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Aerospace & Defence
19th May 2017
Wickless pulsating heatpipe systems in space

Developed by Aavid Thermalloy´s Italian Design Centre in conjunction with the European Space Agency, REXUS Pulsating Heatpipe System has been launched from the Esrange Space Centre in Kiruna, North Sweden. It´s one of two prototypes manufactured for the INWIP Project (Innovative Wickless Heat Pipe Systems) in order to study the behaviour of a Pulsating Heatpipe System in micro-gravity conditions.

28th March 2017
Thermal design services for advanced applications

  The thermal management of high-power electronics systems can often be accomplished by using standard heat sinks or liquid cold plates.

11th May 2016
Liquid cooling meets the needs of the electronics sector

A growing challenge for the electronics industry is to cool electronics with increasingly higher heat density in reduced spaces, but at the same time, improve performance. Now, a range of standard and customisable products have been introduced by Aavid Thermalloy to solve these problems.

20th March 2015
Design enhances LED bulb thermal management

  Adriana Druma, Aavid, describes how design enhancement and an innovative production process can improve thermal management in LED light bulbs.

13th February 2015
Intelligent liquid cooling optimises thermal management

HydroSink from Aavid Thermalloy is an intelligent Liquid Cooling System, aiming to replace existing existing air cooled systems. In comparison to traditional air cooling systems, Aavid says that HydroSink reduces cost due to the three advantages of compactness, high-reliability and optimised thermal performance.

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