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5th November 2019
DART-ing ahead on the race track

Thirty-five Technical University Darmstadt students from various disciplines, including computer science and mechanical, electrical, and industrial engineering, worked together to form the impressive TU Darmstadt Racing Team e.V. Their goal? To build a formula racing car that not only emits a low carbon footprint but also outraces the competition. 

11th July 2019
Compact capacitive discharge welders feature dual pulse output

AMADA MIYACHI AMERICA has announced the CD-V Series of Capacitive Discharge Power Supplies and TL-V Series of weld heads. Featuring a fully controllable dual pulse output and a full-color 3.5” user interface, the CD-V Series give consistent welding output for repeatable process results. 

18th April 2019
Welding power supply series feature dual pulse output

AMADA MIYACHI AMERICA has announced the CD-V series of capacitive discharge power supplies and TL-V series of weld heads. Featuring a fully controllable dual pulse output and a full-colour 3.5” user interface, the CD-V series give consistent welding output for repeatable process results. Typical applications for the CD-V series include battery tab welding, interconnects, honeycomb tacking, fine wire to pad processes, jewelry repair and...

Component Management
19th March 2019
The right welding and bonding for medical devices

The essence of a medical device is its relationship to the patient. A growing trend in preventative health is wearable technology, like smart watches and monitors placed on the skin. The engineers of these devices must find solutions to make medical technology flexible and durable enough to work on a person’s wrist or hip for example. Michael Garry, AMADA MIYACHI EUROPE explains.

24th January 2019
Ultra-low ripple closed-loop output control for welding process definition

Manufacturer of resistance welding and micro machining equipment and systems, Amada Miyachi America, has announced that it offers complete local product and sales support for the DC1013-T and DC613-T Series of linear DC resistance spot welding power supplies, manufactured by its sister company MacGregor. 

9th January 2019
Battery pack resistance welding technology for electric cars

It has been announced that Amada Miyachi Europe is providing resistance welding equipment for LION Smart in the development of the new fast charging LIGHT Battery. The lithium-ion battery stack has been incorporated into the proof of concept for the latest model of a fully electric extended range car. 

6th September 2018
Website now has support in seven languages

Amada Miyachi Europe has announced the launch of its redesigned website, which features an extended search function, an interface that makes browsing simple, and access to all content in seven languages (Dutch, English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, and Spanish). The website offers improved navigation and easy access to a product overview of laser welding, laser marking, laser cutting, resistance welding, micro TIG welding, hermetic se...

Artificial Intelligence
6th July 2018
On the road to autonomous driving with ACF bonding

There is no doubt that the automotive industry is ‘on the road’ to autonomous driving. As it travels down that highway, the market is investing heavily in Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). Author: Jan-Bart Picavet, Product & System Sales Manager for Hot Bar Technology at AMADA MIYACHI EUROPE.

24th April 2018
How to improve tab to terminal connections in battery packs

  Battery packs have become an integral part of everyday life, powering a growing range of portable electronic devices, cordless power tools, energy storage, and hybrid and electric vehicles. By Geoff Shannon, Amada Miyachi America.

29th January 2018
Resistance and laser solutions to solve space and accessibility issues

As the use of electric motors in automobile power trains has increased, stator welding has become an established manufacturing process. Development of a robust and stable stator welding process is critical, since the many connections between stator coils and the 'outside world' are essential for reliable engine performance. By Robert Vermeulen, Amada Miyachi Europe

Component Management
9th October 2017
Process technology options for wearable device displays

Manufacturer of laser welding equipment and systems, AMADA MIYACHI EUROPE, has announced the availability of several process technology options for interconnection of flexible materials used in manufacturing wearable technology devices. Available process technologies include hot bar reflow soldering, heat staking, ACF laminating/pre-bonding, and heat-seal/ACF final bonding.

Component Management
8th September 2017
Resistance welding and laser marking equipment at The Battery Show 2017

AMADA MIYACHI is to highlight resistance welding and laser marking equipment for battery manufacturing applications at The Battery Show, to be held September 12-14, 2017, in Novi, Michigan. On display will be the LMWS workstation paired with the LMF70-HP pulsed fiber laser for welding, LMWS paired with the LMF20 for marking and engraving, and the DC29 linear DC spot welding control with an 88A/EZ THIN-LINE series parallel gap weld head ...

16th May 2017
Laser welding capabilities for manufacturing EV battery packs

A range of resistance and laser welding capabilities for manufacturing battery packs for hybrid and electric vehicles has been announced by AMADA MIYACHI EUROPE. The company helps customers select the right tab to terminal connection welding system for batteries used in power train electrification of cars, trucks, buses and motorbikes. Also available are systems for welding battery packs used in cordless power tools and energy storage, inclu...

Events News
13th April 2017
Laser welding equipment showcased at Medtec Europe 2017

A range of laser and resistance welding equipment suitable for the medical industry were displayed by AMADA MIYACHI EUROPE Medtec Europe, 4th-6th April 2017, Messe Stuttgart, Germany. AMADA MIYACHI EUROPE highlighted the MIYACHI EAPRO Automatic Hypotube Coating Removal System, the MIYACHI UNITEK LMWS Pulsed Fiber Laser Welding System, and the MacGregor DC613T high performance linear DC spot welding power supply, which features a newly d...

10th February 2017
Robotic technologies increase quality in fluid dispense applications

Manufacturing operations across a range of industries rely on dispense technology for adhesive and bonding applications. While in some cases manual dispensing is adequate, robot dispensing delivers greater accuracy and therefore ensure final product quality. Customised robot dispensing technology can prove critical to high quality fluid dispensing applications.

22nd January 2017
Precision laser welding workstations

Amada Miyachi just announced its EAPRO NOVA3 laser welding workstations which are said to be ideal for precision spot- or seam welding of metal parts, including electronic, and aerospace components.

8th December 2016
Pulsed fibre laser welding system expands series

Amada Miyachi America announces the availability of the LMF70-HP, an addition to its popular LMF Series of lasers. The 70 W LMF70-HP is ideal for welding small components and thin metals up to 0.01-inch (0.25 mm) thick. It is suited for welding battery tabs to cans (two thin sheets of metal), but can also weld thin wires (thermocouples, guidewires, etc.). In addition to welding, the unit is capable of engraving, deep engraving and cutting of meta...

25th November 2016
Robot dispensing systems dramatically boost productivity

Amada Miyachi Europe now offer a range of robot dispensing system options that can be fully customised for use in the automotive, electronics and solar cells, information technology and multimedia, medical, aerospace, and defence industries. Amada Miyachi Europe combines its standard desktop XYZ fluid dispensing systems with precision, user-friendly JANOME Industrial Equipment desktop robots that can dramatically boost productivity.

27th May 2016
Compact laser marking workstation

Amada Miyachi Europe has just announced the LMWS Laser Marking Workstation, specifically designed for benchtop operation. In a major facelift to Amada Miyachi’s LMW2020 and LMW2030 marker workstations, the LMWS is available as an operator-safe Class 1 or open Class 4, with improved functionality and the company says it offers the widest range of marking capability in its class.

Events News
30th March 2016
Hot crimping systems & coil wire welding equipment at CWIEME

Amada Miyachi Europe announces that it will highlight resistance welding solutions suitable for coil winding, electric motor, and transformer manufacturing technologies at CWIEME Berlin 2016, to be held 10-12th May, 2016 at Messe Berlin, Germany. On display at stand 41E29 will be semi-automated hot crimping systems designed to join magnet wire to cable shoes or terminals.

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