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Test & Measurement
4th March 2010
Aeroflex broadens support for low-cost, high-speed WLAN manufacturing test with new MIMO capability

Aeroflex today introduced support for MIMO (multiple-input/multiple-output) testing capabilities for its PXI 3000 Series manufacturing test system with the introduction of its new PXI 3061 module, a multiport RF combiner. The initial target application for the new module is WLAN IEEE 802.11n device testing.

Test & Measurement
17th February 2010
Aeroflex Delivers TM500 Test Mobile to China Academy of Telecommunications Research for TD-LTE Trials

Aeroflex announced that it has delivered a TM500 Time Division Duplex-Long Term Evolution (TD-LTE) Test Mobile test system to the China Academy of Telecommunications Research (CATR). The TM500 will support CATR’s ongoing TD-LTE technology trials conducted by leading Chinese and international network equipment vendors. The TM500 Test Mobile is installed at the MTNet laboratory in Beijing.

Test & Measurement
11th February 2010
Aeroflex 7100 Digital Radio Test Set Wins 4G Wireless Evolution Product of the Year Award

Technology Marketing Corporation (TMC) has recognized Aeroflex’s contributions to 4G wireless technology with a 4GWE Product of the Year award for the 7100 Digital Radio Test Set. Award recipients represent the most innovative new products brought to market during 2009.

Test & Measurement
9th February 2010
VI Technology, an Aeroflex Company, Develops Test Systems for Second-Generation of Ford SYNCR

VI Technology MMTS for production testing of new and existing components was used in the development of second-generation of Ford's SYNC system. VI Technology MMTS is an automated test system designed to improve productivity for design and test engineers needing analog & digital measurements for audio/video devices.

9th February 2010
Altair Semiconductor and Aeroflex Announce Joint LTE Collaboration

Altair Semiconductor, a 4G chip company developing the world’s most advanced mobile semiconductors for handheld devices, and Aeroflex, the leading global provider of Long Term Evolution (LTE) test equipment, today announced a joint LTE collaboration.

Test & Measurement
9th February 2010
Aeroflex introduces LTE signal fading simulator for affordable, repeatable, reliable profiling of mobile handsets

To speed up real-world testing of mobile handsets for LTE networks ahead of network deployment, Aeroflex is introducing the first one-box test system for cell phone signal fading simulation. Integrated within the 7100 Series digital radio test set, the new fading simulator option offers RF engineers an inexpensive and reliable baseband tool for signal fading profiling, a requirement for LTE (Long Term Evolution) certification.

Test & Measurement
4th February 2010
Aeroflex Launches Multiple Handset Emulation Capability for the De Facto Industry Standard TM500 DC-HSDPA Test Mobile

Aeroflex announced today that its TM500 Test Mobile is the first to market to support multiple UE (user equipment, or handset) emulation in conjunction with measurements for the 3GPP W-CDMA Release 8 DC-HSDPA (Dual Cell High-Speed Download Packet Access) standard.

Test & Measurement
3rd February 2010
Aeroflex's DC to 40 GHz SMART^ET 5300 Reduces Life Cycle Cost of High-performance, High-speed RF and Microwave Testing

For high-performance, high-speed testing of RF and microwave devices, Aeroflex introduces the SMART^E 5300 general-purpose test environment. The DC to 40 GHz SMART^E 5300 is unique in its ability to test, monitor, and control any Device Under Test (DUT) within a single test environment.

Test & Measurement
1st February 2010
Economical Aeroflex 3250 Series spectrum analyzers add 8 GHz tracking generator option

The Aeroflex 3250 Series spectrum analyzers now include an optional 8 GHz tracking generator. Ideal for any kind of bench or lab environment, the new 3250 Series tracking generator has a frequency range of 100 kHz to 8 GHz and a level range from 0 dB down to -20 dB. An adjustable output level, with a setting resolution of 0.5 dB, provides additional flexibility when testing the frequency response and compression characteristics of amplifiers, fil...

18th December 2009
Aeroflex announces expansion of UK product development team

Aeroflex announced today that it plans to expand its product development team in the UK and specific to Scotland and its Donibristle facility. The new staffing campaign has been prompted by the continued growth in the market for test and measurement equipment in the sectors addressed by Aeroflex, which include aerospace, defence, and wireless mobile and broadband communications applications.

Test & Measurement
10th November 2009
Aeroflex launches complete solution for RF parametric test of wireless subsystems, including LTE

Aeroflex announced today the launch of the 7000 Series Vector Analyzer Generator (VAG), a single, fully integrated RF parametric test system for RF test of wireless components and subsystems. The 7000 Series combines both vector signal generation and vector signal analysis in a single box, providing an integrated approach to measurements for complex wireless standards, including LTE. The instrument features an intuitive touch-screen user interfac...

Test & Measurement
14th October 2009
Aeroflex Improves Test Times of RF Communications Devices

Aeroflex has announced it will deliver a non-signaling PXI solution customized for RF production line test of Infineon’s second-generation ultra low-cost mobile phone platform. The solution, based on the Aeroflex PXI 3000 Series, will test Infineon’s second-generation ultra low-cost chipset (X-GOLD 101).

Test & Measurement
12th October 2009
30MHz digital demodulation for Aeroflex 3280A Series Spectrum Analyzers added as standard feature

Aeroflex has announced the 3280A Series spectrum analyzers with 30MHz digital demodulator and generic vector demodulation as standard features with no price increase over its predecessor, the 3280 Series. Digital demodulation in the 3280A Series spectrum analyzers allows engineers to analyse the transmitter characteristics of wireless devices. The 3280A Series includes many optional measurement suites including WiMAX, WLAN, UMTS, CDMA2000, and GS...

Test & Measurement
8th October 2009
China Mobile and Motorola Use Aeroflex TM500 Test Mobile for TD-LTE Demonstrations at Telecom World 2009

Aeroflex has announced that China Mobile Communications Company (CMCC) and Motorola will use Aeroflex’s highly successful TM500 LTE test mobile at International Telecommunications Union’s (ITU) Telecom World 2009 as part of China Mobile’s TD-LTE booth demonstrations.

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