Murata increases rated current and reduces footprint of automotive grade common mode choke coils

8th December 2010
ES Admin
Murata has introduced an SMD version of its high rated current common mode choke coil family, raising the rated current from 3A to 10A while reducing their footprint by approximately half. Dimensions of the new components are 13.4mm (maximum) x 8.9mm x 6.6mm (typical).
The PLT10HH series is ideal for suppressing noise from the large numbers of electrical accessories (pumps, air conditioning, power steering, brakes etc.) used in electric vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles and other low fuel consumption vehicles. The various motors widely used in these vehicles generate electromagnetic noise when rotating, and this electromagnetic noise must be reduced to avoid adversely affecting on-board electronic equipment. In addition, common mode choke coils are also used in circuits other than motors, such as DC-DC converters and charging circuits, to reduce the common mode noise that leaks from power lines to each part.

There are four parts in the new family of automotive grade common mode choke coils. The PLT10HH1026R0PN and the PLT10HH9016R0PN both have rated current of 6ADC, with typical common mode impedance at 10MHz of 1000? or 900? respectively (minimum common mode inductance 20µH or 14µH respectively). The PLT10HH501100PN and PLT10HH401100PN have rated current of 10ADC, with typical common mode impedance at 10MHz of 500? or 400? respectively (minimum common mode inductance 9µH or 6µH respectively). All parts in the series have a rated voltage of 100VDC.

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