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25th April 2018
Satcom Divider Trays now available in all bands up to Q

In recognising the needs of satcom ground station and teleport operators and systems integrators, AtlanTecRF has launched its new SDT range of Divider Trays. The functionality is relatively simple but the convenience factor delivered to the user brings very considerable benefits in terms of installation time and readiness for connection.

15th March 2018
Optimising the level of communication, connectivity and control

As part of its drive to enhance the connectivity and control of its satcom RF test equipment and systems, AtlantecRF has introduced a software product, LTTConnecTTM 1.0. LTTconnecT has been developed to offer the ultimate user experience for its range of Satellite Simulators, Loop Test Translators, Signal Generators and Noise Generators as well as other products being developed at AtlanTecRF’s Braintree R&D facility.

13th March 2018
Extending off-air satellite simulation to multiple terminals

AtlanTecRF has launched the new Multi-Path Satellite Simulator System (the MSS Series). The MSS Systems are designed to ‘talk’ to two ground-based or mobile satcom stations, simultaneously, thereby replicating for test purposes, the satellite link while remaining off-air. Each system consists of three parts, a base control unit and two weatherproof transponders each of which can be orientated to connect with a system under t...

Test & Measurement
21st November 2017
Multiple frequency comb generator for material science research

  Global RF and microwave components and equipment manufacturer, AtlanTecRF, has launched its new Multiple Frequency Comb Generator. The unit, which is supplied in a three unit high bench top case, is designed for use in up to the minute particle physics and material science research. The input signal is amplified to provide power to a comb generator.

Test & Measurement
26th October 2017
Ka-band test translator widens satcomms test choices

A Ka-band version of its Dual Channel Loop Test Translator has been released by AtlanTec RF. It features dual channel operation with the ability to introduce different transfer characteristics in each channel. This gives the user a lot of flexibility and means one LTT instrument can be used in a variety of test applications for frequency conversions from Uplink (Tx) to Downlink (Rx) or to L-Band and from L-Band to Downlink (Rx).

Test & Measurement
2nd October 2017
Loop Test Translators address 27GHz uplink market

A range of Ka-band Loop Test Translators (LTT) with Ethernet Control has been launched by AtlanTecRF. The ALR series of Ka-Band Loop Test Translators address the 27GHz uplink market and feature Synthesised Variable Frequency Local Oscillators (LOs) to provide the user with the most versatile and comprehensive operating configurations for translation of uplink (Tx) frequencies to either downlink (Rx) frequencies or to L-Band, and for L-Band to dow...

1st September 2017
Broadband amplifier covers 50MHz–20GHz frequency range

Global RF and microwave components and equipment manufacturer, AtlanTecRF, has launched a new Ultra Broadband Amplifier, covering the 50MHz–20GHz frequency range in a single unit. This 25dB gain block delivers up to 18dB at 1dB compression and yet has a typical noise figure of just 1.8dB, thereby making it an all round, general purpose amplifier with applications in test measurement, electronic countermeasures and scientific research as wel...

17th August 2017
Ultra broadband digital attenuator can handle up to 25dBm

Global RF and microwave components and equipment manufacturer, AtlanTecRF, has launched its latest Ultra Broadband 500MHz to 20GHz Digitally Controlled PIN Attenuator. This new product is part of AtlanTecRF’s range of ultra broadband microwave components and sub-systems designed for wide ranging applications in test and measurement, electronic countermeasures, scientific research and general communications.

10th July 2017
Flexible low loss cables save space and reduce test time

Global RF and microwave components and equipment manufacturer, AtlanTecRF, has announced the launch of its range of ultra flexible low loss test cables. The new APC series features a degree of flexibility not previously seen in assemblies of this type. Key to its ultra flexible performance is the cable construction in five layers from a silver plated copper centre conductor through low density PTFE dielectric, silver plated copper shield and silv...

