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17th April 2018
BMS solution integrates IoT at Grenoble Alpes University Hospital

Within IoT technologies, two big recognised players are integrating its solutions to achieve unprecedented IoT equipment integration with an existing Building Management System (BMS) using LoRaWAN technology at the heart. The Grenoble Alpes University Hospital´s technical teams wanted to be able to instrument and control various equipment quickly, inexpensively and without cabling (Ethernet and power). 

20th January 2014
Wireless products expand RF portfolio

Three new products, the AMR Wireless M-Bus / GPRS Gateway, ARF51 Wireless Digital I/O Module and the ARF51-PRO Wireless Digital + Analog I/O Module has been announced by Adeunis RF.

16th December 2013
USB dongle transmits and receives in Wireless M-Bus format

Developed to facilitate transmission and reception of radio frames in the Wireless M-Bus format, the USB Dongle from ADEUNIS RF is a ready-to-use system and compatible with the EN 13757-4: 2005 standard.  

14th June 2012
New generation of M-bus Wireless modules

ADEUNIS RF has developed a compact and high performance WMBUS module, incorporating an M-Bus software stack and an applications layer with counter and gateway profiles. Thanks to its unrivalled performance (-117dBm RF sensitivity / 131dBm radio power), our M-Bus Wireless module can be used to create a bidirectional digital link over distances up to 1000m.

14th June 2012
New starter-kits for ADEUNIS RF modules

In order to complete its OEM range, ADEUNIS RF has developed new starter-kits for the following modules based on a Raisonance Open 4 platform: TWIMO modules, Wireless M-Bus modules and Bluetooth modules.

14th June 2012
Regulatory excellence for ADEUNIS RF products

We have always felt it was particularly important to design products using the latest technology and in the strictest compliance with regulations and standards. For this purpose, before they are brought to the market, all our products are:

16th November 2011
ADEUNIS RF radio links at the service of energy efficiency

The new environment Grenelle 2012 Thermal Regulation requires new standards in terms of energy efficiency from the actors concerned. Approached by the latter, ADEUNIS RF is providing the radio component for different projects such as controlling urban heating, energy management in buildings and the energy efficiency of data centres.

19th October 2011
New functionalities implemented in the X3-PRO range

ADEUNIS RF is happy to announce the implementation of new functionalities in the products in its X3-PRO radio modem range. Launched last May, this new homogeneous, interoperable and communicating range of X3-PRO modems permits bidirectional half-duplex Wireless data transmission over ranges of from 200m to 25 km.

3rd October 2011
ADEUNIS RF launches a range of TWIMO Wireless M-Bus modules

TWIMO Wireless M-Bus is a range of high performance radio modules (-117dBm), that provides a bi-directional digital link over a distance of 1000m, between all types of equipment such as meters, concentrators and mobile data input systems.

7th April 2011
Partnership between MC Technologies GmbH & ADEUNIS RF

ADEUNIS RF announces that it has signed an agreement with MC TECHNOLOGIES GmbH to distribute its RF Modules and Stand-Alone Wireless products in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

22nd March 2011
ADEUNIS RF is exhibiting AT DECIELEC Embedded System

ADEUNIS RF is pleased to announce its participation at the DECIELEC 2011 exhibition. This Trade Fair is being held at the Exhibition Centre in Tarbes, on 6 and 7 April.

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