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15th October 2015
IP68 switch suits wearable, medical & mobile devices

ALPS has announced the SKSWD Series TACT Switch with IP68 dust and water resistance, suitable for integration into wearable, healthcare and mobile devices. Wearables are becoming smaller and increasingly sophisticated. Often exposed to sweat and rain, dust and dirt, these devices require components which are light and compact and achieve high dust and water resistance.

12th October 2015
Low profile switches provide IP67 dust & water resistance

ALPS has developed the “SKTK Series” TACT Switch with IP67 dust and water resistance, suitable for home function switches on smartphones. Smartphones have recently started to include home function switches for greater operability and fingerprint recognition switches for enhanced security. Used frequently, these switches need to provide a pleasant, clear operating feel over a long operating life to maintain the quality of the smar...

30th September 2015
Waterproof detection switch integrates resistors to save space

ALPS has developed the “SPVQD Series” Waterproof Detector Switch with internal resistors, suitable for detecting the opening and closing of automobile doors, trunks and hoods. Samples will be made available from September 2015. A growing number of vehicle models in today’s automobile market are equipped with idle stop (start–stop) systems that help to improve fuel efficiency.

6th August 2015
MEMS stylus force sensor is 'industry's smallest'

ALPS has developed the ‘HSFPAR Series’ Force Sensor, suitable for force sensing in input devices and posture control in industrial equipment and robots, using MEMS technology to achieve the industry’s smallest size. Mass production is already underway. Demand for high-precision pen-shaped input devices (stylus pens) has been growing recently with the rising popularity of digital drawing and painting.

9th July 2015
Actuator targets smartphone camera modules

ALPS has developed the ATMJ1ZX7 series bi-direction type autofocus actuator for cameras for integration into smartphone camera modules. The product drives large-diameter lenses and realises low power consumption. Mass production is already underway.

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10th June 2015
ALPS to exhibit at Sensors Expo & Conference

ALPS Electric will be exhibiting at the Sensors Expo & Conference to be held at the Long Beach Convention Center from 9th to 11th June, 2015. The Sensors Expo & Conference is the leading event in the United States focusing exclusively on sensors and sensor-integrated systems.

24th February 2015
Compact spring contact suits smartphones & wearables

ALPS has developed a spring contact (micro clip) with the industry’s smallest dimensions, suitable for integration into smartphones, wearable computers and other compact mobile devices. A spring contact is a component that uses physical pressure to create an electrical connection between PCBs or between PCB and device.

26th January 2015
Bluetooth/WLAN module enhances in-car connectivity

Designed for wireless connection between automotive equipment, such as car navigation systems and mobile devices, ALPS has introduced the UGZZF series. The Bluetooth/WLAN 'all in one' modules incorporate a Bluetooth stack, negating the need to attain Bluetooth SIG or regional radio certification, and a WLAN driver to enable WiFi connections without burdening the host CPU.

8th December 2014
TACT switch suits keyless entry & car audio systems

ALPS has announced that the SKTH series TACT switch is suitable for use in automotive electronics such as keyless entry systems and car audio systems, as well as home appliances, PCs and other consumer electronics. The switch series is available with an operating force of 1.4 or 3N and a stem length of 1.8 or 2.5mm.

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29th October 2014
Rich product variety gets electronica showcase

ALPS Electric Europe will promote its technologies for the Automotive, Healthcare, Industrial and Environment & Energy markets at electronica in Munich (Nov 11-14). A wide variety of products will be showcased covering an ever widening range of applications relating to Connectivity, Sensors, Human Machine Interface and "Green Devices".

14th October 2014
Inductors enable longer mobile device display operation

Suitable for power supply circuits of mobile device displays, the GLCLK and GLCLM power inductors have been released by ALPS Green Devices. The power inductors are suitable for mobile devices including smartphones, tablets and digital cameras. As displays become larger and CPUs faster, mobile devices are expected to consume more electricity.

18th September 2014
High-speed automotive LTE module is world's smallest

Supporting 2G, 3G and LTE, ALPS ELECTRIC EUROPE has decided to market its UMDZ series LTE data communication module for automotive applications. Claimed by ALPS to be the world’s smallest module for automotive use, the 28.9x29.8x4.22mm device is suited for use in Europe, North America, China and Japan.

6th August 2014
TACT switch promotes a comfortable cabin environment

Designed for in-vehicle cabin controls, the SKST Series TACT switch has been introduced by ALPS ELECTRIC EUROPE. With mass production already underway, the switch fulfils the tough conditions of the vehicle cabin environment with a 4N operating force and an operating life of 500,000 cycles.

3rd June 2014
Switches target smartphone and mobile device market

A family of IP67-rated switches has been extended in response to smartphone and mobile device demand for smaller and thinner electronic components. ALPS ELECTRIC EUROPE's SKTD Series of side push TACT switches fulfil these mobile device demands as the height of the switch above the PCB is restricted to 1.55mm. 

2nd June 2014
Double-action TACT switch suited for mobile devices

Suitable for embedding in smartphones, wearable electronics, digital cameras and other electronic devices, ALPS ELECTRIC EUROPE unveils the IP67-rated SKTC series double-action TACT switch. According to the manufacturer, the series boasts the industry’s smallest dimensions for a double-action type of 3.40x2.20x0.62mm.

28th April 2014
Capacitive digital humidity sensor for smartphones

  Suited for embedding in smartphones and other mobile devices, the HSHCAL series digital humidity sensor has been announced by ALPS Electric. The manufacturer has claimed that the capacitive digital humidity sensor delivers digital output and features the world’s smallest mounting area of 2.0x2.0mm.

25th April 2014
Mass production announced for digital pressure sensor series

Designed for embedding in smartphones and other mobile devices, the HSPPAD Series digital pressure sensor has been launched by ALPS Electric. Mass production commenced in April 2014. Today’s mobile devices and home appliances contain a large number of sensors. Used, for example, to detect the status of doors and lids, as well as environmental characteristics such as direction, illumination, air pressure and humidity, sensors enhan...

8th April 2014
Touchpad passes Microsoft Precision Touchpad certification

ALPS Electric and Cirque Corporation, the original developer of capacitive sensing technology, have announced that their GlidePoint Trackpad has passed Microsoft Precision Touchpad (PTP) certification. As technology partners, Cirque and ALPS have worked closely with Microsoft Corp. to bring about this latest touchpad solution which enables customers to take advantage of the newest touchpad features available in Windows 8.1.

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26th March 2014
Module is able to receive signals from multiple GNSS

Designed specifically for automotive use, the UMSZ2 Series is a multi GNSS module providing support for multiple satellite positioning systems with a single module. The series, from ALPS Electric, will be made available from April 2014.

16th September 2013
Magnetic rotary sensors for angle detection

ALPS has developed the “RDCC0 Series” rotary sensor for angle detection in devices such as foot controllers (pedals). Foot controllers for products like sewing machines, musical instruments and amusement machines need to be able to accurately determine the angle of the pressed pedal. Mass production commenced in August 2013.

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