger an explosion.

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