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29th September 2011
Small, Flexible Candlestick Sensor Measures Temperature and Air Velocity

Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc. the MS 1000-CS-WC that can simultaneously measure both temperature and air velocity for characterizing thermal conditions in electronic systems. The MS 1000-CS-WC candlestick-shaped sensor is narrow and low profile to minimize disturbance of heat flow in the test domain. Its flexible, plastic-sleeved stem eases installation and repositioning during the testing process. It has a plastic base to eliminate any poten...

Test & Measurement
8th April 2011
Laboratory Instrument Measures and Records Temperature, Velocity and Pressure at Same Time

Advanced Thermal Solutions, ATS, has released the iQ-200™ thermal analysis system for precisely and simultaneously measuring the temperatures of solid materials and the surrounding air, as well as tracking air velocity and air pressure at multiple points to comprehensively profile heat sinks, components and PCBs.

Test & Measurement
16th July 2010
Instrument System Enables Precise Air Flow and Temperature Testing

Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc. (ATS) has introduced the iTHERM-100 Test Station, a turnkey system of laboratory instruments and sensors for studies that require precise air flow velocity and temperature measurement. Applications include thermal management studies on boards, heat sinks, fans, ATCA cards, and racks.

13th January 2010
Low Profile Heat Sinks Cool Hot Components In Constricted Packages

Advanced Thermal Solutions introduced a line of lower height maxiFLOW heat sinks for cooling ICs and other hot components in narrow packaging and low airflow velocity conditions. The maxiFLOW heat sinks feature a spread fin array that maximizes surface area for more effective convection (air) cooling. Standard sink heights are as low as 9.5 mm.

3rd June 2009
Aavid Thermalloy to Globally Distribute Heat Sink and Attachment Products

Aavid Thermalloy has signed a distribution agreement with Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc., a leader in innovative component cooling solutions. Aavid Thermalloy, with its global customer base and broad network of sales offices, representatives and distributors, will now have access to ATS’ high performance heat sink and attachment technologies to address the cooling of today’s and tomorrow’s electronic devices.

28th April 2009
Clip-On Heat Sink Assembly Improves Thermal Peformance

Advanced Thermal Solutions has announced the introduction of superGRIP, a new two-component, attachment system which quickly and securely mounts heat sinks to a wide range of hot running Ball Grid Array (BGA) components, while using a minimal amount of space on the PCB and eliminating the need to drill holes.

29th August 2007
Catalogue Features 380+ Heat Sinks Available in 24 Hours

Over 380 heat sinks, available for overnight delivery exclusively from Digi-Key, are included in Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc’s (ATS) new Heat Sink Catalogue. Each of the heat sinks within the catalogue is listed with part numbers, dimensions, thermal performance data and pricing.

17th July 2007
Digi-Key and Advanced Thermal Solutions Sign Worldwide Distribution Agreement

Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc. (ATS) has partnered with Digi-Key, the global electronic components distributor, to offer over 380 heat sinks for cooling BGAs and other hot-running semiconductor devices. The heat sinks are available for immediate delivery when purchased through Digi-Key’s Web site and printed catalogs. Design engineers can obtain individual ATS sinks for prototypes and testing, or larger volumes for production requirements. D...

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