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AUTOSAR Articles

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27th April 2018
Latest adaptive platform adopts DDS standard

Real-Time Innovations (RTI) has announced that AUTOSAR (AUTomotive Open Systems ARchitecture) has just released the latest version of the Adaptive Platform, Release 18-03, which features the Data Distribution Service (DDS) standard. RTI joined AUTOSAR in 2017 to help advance the platform and ensure that it meets the technical requirements for autonomous vehicles.

20th November 2017
The first code analyser for AUTOSAR C++14 coding guidelines

PRQA has announced the first commercially available tool for automatically applying the new AUTOSAR C++14 Coding Guidelines. The AUTOSAR Compliance Module is an extension to the QA•C++ 4.2 automated static code analysis tool. The AUTOSAR development partnership is working on “Guidelines for the use of the C++14 language in critical and safety-related systems” in order to help ensure the safety and security of the code written by ...

16th February 2012
AUTOSAR focuses on maintenance and stability for improved usability with revision 4.0.3

The latest revision 4.0.3 of the AUTOSAR (AUTomotive Open System ARchitecture) development partnership strongly focuses on improving the stability of the standard and mainly concentrates on maintenance. It is to be published on the AUTOSAR website in January 2012. By fixing issues found in earlier revisions and including improvements for ease of use, AUTOSAR helps to protect investments made in previous developments. To meet the demands of its me...

16th November 2011
Development Partnership AUTOSAR to extend scope of applications to non-automotive areas

Due to the success of AUTOSAR as the key software technology in the automotive industries worldwide, the AUTOSAR (AUTomotive Open System ARchitecture) Development Partnership has decided on an important extension of the AUTOSAR standard to non-automotive areas. The Core Partners have already signed the amendment to the development agreement allowing the application of AUTOSAR in the field of so-called “derived applications”, which must be der...

25th May 2011
3rd AUTOSAR Open Conference in Frankfurt attracted large audience

The AUTOSAR Development Partnership held its 3rd AUTOSAR Open Conference in Frankfurt/Main, an event which aroused great interest with nearly 300 participants. Besides a comprehensive overview of the AUTOSAR status, the conference presented a broad thematic spectrum targeting engineers from the whole automotive supply chain, researchers and members of the development partnership. As one of the highlights, the Core Partners’ roll-out plans were...

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