BlackSand Software Automates Mobile Device Testing

22nd March 2010
Posted By : ES Admin
BlackSand Software LLC today announced the release of SkyJack 3.5.9, one of a suite of tools designed to address key testing bottlenecks in the deployment of mobile devices. SkyJack is an AT command scripting application that is designed to automate mobile device testing. It works primarily with scripts, whichare text files with a special XML format. SkyJack issues AT commands to mobile phones, check the responses coming back, and perform various other tasks through the use of scripts. It isn’t necessary to be programmer to create these scripts. They are easy enough to create, so that any member of the testing team will be able to write the scripts that they need.
SkyJack can also execute campaigns. Campaigns are groups of scripts that are automatically executed in a single test session. This test automation is simple to set up. Once set up, SkyJack can test your devices 24 hours a day.

During test sessions, SkyJack will log all communication with all of the mobile devices being used. Logs are displayed in two different formats. The first log provides an easy to read interpretation of the data. The second log allows you to see the raw data, just as it is sent and received.

A final verdict will be recorded in the logs after a script or campaign has been executed. A verdict can either be a pass, fail, or inconclusive. If a campaign is being executed and it fails or is inconclusive, the log will indicate on which script the fail or inconclusive verdict was detected. This will help you to easily see which scripts are not passing and at what point the error occurs.

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