5th July 2017
Ethernet controllable LTTs come in portable bench instruments

AtlanTecRF has announced the launch of its new BLR series of ethernet controllable LTTs (loop test translators) in convenient bench instruments. With models designed for operation in both Ku and Ka bands, these portable items of satcom test kit can be easily transported to the test location and set up for either local operation or remote operation via ethernet with a GUI.

Test & Measurement
13th June 2017
Update in satcom RF packaging suits automatic test systems

AtlanTecRF has launched a new plug-in 6U Loop Test Translator (LTT) for satcom RF testing. The traditional configuration for loop test translators used in off-satellite set up, calibration, alignment and quality monitoring of ground based equipment in satcom terminals is the 19” x 1U rack mount chassis. In other applications, however, such as automatic test systems used in the manufacture of satellite terminals such packaging does...

24th April 2017
Aiding the testing of satellite communications

The launch of the Drone Payload Satellite Simulator, from RF and microwave components manufacturer AtlanTecRF, provides a transmit (Tx) to receive (Rx) loop-back in testing mostly compact and mobile satellite communications systems in-situ and without the need for connection via cables.

13th April 2017
Miniature frequency synthesiser covers 0.5-20GHz range

Global RF and microwave components and equipment manufacturer, AtlanTecRF, has announced the launch of the miniature 0.5-20.0GHz frequency synthesiser with GUI. Minimum set-up and easy operation are key features of the new, compact synthesiser, designated ASY-0050-2000, covering the full 0.5-20.0GHz range. In addition to the ultra broadband range the 2.5x2.5x1.1" housing has a 1KHz step size, ±0.5ppm frequency stability over a -1...

Test & Measurement
8th March 2017
Testing SNG and outside broadcast equipment off-satellite

AtlanTecRF launched its SNG series of Satellite Simulator Systems, designed to provide a loop-back test for vehicle mounted Ku band satellite news gathering (SNG) antennas without the need to access the satellite. Comprised of two units, the satellite simulator is either depot based or portable thereby facilitating the testing and calibration of news gathering and outside broadcast systems off-satellite.

9th February 2017
Cable assembly range offers 83% velocity propagation

  AtlanTecRF has announced the latest addition to its range of high performance cable assemblies. The ACH series of high velocity products is available in frequency ranges of DC-18GHz, DC-26.5GHz, DC-40GHz and DC-50GHz. 

19th December 2016
Cost-effective VNA test cables launched

Currently with an extensive range of test cables and comprehensive equipment cabling, AtlanTecRF have now launched details of its new series of VNA test cables designed for use with vector network analyser set-ups to 50GHz.

24th October 2016
Satcom signal generator offers versatility in frequency and level control

AtlanTecRF has launched a new Ethernet Controlled Signal Generator. Designed to provide a built-in signal source for satellite communications approved installations as well as general purpose and production line testing, the new AtlanTecRF ESG Series of Signal Generators offers ethernet control for output frequencies covering all bands including L, S, C, X, Ku, Ka and Q.

19th August 2016
Broadband noise generators can be controlled via Ethernet

AtlanTecRF has introduced its RNG range of 19 broadband noise generators featuring Ethernet control. Designed to form a built-in test facility in permanent installations of communications equipment or production test set-ups, these high output instruments operate in frequency ranges starting at 10Hz and continuing up to 18GHz in standard configurations with a capability to 40GHz and beyond for custom applications.

16th June 2016
AtlanTecRF launches a ‘build your own amplifier’ web tool

AtlanTecRF has launched an easy to use ‘build your own amplifier’ web tool. The tool is designed to take customers through a series of questions to help them easily specify and customise their amplifier requirements. Customising products can be time consuming and often result in the customer and manufacturer needing to gather additional information before a final specification is completed.

9th March 2016
Portable loop test translator handles wet weather

A ruggedised version of its Portable Loop Test Translator has been launched by AtlanTecRF.  Taking the portability of RF satellite communications a step further, the LRU series of Loop Test Translators come in a high visibility ruggedised housing and are designed specifically for antenna site range and other field applications.

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