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Acal BFi partner with OriginGPS

Acal BFi has joined forces with OriginGPS to bring to market two Multi-GNSS modules: the Multi Micro Spider (ORG4033-MK04) and Multi Micro Hornet (ORG1510MK-04). These fully integrated modules boast outstanding performance, signal sensitivity and power efficiency in an ultra-small form factor.
8th April 2016

Tronics pact strengthens Acal BFi sensors offering

Acal BFi has signed a new pan-European distribution agreement with Tronics Microsystems Acal BFi will be exclusively distributing Tronics Microsystems GYPRO high performance MEMS inertial sensors to the European markets. Tronics Microsystems is an independent European supplier of high performance inertial products.
22nd March 2016

Pressure sensors suit medical applications

Pressure sensors suit medical applications
The new ABP series of basic amplified board mount pressure sensors from Honeywell have been launched on to the European market by Acal BFi. Boasting high performance and reliability in a compact package, the sensor series provides the industry’s smallest, compensated, amplified pressure sensor in its class at 8mm x 7mm x 3mm.
17th September 2015

Video gaming meets drones

Video gaming meets drones
Acal BFi have designed-in the Nano Hornet module from OriginGPS into the world’s first smartphone controlled gaming drone line by TobyRich. By working with Acal BFi to integrate the Nano Hornet, TobyRich was able to design a smaller, sleeker form factor for its innovative drones while extending the range and enhancing directional capabilities.
27th August 2015

GPS module suits smart watches, wearable devices

GPS module suits smart watches, wearable devices
Claimed to be the world’s smallest GPS module, the NanoSpider from OriginGPS is now being made avauilable in Europe by distributor Acal BFi. The NanoSpider is a fully integrated, highly sensitive GPS receiver module. Measuring 4.1 x 4.1 x 2.1mm and with minimal power consumption, it is ideal for smart watches, wearable devices, trackers, and digital cameras.
18th August 2015

Imaging solutions find focus in Europe

Imaging solutions find focus in Europe
Acal BFI has completed a new European distribution agreement with PixeLINK, to include UK, Ireland, Germany, Benelux, Italy, Spain and the Nordic region. PixeLINK develops and manufactures of off-the-shelf, OEM, and custom industrial imaging solutions.
29th June 2015

Acal BFi, SynQor tie the knot in Europe

Acal BFi, SynQor tie the knot in Europe
Acal BFi and SynQor have signed a channel partner agreement in Europe to include UK, Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg and Italy. SynQor is a supplier of high-efficiency, high-reliability power conversion solutions, designing, engineering and manufacturing all of its products in the USA.
3rd June 2015

Three sensors combined in one package

Three sensors combined in one package
Acal BFi is bringing the new BME280 integrated Environmental Unit from Bosch Sensortec to the European market. Combining three sensors in one miniature package – humidity, pressure and temperature, the unique sensor has a response time of less than a second for humidity determination, excellent ambient temperature measurement and low energy consumption.
8th March 2015

Charged plate monitor upgrades ESD programme

Charged plate monitor upgrades ESD programme
Acal BFi has helped RS Components develop its latest electrostatic discharge control programme. To demonstrate its commitment to ESD control, RS maintains certification to ANSI/ESD S20.20, a standard developed by the ESD Association to satisfy the global need in the electronics industry for technically sound ESD control programmes.
13th January 2015

Three-in-one sensor packs in giro, accelerometer and tilt

Three-in-one sensor packs in giro, accelerometer and tilt
New to the European market, and available from Acal BFi, is the BNO055 9-axis sensor fusion from Bosch Sensortec. Providing three sensors in one miniature package – giro, accelerometer and tilt, the sensor meets applications in navigation, augmented reality, robotics, gaming, context awareness and fitness and wellbeing.
29th September 2014

Acal BFi, Sangshin broaden sensor agreement

Acal BFi, Sangshin broaden sensor agreement
Acal BFi has extended its pan-European relationship with Sangshin Elecom to include the company’s miniature range of resistive and capacitive humidity sensors. Sangshin’s miniature humidity sensors combine exceptional accuracy and high quality with excellent value and can be used for a wide range of applications, including HVAC, medical, industrial, building and clean room uses.
3rd September 2014

