Harting Features Connectivity Solutions For Stage And Event Systems

18th August 2010
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Harting Features Connectivity Solutions For Stage And Event Systems
At the PLASA 2010 Entertainment Technology Exhibition, HARTING is featuring its range of connectivity solutions specially tailored to communication and control applications in lighting, sound and automation systems for the theatre, concert and indoor/outdoor event sectors. In addition to new additions to its industrial connector family, HARTING is also featuring a new Ethernet-based switching technology known as Fast Track Switching.
A key product range being featured is the HARTING Han family of heavy-duty connectors, which are increasingly being used on concert stages and in theatres. At PLASA, two new products within the Han family are being introduced: the Han-Yellock industrial connector series and the Han-Eco range of high-quality plastic connector housings.

The new Han-Yellock(R) connector series incorporates a number of features that make it ideally suited to use in stage automation, concert lighting and power distribution systems. In addition to offering an IP67 mated degree of protection, the connector features an integrated ‘seat-belt’ style latched
locking mechanism that ensures damage limitation under harsh handling conditions. The new connector also allows single-handed mating or unmating, making it ideal for fitting in awkward access areas - often the case for theatre installations.

The locking facility is a key function of the Han-Yellock(R) connector. When locked, the connection is resistant to vibration and shock. When unmated, a red ring is visible around the perimeter of the locking pushbutton. When fully mated, this ring disappears as soon as the internally protected stainless-steel springs snap into place, providing audible and visual user feedback. To prevent accidental opening of the connector, it can be double-locked by rotating the pushbutton through 90°. The combined hood and carrier-hood design allows cable assemblies to be pulled easily through theatre installation cable trays or trunking.

Two different insert designs are possible. The Han-Yellock(R) contact module system offers up to three 5-way, finger-proof 20 A rated male crimp contact inserts, which simply snap into place from the mating or termination side of the hood or housing, resulting in reduced installation cost from pre-wired assembly on the cabinet side. Separate pre-loaded back-to-back female moulded contact elements (multipliers) provide through mating. The multipliers are also available as bridges in various formats to provide power bus functionality.

User benefits include shorter wiring time with termination of male-only crimp contacts and thus lower inventory requirements. User safety is ensured with finger-safe designed inserts and a housing integrated crimp or QuickLock termination protected earth (PE) contact that is located in the PE
contact chamber. On the hood or free cable side these modules are recessed, thus preventing insert damage when they are disconnected.

The other insert option provides a front or rear snap-in adaptor frame which facilitates modules from HARTING's popular Han-Modular(R) series. This allows a mixture of data control and power signals within the Han-Yellock(R) connector, enabling it to be used in applications such as winch controllers
in theatre automation systems for scenery fly-bar or fly-by-wire controls.

The new Han-Eco(R) series from HARTING is a range of lightweight rugged plastic IP65 connector hoods and housings which are ideally suited to the requirements of theatre and concert tour operators. The new devices can help to minimise the weight of flight-case or light-bar mounted lighting dimmers
as well as truss-mounted hoist controllers and automation systems for theatre and concert touring.

Key features of the Han-Eco(R) Series include inserts that accommodate tool-free, snap-in, rear-mounting modules from HARTING’s Han-Modular(R) series fitting into front or rear mounting adaptor frames. The extensive range of modules available provides a high degree of flexibility by allowing
connectors to be assembled to handle data, control, power, fibre-optic, coaxial and pneumatic signals. A separate PE module provides the necessary full grounding and finger-safe user protection for the mated system.

Han-Eco(R) also features an improved hood body design that protects the free-cable end harness lever locking pegs from damage under harsh handling conditions. The housing panel cutouts are identical to those of the recognised industry standard HARTING Han(R) B series. The anti-reflective black finish can be a particular benefit for on-stage application areas where equipment has to be as inconspicuous as possible.

The HARTING Han-Modular(R) series of industrial connector inserts allows event installers to create high-density connectivity and cabling solutions with total signal handling flexibility - including audio, video, communications, data and power - in a range of rugged IP65/67 hoods and housings suitable for harsh handling conditions. Multiple contact style modules can be mixed to suit particular needs. Multi-pin modules can support analogue and digital audio transfer. Various coaxial modules can handle SDI and HD-SDI video. A full range of power modules allows current handling from a few amperes through to 100 A. RJ45 data modules allow Cat. 510/100 Mbit/s or Cat. 6e 1 Gbit/s Ethernet transfer via HARTING patch leads. The integrated screening design of the Han(R) Gigabit Ethernet module allows secure signal and power modules to be densely packed in a single housing. For optimum signal screening and increased transmission distances, HARTING also offers SC fibre-optic modules.

The optional HARTING hoods and housings accommodating such inserts include the Han(R) B series with rugged Han-Easy Lock(R) levers with versions available in anti-reflective black finish. A Han(R) Easy hood design allows side access for easier wiring. The innovative Han-Yellock(R) design allows single-handed push button mating: particularly useful for connections made in awkward access areas. The Han-Eco® series provides a lightweight but robust package, ideal for portable equipment.

All these products feature a first-mate/last-break ground mating condition. A range of cable glands is available; alternatively, threaded entry areas can accommodate standard conduit fittings to maintain IP65 protection if separate mixed cables are used.

Fast Track Switching is an innovative new Ethernet-based switching technology developed by HARTING that is ideally suited to communication and control of theatre, concert and indoor/outdoor event automation systems.

Ethernet is now the adopted networking standard for automation and the theatre environment is no exception. Applications include networked controls for hoists and other stage machinery.

Unlike alternative proprietary Ethernet protocol approaches which use modified versions of the Ethernet standard compatible with the requirements of different industries, Fast Track Switching is totally based on standard Ethernet, but adds a new switching method to ensure that industry-specific
requirements on performance and determinism are fully met.

Many existing theatre and concert applications use one Etheret system operating as a general-purpose IT network passing control and status information between managers’ consoles and ‘field’ based controllers. Typically, a second automation network connects the control centres to the actual units being controlled. With Fast Track Switching technology, these two separate networks could be combined into a single network with prioritisation of the automation-related messages: a concept known as ‘Automation IT’. The result is improved network configuration and reduced system installed costs.

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