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Component Management
25th March 2015
Graphene fabrication process enables consistent quality

Helping industry unlock graphene’s potential, 2-DTech has made advances in the fabrication of graphene products using Chemical Vapour Deposition (CVD) techniques. Thanks to its CVD chambers and associated hardware, along with its team of experienced technical staff, the company is now able to deliver high-quality polycrystalline graphene films.

19th March 2015
Shaping the future of solar

  Graphene has the potential to influence many areas of technology, not least of all the future of solar cell design. By Dr Craig P. Dawson, 2-DTech.

19th February 2015
Grant aids research into graphene as an anti-corrosive

Helping industry unlock graphene’s potential, 2-DTech has embarked upon research which it says could have a huge impact on the effectiveness of electronics in industry. 2-DTech, a spin-off from the University of Manchester (where graphene was first isolated), has secured a £100,000 Innovate UK grant to finance a long term project, aiming to find ways to improve anti-corrosive coatings by incorporating graphene.

12th December 2014
Grant enables graphene solar cell research project

  To enable a research project relating to graphene being integrated into solid state dye-sensitised solar cells, InnovateUK has awarded 2-Dtech a grant worth £98,000. 2-Dtech is partnering with solar technology specialist Dyesol to carry out this project. 

Component Management
28th November 2014
Collaboration promises to accelerate graphene research

In order to proactively seek out opportunities for the deployment of graphene, 2-DTech has developed a progressively closer relationship with the University of Manchester. The two parties have signed a memorandum of understanding that will see them sharing their respective resources and expertise, as well as the cross-pollination of ideas.

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