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From 3D printing to lithography

From 3D printing to lithography
TI DLP Products is reinforcing its reputation in imaging technology with the release of the DLP9500UV chipset. The latest addition to its portfolio features the highest resolution UV DLP chip to quickly expose and cure photosensitive materials in industrial and medical imaging applications.
28th August 2015

ECU consolidation in practice

By Georg Doll, General Manager of automotive solutions at Wind River, an Intel company The number of ECUs you’ll find in even the most standard of car models is staggering. There has long been a drive to consolidate ECUs but it is not just the number of them that is the challenge. The complexity of new functions such as adaptive cruise control, blind spot detection and hill start assist further complicate the software development and testing process. There is also an increasing appreciation and adoption of safety standards for the functional aspects of software used for some of these functions. ECUs used for different functions may way have different Automotive Safety Integrity Levels and ISO 26262 requirements compared to other ECUs; this can be a major consideration when reviewing the potential of consolidating two or more ECUs. Having a separate ECU for each function also allows it to maintain its own criteria regarding dynamic behaviour, security and functional safety requirements. Needless to say, testing and debugging more complex ECU environments will bring certification challenges.
19th August 2015

Engineering is no longer a man's world

Women’s roles throughout history have varied dramatically from one civilisation to the next. For Britain, the sharply defined domestic role of women lay relatively untouched from the Middle Ages right through to the end of the Victorian era. But when we look further into history, gender roles were not so sharply defined. Here, Amy Wells, Business Development Manager, Electroustic, compares unusual roles women have played in the past with the current struggle to get more women into science and engineering.
12th August 2015

Remote monitoring on cathodic protecion

Remote monitoring on cathodic protecion
Often dubbed the inconspicuous killer, rust costs the global economy $2.2 trillion dollars every year. It accounts for anywhere between 3.5 to 4.5% of gross domestic product and is responsible for the structural failure of steel frames around the world. From bridges and cars, transcontinental and marine pipelines, to industrial machinery, tools and parts, rust contributes significantly to plant downtime the world over.
11th August 2015

Is it time to ditch the CV?

High rates of youth unemployment have created an abundance of available talent for entry-level positions. As a result, hiring managers can be increasingly particular in their requirements, demanding specific credentials and experience in the hunt for the ‘perfect’ candidate, an individual described in recruitment circles as a ‘purple squirrel’. Here, Carl Plant, CEO of, bITjAM, explains why the time has come for recruiters to move beyond the CV. 
10th August 2015

Man or machine?

Man or machine?
Since manufacturers introduced the first robot arms onto assembly lines in the early 1960s, the fear that they will take human jobs has slowly spread. And it's true; many jobs have already been delegated to robots, including assembly, farming, surgery and even vacuuming. Here European Automation's Darren Halford continues the discussion.
5th August 2015

Choosing a wireless protocol for your IoT design

Choosing a wireless protocol for your IoT design
By Nick Pummell, Strategic Business Development at Alpha Micro Components Until recently, the automatic choice for many remotely deployed sensors was a cellular WAN, generally GSM. WAN coverage is almost global via 2.5G, 3G and 4G networks in the licensed radio spectrum from 850 to 2,500MHz. However, global coverage isn’t relevant for all IoT applications. 
21st July 2015

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