Laser 2007.World of Photonics Will Present All Aspects of ‘Light Measurement’

7th May 2007
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Laser 2007.World of Photonics Will Present All Aspects of ‘Light Measurement’
The entire spectrum of light measurement will be on show at LASER 2007. World of Photonics (18 – 21 June 2007 in Munich, Germany). At the new Munich Trade Centre, visitors will get the opportunity to see, inspect and discuss the latest measurement systems from many of the industry’s leading manufacturers. From systems for the analysis of light emitting diodes (LEDs) and other optical components, through instruments for transmission and reflection testing of optical systems and up to measurement platforms for research and development, Laser 2007.World of Photonics will present it all.
LASER 2007. World of Photonics has the theme “Light at Work” this year and continues to be the only event in the World that presents the industry’s entire range of products and applications. As the leading show for the Photonics industry, the fair brings together companies of all sizes from established market leaders to the latest start-up ventures from all segments of the industry to represent the global market. At the last event, there were 1000 exhibitors and over 23,000 visitors.

The entire spectrum of light measurement will be on show from systems for the analysis of light emitting diodes (LEDs) and other optical components, through instruments for transmission and reflection testing of optical systems and up to measurement platforms for research and development. Companies visitors can expect to see include the following:

Carl Zeiss will be represented by three of its business areas: Its Camera Lens division, the Spectral Sensors business unit of Carl Zeiss MicroImaging GmbH and the Jena Service Centre. Carl Zeiss produces a wide variety of technology leading products and systems and many examples will be on display. The Spectral Sensor Systems unit offers a comprehensive range of individual components including spetcral sensors, gratings and spectrometer components including a family of MMS CCD modules which feature high sensitivity, excellent dynamic behavior and a good price/performance ratio. The modules consist of one four-channel and one two-channel instrument, as well as two one-channel instruments. The latter permits selection between high-resolution and high-sensitivity instruments, depending on the application. The modules include a two- dimensional CCD array. The use of an array detector enables automatic dark current correction during the measurement as the measuring signal is not imaged onto the entire detector area. The non-illuminated part is then available for dark current measurement. A USB 2.0 interface ensures easy connection to a computer.

Laser Components is a global business specialising in the development and production of components and services for the laser and optoelectronics industry. The company has five manufacturing sites in three countries and offices in key countries. Laser Components’ measurement technology product range is divided into two areas – the use of lasers in measurement and the measurement of lasers themselves. Among the instruments for measuring laser power and wavelength is WAVEPOWER, a simple and inexpensive unit for measuring laser diodes and modules. Output power can be measured in either mW or dB and the measuring range is from 0.999mW to 99.99mW (0 to 20dBm) to an accuracy of 0.001mW/0.01mW. Wavelengths from 500 to 900nm can be measured to an accuracy of approximately 2nm. The wavelength and power level can be measured simultaneously with a single measurement. The data can be easily read on the display or via an RS232 interface. The WAVEPOWER comes as a handheld device with a sensor probe.

Instrument Systems is well known for its comprehensive range of optical test and measurement systems. The range includes complete systems for diode and display measurements, fast scanning and compact spectrometers, imaging photometers and polarization analyzers. The CAS 140CT series of Compact Array Spectrometers is equipped with high-performance detectors and gratings. The seven models in the CAS 140CT range cover a spectral range from 200nm to 2160nm and, in combination with optimized control electronics, the new spectrometer technology permits precise acquisition and evaluation of spectra within a few milliseconds. Instrument Systems claims the new system is the perfect solution to meet the needs of research, development and production applications in light measurement.

Princeton Instruments and Acton Research (PI/Acton) manufacture high performance scientific instruments for many spectroscopy applications. The company has recently announced the release of the latest products in its line of Raman spectrometers. The MonoVista CRS and TriVista CRS Confocal Raman Systems provide the ability to perform spectroscopic techniques, such as photoluminescence, on a wide variety of samples. Systems are tailored to the customer’s individual requirements and budget, resulting in a flexible, upgradeable solution. The system provides structural information for a wide variety of samples under extreme conditions of temperature and pressure, either on a micro-scale level or from a bulk sample.

Both systems offer both macro and confocal micro analysis capabilities in a single system enhancing experimental flexibility and allowing easy switching between macro and micro modes The completely integrated modular systems also provide instant results and easy configuration for multiple applications. Integrated laser options are available and the systems can also be integrated with single or multiple existing laser systems, allowing easy use of different excitation wavelengths. High stability base plates provide unsurpassed stability for vibration sensitive experiments. These versatile systems offer the widest range of detector options available, allowing customers to maximize their signal acquisition using CCDs, PMTs and InGaAs arrays.

Hamamatsu's System Division offers complete photonic systems for scientific and industrial use. As well as products that are employed in a broad range of different applications and markets, Hamamatsu also offers highly specialized solutions for problems in many applications such as the semiconductor industry, biological imaging, spectroscopy and non-destructive testing. The Division offers a wide variety of instrumentation for the characterization of lasers, laser diodes, LEDs and fiber optics. The domains and parameters that can be characterized include spectrum, spatial beam profile and time and bandwidth.

TEM Messtechnik has been involved in laser technology since the company was established in 1998. TEM manufactures a wide range of instruments either in its own right or in partnership with other specialist companies. Its iScan system, for example, is a universal instrument for the static and dynamic testing of tunable lasers. It also allows for fast and precise scanning of tunable lasers, surveillance of the scan behaviour of tunable lasers, stepping to different arbitrary wavelengths and measurement of the wavelength stability of tunable lasers. It consists of a measurement head and the control electronics unit. The head contains the interferometer optics, photo detectors, preamplifiers and temperature sensing. The company’s DL100/110 series features modules for the precise control of diode lasers and the acquisition of measurement data. Different modules can be combined in a versatile rack to satisfy a variety of applications. For basic use, three modules: power and monitoring, diode current control and temperature control are all that is needed.

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