Sleep easy with this intelligent app

13th September 2017
Source: Terraillon
Posted By : Alice Matthews
Sleep easy with this intelligent app

Specialist in metrology and connected wellbeing, Terraillon, is currently present in the kitchen and bathroom sectors. With the introduction of its all-new HOMNI solution and its dedicated Wellness Coach-Sleep mobile app, Terraillon will be expanding into the sleep product category. In the last 12 months, 1 in 3 people are reported to have suffered from insomnia or other sleep related problems. In recent years, sleep deprivation has become a critical public health concern. Research studies are also showing a close link between weight gain and lack of sleep.

Terraillon has created a solution to improve sleep quality, which naturally complements its current ecosystem of connected products linked to nutrition, weight, heart and activity.

HOMNI has been developed based on a partnership between Terraillon and the European Sleep Centre to help improve public health and promote healthy sleep.

Improve sleep quality
As an intelligent sleep solution, HOMNI is a suitable companion for a peaceful night’s sleep and to wake up naturally feeling refreshed. Thanks to the sleep and wake programmes developed in partnership with the European Sleep Centre, HOMNI helps the user fall asleep in the best possible conditions with harmonious lighting as well as a cardiac coherence regulator to monitor stress in order to wake up feeling refreshed.

Its combination of lights and adapted sounds helps achieve peaceful, deep and restorative sleep. The light diffused by HOMNI adapts to each stage of sleep: red hues at bedtime does not disrupt the secretion of melatonin, a vital sleep hormone, which facilitates the process of falling asleep. On the other hand, the blue light inhibits the secretion of melatonin thereby helping users to wake up naturally.

The bedroom environment is a major factor in guaranteeing quality sleep. In view of this, the HOMNI analyses temperature, brightness, sound level and humidity in the bedroom throughout the night. This data is then automatically recorded on the dedicated Wellness Coach - Sleep application, allowing users to monitor their night’s sleep.

Analyse each night with the Wellness Coach - Sleep application
Each HOMNI device is accompanied by a 'Dot' sleep sensor that can be placed under the pillow. It provides detailed analysis of each night’s sleep: amount of sleep acquired, sleep cycles as well as body movements. It is also possible to track the data of multiple users (two for instance) by adding a second 'Dot' sensor.

For a more in-depth analysis, the HOMNI user can also purchase a 'Reston' sensor. Like the Dot, the Reston evaluates the user’s sleep pattern and provides details on the activity of the body since it allows the monitoring of both heart and respiratory rates. Complementary to HOMNI, it resembles a belt and is positioned under a fitted sheet without compromising the comfort of the user thanks to mere its 2mm thickness.

The data collected by HOMNI, the 'Dot' and the 'Reston' are then combined into the Wellness Coach – Sleep mobile application, which allows access to a complete dashboard and measures overall sleep performance. This determines the user’s overall sleep quality.

Create a personalised lighting and sound ambiance
With the HOMNI, the lighting conditions of the user’s bedroom can be changed according to their needs from a broad selection of 16 million colours. The HOMNI can also be used as a Bluetooth stereo speaker for users to listen to their favourite music and relax, or practice guided relaxation exercises via their favourite applications. In addition, the HOMNI offers relaxation programmes specially designed to recharge the user’s energy and spirit.

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