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5th June 2017
Buildings of the Future: Science fiction or science fact?

  The world is changing at an exponential rate and science fiction is fast becoming science fact. We are moving towards an increasingly digital, interconnected society and with it comes the realisation that everything we know will change. The built environment has been slower than other industries to react to this change.  

21st April 2017
Is it the end of the road for autonomous vehicles?

As predictors of what the future will look like, movies have proven eerily accurate: it’s 1966 and Batman uses a remote control to summon The Batmobile. Forward to 2002’s Minority Report and autonomous self-driving vehicles weave – almost magically – on magnetic cushions through a futuristic Washington DC. We set our sights on a future that involves autonomous vehicles long ago!  Author: Mikel Alonso

9th March 2017
Can virtual reality enable us to predict the future?

“Why shouldn’t people be able to teleport wherever they want?” asked Palmer Luckey. Now they can – in virtual reality, thanks to his design of Oculus VR, a high definition virtual reality head-mounted display. They can visit their dream travel destinations or explore completely dreamt up worlds. Using Google’s low-cost Cardboard headsets, a child in Africa can go on a virtual field trip. And Microsoft has just taken ...

27th April 2016
The computers are 'watching' – data that can predict your future

This glimpse of the future was crafted by: Mark Stone. The field of prediction is about to take a giant leap forward. We all make predictions. When companies hire an employee, they predict that they will do a good job. When they launch a product, they predict that consumers will want it. Call it a hunch, or even experience – we all make judgement calls about the future. This is how things used to happen, but this is all about to change...

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