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Test & Measurement
5th February 2020
RF signal generator with built in complex modulation

The TGR2051 and TGR2053 are the next generation of RF signal generator from Aim-TTi, they offer performance and improved functionality with touch screen operation. The high-performance RF generators provide high frequency accuracy and stability, high signal purity with excellent phase noise, output power levels of -127dBm to +13dBm, as well as flexible analogue and digital modulation capabilities.

8th May 2017
AC/DC power source delivers up to 22.5kVA

A 22.5kVA unit has been added to its California Instruments MX Series II AC/DC Power Sources by AMETEK Programmable Power. The MX22.5 delivers up to 22.5kVA and can be configured to have single-phase or three-phase outputs in AC, DC or AC+DC mode. It is more economical than the California Instruments MX30, while at the same time offers more features and higher output power than the product family’s MX15 model.

Test & Measurement
29th September 2016
Portable digital multimeter offers battery option

The DMM 1908 is a programmable Digital Multimeter from Aim-TTi that offers the accuracy of a 5.5 Digit DMM with the convenience and isolation of battery operation. The battery operation can give more than 35 hours of operation. As well as adding portability to the unit the battery option provides isolation from the mains to aid low level measurement integrity.

Test & Measurement
19th October 2015
RF spectrum analyser can capture 200,000 data points

The PSA Series 5 RF spectrum analysers from Aim-TTi have been enhanced to include high resolution capture of signals over a wide span.  Option U02 now includes an extra facility called Scan Mode. The frequency resolution of a conventional spectrum analyser is defined by the chosen RBW filter.

Test & Measurement
6th November 2014
Triple output power supply has twelve ranges

Aim-TTi has differentiated its laboratory power supply from other triple output power supplies, by having all three outputs with a similar power capability with each providing 0 to 35V at 0 to 3A. Range switching extends the capabilities so that outputs can be set to 16V/6A or 70V/1.5A for maximum versatility.

Test & Measurement
15th June 2014
Hand-held RF spectrum analysers extended to 6GHz

Two new hand-held RF spectrum analysers weighing 560 grams and with a lithium-ion battery providing more than three hours of operation from each charge have been launched by Aim-TTi. Improved specifications mean models in the new series 5 are available in 3.6GHz and 6.0GHz versions and maintain a true handheld format whilst offering bench-top level features. Signal input is via an N-type connector.  

30th April 2014
Dual PSU packs in more power

Aim-TTi has launched a new mid power dual output laboratory power supply based upon their PowerFlex regulation technology.The new CPX200D and CPX200DP models replace the original CPX200 which has become a "standard" product within many labs. across the world. The new models provide up to 360W of total power with each output variable between 60V at 3A and 16V at 10A.

22nd January 2013
RF Spectrum Analyzers are Truly Handheld

Aim-TTi have launched a new series of handheld RF spectrum analyzers, the PSA Series II. Available in 1.3GHz and 2.7GHz versions, the new instruments are smaller, lighter and have longer battery life than other handheld RF products. Whereas a typical “handheld” spectrum analyzer weighs over 2kg (4.4lb) and is considerable wider than a hand width, the PSA Series II weighs only 560 grms (20oz) and is just 9.2cm (3.6”) wide, fitting perfectly ...

Test & Measurement
16th November 2011
RF signal generator sweeps to 6 GHz

The generator has several sweep modes including step sweep and list sweep. In step sweep, the frequency and/or amplitude are stepped between two fixed points using up to 1000 steps which can have a fixed time period or a triggered interval. Sweeps can be linear or logarithmic, up or down.

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