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2nd June 2020
Atlas Copco appoints Paul Clark as Business Line Manager

  Atlas Copco Compressors has announced the appointment of Paul Clark as Business Line Manager, Sales and Marketing, of its Compressor Technique Service division in the UK.

Alternative Energy
27th April 2020
Compressor upgrade saves 60 tonnes of CO2 a year

Midas Pattern Company is a precision polyurethane moulding manufacturer who took a compressor system audit from an Atlas Copco distributor as part of its green initiative project, leading to an equipment upgrade. Not only did this move achieve substantial energy savings but, at the same time, the company's carbon footprint was reduced by some 60 tonnes per annum.

13th October 2017
BLOODHOUND project edges towards the finishing line

The BLOODHOUND SSC project will make history later this month when it makes its first ever test runs, during which the supersonic combined jet engine and rocket powered car is set to achieve speeds of up to 200mph on the runway at Newquay Airport in Cornwall.

Component Management
18th June 2014
Compressors use 25% less energy due to speed drive technology

At Brucha’s 80,000-square-meter plant in Michelhausen in Lower Austria, four Atlas Copco GA oil-injected screw compressors with variable speed drive technology are using 25 % less power to supply the company’s four production halls with the required volume of compressed air to meet their production needs. 

27th April 2012
Atlas Copco Compressors’ apprenticeship scheme helps address UK engineering skills gap

Atlas Copco Compressors is training compressor engineers of the future and, in the process, helping to address the UK’s engineering skills gap through its comprehensive apprenticeship scheme. The scheme, which provides apprentices with the practical engineering skills and commercial experience required for a career in the compressed air sector, is also helping Atlas Copco to maintain the high standards of compressor engineering excellence f...

1st December 2010
AIRnet makes all the right connections

By minimising pressure drop, energy use and installation time Atlas Copco Compressors’ AIRnet compressed air piping system is making a major contribution to the energy efficiency, air quality and flexibility of manufacturing and process industry applications.

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