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SYSGO & OpenSynergy join forces for the automotive market

18th November 2010
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SYSGO AG and OpenSynergy GmbH, two German software companies, have signed an exclusive cooperation agreement targeting the automotive market. They will join forces to provide carmakers with a software platform that already meets both avionics safety standards and AUTOSAR (Automotive Open System Architecture) requirements. Rolf Morich, general manager at OpenSynergy, said in a joint press release, “The high quality standards of SYSGO’s technology enable us to provide a universal operating system for carmakers and their suppliers, one that bridges the gap between car and consumer electronics while meeting the high safety standards of the avionics industry.”

COQOS, OpenSynergy’s core product, provides a solution for integrating various applications with differing requirements onto one single piece of hardware, while guaranteeing full compatibility with AUTOSAR. Through the use of virtualization technology from SYSGO, COQOS ensures clear delineation between the various subsystems, eliminating any possibility of interference among them. COQOS allows Linux-based solutions like Android to run alongside advanced driver assistance systems or AUTOSAR applications.

SYSGO AG is pleased to have found in OpenSynergy a partner that allows them to tap into the automotive market. Michael Tiedemann, chief executive officer at SYSGO, said “OpenSynergy’s tremendous know-how and excellent reputation in the automotive industry will help us to implement our strategy quickly: to introduce our reliable avionics software PikeOS to the automotive industry.”

In the new product from SYSGO and OpenSynergy, COQOS is built on top of PikeOS from SYSGO. PikeOS was developed from the start for safety-critical applications and is used in systems certified in accordance with the most stringent safety standards, such as DO-178B. The robust microkernel-based operating system has already been deployed in Airbus A35OXWB and A400M aircrafts.

The integration of COQOS and PikeOS results in a highly robust platform. Using avionics technology enables all the latest safety standards of the automotive industry to be met, including ISO 26262. “This joint platform will revolutionize automotive safety electronics,” commented Morich.

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