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LCD Controller supports Mobile Video Revolution

LCD Controller supports Mobile Video Revolution
As one of the worlds largest producers of LCD controllers and displays for the mobile phone market, Epson has developed the S1D13710 and S1D13712 LCD-controllers.These devices have been designed to meet the demands of portable products requiring Digital Video, such as Mobile Communications devices offering the latest multimedia messaging services (MMS) and Palm-size PCs. These devices can now be supplied by 2001 Electronic Components.
2nd November 2009

Intelligent Network Controller with Built-in TCP/IP Developed for Home Networking

Intelligent Network Controller with Built-in TCP/IP Developed for Home Networking
In response to the emerging network enabled home appliance market as well as the support the increasing number of internet connected industrial products, EPSON Electronics has developed the S1S60000 single-chip network controller. Available from 2001 Electronic Components, the S1S60000 incorporates all of the protocol stack functions and other elements needed to connect household and industrial appliances to a network As protocols required for TCP/IP connectivitiy are processed internally, only simple commands and data need to be sent from the host microcontroller in order to enable TCP/IP communication.
2nd November 2009

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