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13th November 2019
Ultra-cool heat sink family for high powered devices

Advanced Thermal Solutions, ATS, now provides a family of ultra-high performance heat sinks for cooling high powered CPUs, GPUs, FPGAs and AI processors. This ultra-cool family includes active heat sinks with integral blowers, and passive heat sinks that use available airflow to provide thermal management. 

6th August 2018
Advanced Thermal Solutions, Richardson RFPD ink pact

Advanced Thermal Solutions, a company focused on the thermal management of electronics, and Richardson RFPD have announced a new distribution partnership. The new line of ATS cold plates will be available through Richardson RFPD, adding a reliable, high-performance liquid cooling solution for the distributor’s power electronics customers.

5th June 2017
Heat exchangers maximise transfer from liquid to air

Thermal engineering and manufacturing company focused on the thermal management of electronics, Advanced Thermal Solutions, has announced its new line of tube-to-fin, liquid-to-air heat exchangers, one of an array of liquid cooling products that ATS offers. ATS heat exchangers are made with what the company claim to be the industry’s highest density fins to maximise heat transfer from liquid to air, allowing the liquid to be cooled to ...

Events News
30th November 2016
'Thermal Management of Medical Electronics' webinar to be held by ATS

  On 15th December ATS will host a free, online webinar on 'Thermal Management of Medical Electronics'. The hour-long webinar will begin at 2:00PM ET, and there will be 30 minutes of question and answer time after its completion.

13th April 2016
Heat sinks cool brick DC/DC converters

Advanced Thermal Solutions now provides a family of high performance maxiFLOW heat sinks for cooling DC/DC power converters and power modules. The power brick heat sinks are available for full, half, quarter and one-eighth brick sizes. With proper thermal management, brick DC/DC converters can be used at their maximum operating temperature for optimum performance on PCBs.

10th February 2016
Flexible candlestick sensor measures air temperature & velocity

Advanced Thermal Solutions (ATS) now provides the base-and-stem Candlestick sensor for simultaneously measuring air temperature and velocity when characterising thermal conditions inside electronic systems. The Candlestick sensor is narrow and low profile, in heights of 9, 12 and 20mm. These features minimise the disturbance of airborne heat flow in the test domain for more precise measurements.

20th January 2016
Cool electronic components up to 30% more effectively

  Advanced Thermal Solutions has introduced the QuadFLOW fansink, which uses directed airflow in multiple fin fields to cool electronic components up to 30% more effectively than the liquid cooling methods currently deployed in 1 and 2U commercial servers.

Test & Measurement
14th December 2015
Scanner thermally characterises electronic enclosures

The ATVS-2020 scanner from Advanced Thermal Solutions measures airflow temperature and velocit. It accommodates up to 32 sensors for precise, multi-point field mapping of test domains, including housings and PCB surfaces. The result is a highly accurate thermal characterisation.

29th October 2015
Cast metal heat sinks cool large scale outdoor lighting systems

Advanced Thermal Solutions, ATS, now uses advanced die casting technology to produce heat sinks that cool stadium lighting and other large scale outdoor lighting systems. At the site of the 2015 Super Bowl (XLIX) in Glendale, Arizona, cast metal heat sinks from ATS helped cool the high output LED lighting around the University of Phoenix Stadium.

Materials and Fastening
29th May 2015
Heatsink clips save time, cost & PCB real estate

Advanced Thermal Solutions has introduced clipKIT, a heat sink attachment system available exclusively from Digi-Key that can be used with most industry standard, off the shelf straight fin, pin fin, cross cut or slant fin heat sinks. The system improves on heat sink performance in thermal transfer, and vibration and shock resistance.

11th March 2015
Zipper fin heat sinks offer lightweight performance

Advanced Thermal Solutions' Zipper Fin heat sinks protect components from the dangers of excess heat, at low cost. Zipper fins are machined from thin sheet metal, typically aluminium or copper, and are formed into custom shapes. The sheets are designed to interlock with a narrow space between their layers. The fin assembly is wave soldered to a metal base, forming a rigid, light heat sink.

3rd December 2014
Push pin-mounted heat sinks provide 108,000 configurations

The widest choice of push pin-mounted heat sinks for cooling BGAs and other hot components is being offered by Advanced Thermal Solutions (ATS), which provides 108,000 possible configurations. The company offers more than 200 heat sinks with push pin mounting. Geometries include straight fin, cross-cut, and ATS maxiFLOW spread fin geometries.

7th October 2014
Chillers and Heat Exchangers Enhance Looped Liquid Electronics Cooling

ATS has introduced a series of portable Chiller Systems and liquid-to-air Heat Exchangers for controlling fluid temperatures in looped liquid cooling systems.

Test & Measurement
2nd July 2014
Hand-held anemometer runs on 9V battery

The newly-released ATS-0345 portable vane anemometer from Advanced Thermal Solutions measures air flow speed, volumetric flow rate, and temperature. The hand-held anemometer provides precise measurements for automotive, aerospace and HVAC studies, fume hoods, air ducts, wind tunnels, and marine applications.

Test & Measurement
2nd May 2014
Instrument captures thermal data to profile PCBs, heat sinks

The iQ-200 instrument measures the temperatures of solid materials and surrounding air, while also tracking air velocity and air pressure. Measurements are taken simultaneously at multiple points to accurately profile heat sinks, PCBs and card racks for testing and characterisation. Developed by Advanced Thermal Solutions, (ATS), the laboratory-grade instrument simultaneously captures thermal data from up to 12 thermocouples which can be J, K, T ...

20th November 2013
Cooling made easy with Star LED heat sinks

The series of Star LED heat sinks has been expanded by Advanced Thermal Solutions. Designed for convection cooling of high heat flux LEDs, each of the 32 heat sinks provides enhanced heat transfer for effective LED cooling without fans or blowers. Cooling performance reaches more than 60 K (∆Ths-ambient) at 50.0 W of power dissipation, depending on model.

8th August 2013
Precise fan speed management with ATS Airflow Controller

Advanced Thermal Solutions has today announced the launch of the new FSC-200 Fan Speed Controller, providing precise management of fan speeds during thermal management studies of electronic devices. Featuring ATS stageSPEED software, the FSC-200 allows the use of a PC to incrementally control the speed of fan and fan trays from 0 to 100% of their maximum power.

24th April 2013
Choice of maxiGRIP Heat Sink Attachment Systems is Expanded by ATS

Advanced Thermal Solutions has added to its line of maxiGRIP attachment systems for fast, secure mounting of heat sinks to flip chips, BGAs and other hot PCB components. More than 200 variations of maxiGRIP are now available for use on a wide variety of IC packages.

Test & Measurement
5th September 2012
Closed Loop Wind Tunnel from Advanced Thermal Solutions

Advanced Thermal Solutions have today announced the release of the new CLWT-115 research quality, closed loop wind tunnel from Advanced Thermal Solutions provides an accurate and convenient system for thermally characterizing PCBs, heat sinks and components at controlled temperatures from ambient to 85°C (185°F).

4th January 2012
New iPhone App Helps Optimize Heat Sinks to Cooling Needs

Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc., has developed a heat sink design calculator, as an iPhone app, that identifies the proper heat sinks to solve most component-level cooling issues. The app allows engineers to input the essential specs and then research online for heat sinks that fit their requirements.

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