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PC/104 and PC/104-Plus connectors from In2Connect

At the beginning of the 90s the demand for electronic goods such as PCs was huge in all sectors. The performance of the embedded microcomputer application grew rapidly, as did, unfortunately, the problem of creating a low-cost connection between two motherboards. Industry had to find a way to connect at least two motherboards together without needing to use a card cage or a backplane. In addition, the components had also to be easily separated or replaced at any time.
4th June 2008

High density backplane connector family available from TTI

High density backplane connector family available from TTI
TTI, Inc has announced the Tyco Z-PACK TinMan Backplane Connector family, a cost-effective solution for customers searching for a high density, high performance backplane interconnect system. The Z-PACK TinMan connector design offers a fully protected right-angle receptacle for use on daughter cards where handling damage can be a concern when mating to a vertical male header.
2nd January 2008

Molex Signs Amphenol as Second-Source for Backplane Interconnect Family

Molex Signs Amphenol as Second-Source for Backplane Interconnect Family
Molex and Amphenol TCS (ATCS) have signed a cross license / second-source licensing agreement that gives ATCS the right to manufacture, market and sell the I-Trac Backplane Connector System worldwide. Molex is pleased to announce this latest development in the Molex-ATCS relationship,” said Martin Slark, Chief Executive Officer of Molex. “The technology behind our I-Trac design offers users unmatched versatility and performance. By partnering with ATCS we will be able to expand the availability of this leading technology throughout the industry.”
10th November 2007

Tern Microcontroller Boards available online

Great Western Microsystems has announced the availability of the complete range of Tern Microcontroller Boards from it’s new Online store – The Debug Store. Tern Microcontroller boards can now be ordered on-line complete with a wide range of available options for each board. In addition, complete Development Toolsets based on the industry standard Paradigm C/C++ development system can also be purchased, specifically customised for the Tern x86-based hardware.
5th October 2007

Jennic BOMs cost for ZigBee/IEEE802.15.4 reference designs to under US$5

Jennic says it has achieved a new price point for ZigBee and IEEE 802.15.4 nodes with the introduction of a low-cost reference design for its JN5139 wireless microcontroller which reduces the volume bill of materials (BOM) cost of modules for wireless sensor networks to well under $5. This includes the cost of the Jennic JN5139 wireless microcontroller, a high performance PCB antenna design, and all other ancillary components.
28th March 2007

Low-cost development package for NXP (Philips) LPC range of ARM processors

Low-cost development package for NXP (Philips) LPC range of ARM processors
A complete low-cost development package for the NXP (Philips) LPC range of ARM processors, consisting of an evaluation and experimental board, a GCC compiler, a JTAG interface, an IDE and debugger, as well as a host of application examples, is now available from Computer Solutions.
8th March 2007

Low-cost ColdFire development board with integral GCC compiler

Low-cost ColdFire development board with integral GCC compiler
The P&E DEV5213CF development board, now available from Computer Solutions, is an ideal low-cost evaluation kit for developers of projects using the ColdFire MCF5213 processor. Despite the low cost of only £80, the board comes complete with a development package including a GCC compiler, making it equally useful as a development platform or as an introduction to any ColdFire processor or to the GCC compiler.
8th March 2007

Making more space for noise suppression

Making more space for noise suppression
For applications where space is at a premium, but high performance EMI filtering is just as critical, Murata has announced the SMD BNX022, the latest addition to its comprehensive EMIFIL range of noise suppression products.
29th November 2005

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