Films target European lighting and display markets

The European photonics, lighting and display markets are targets for a range of light directing and brightness enhancing films from Luminit. The Directional Turning Film (DTF) transforms an image from a flat panel display to a display with an optimum viewing angle by using a linear asymmetrical prismatic structure to angle the image 20 degrees in any direction.
14th July 2014

Acal BFi Appoints Marc Lafferty As UK Managing Director

Acal BFi Appoints Marc Lafferty As UK Managing Director
Acal BFi has today announced the appointment of Marc Lafferty as Managing Director of Acal BFi UK. In addition to a Masters Degrees in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and Business Administration, Lafferty brings many years of hands-on experience in engineering as well as in sales and marketing for international electronics and engineering companies.
14th January 2013

Acal BFi est la première à proposer à ses clients européens des échantillons du plus petit serveur de périphériques embarqué au monde

Acal BFi annonce les premiers échantillons du plus petit serveur embarqué au monde : le xPico. Ce module de la taille d’une puce intègre une application serveur de périphérique embarquée, un serveur web et une pile IP complète, ainsi les OEM peuvent ajouter de la connexion Ethernet à quasiment tous les périphériques ayant une interface série. Le module a un encombrement de seulement 24 mm x 16,5 mm et supporte l’intégration rapide de solutions réseaux compactes et robustes sans développement logiciel et avec un minimum d’ingénierie.
16th May 2012

Overview of the Emerson Network Power iVPX7220/3 range

his video from Acal BFi gives an overview of the new 6U iVPX7220 and compact 3U iVPX7223 from Emerson Network Power- rugged high-performance embedded computing boards based on 2.2GHz Intel Core i7 processors with integrated memory controller.
20th March 2012

Overview of the Emerson Network Power MVME7100 /4100 single-board computers

This video from Acal BFi gives an overview of the new MVME7100 from Emerson Network Power -a rugged general-purpose VME board that delivers high performance processing power to applications such as industrial, medical and aerospace.
20th March 2012

Importance of the new Emerson Network Power COM Express modules

This video interview from Acal BFi discusses the benefits of the new COM Express communications modules from Emerson Network Power and explains why these boards are so important for the communications market. The new family of modules are physically compatible to the COM Express standard, but are based upon the Freescale QorIQ processors. These devices are hugely important to communications companies who have been using PowerQUICC for years and want to move to a processor that provides much more horsepower, but keeps the same level of integration.
20th March 2012

Benefits of the Emerson Network Power RapiDex service

This video interview from Acal BFi discusses the new RapiDex service from Emerson Network Power which uses a modular approach to embedded motherboard, COM and carrier board customisation. RapiDex is a fast board customization service that allows customers to exactly specify the Intel embedded processor, I/O, connectors and other options within a standard or custom board form factor. The interview explains how the new service avoids some of the limitations of traditional custom board programmes.
20th March 2012

Acal BFi assure la continuité de l’approvisionnement en SRAM Synchrone haute vitesse

Acal BFi, - une filiale d’Acal plc – annonce la disponibilité d’une alternative pour les Fast Synchronous SRAM (FSS) rendu obsolètes suite au retrait de Samsung du marché FSS. Cette seconde source permettra aux OEM et CEM de ne pas risquer une rupture d’apprivoisement. De plus, ils bénéficieront de performances système améliorées, de délais de livraison plus courts et d’échantillonnage rapide.
17th January 2012

Acal BFi invites engineers to challenge the new GE Wolverine III PC

Acal BFi invites engineers to challenge the new GE Wolverine III PC
Acal BFi announces that it is inviting companies operating in hazardous environments, such as oil and gas exploration and drilling, to challenge the next-generation Wolverine III flat-panel computer against their toughest operating conditions. The Acal BFi Demo Challenges will take place at customer locations throughout January-March 2012 and will allow customers to test the Wolverine III’s ability to withstand salt, spray, dust, shock, vibration and extremes of temperature.
11th January 2012

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