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One more step towards a quantum leap in computing

One more step towards a quantum leap in computing
In order to develop future quantum computer networks, it is necessary to hold a known number of atoms and read them without them disappearing. To do this, researchers from the Niels Bohr Institute have developed a method with a trap that captures the atoms along an ultra thin glass fibre, where the atoms can be controlled. The results are published in the scientific journal, Physical Review Letters.
29th January 2015

Quantum dot technology deemed beneficial for the environment

The European Commission has granted an exemption to the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS 2) Directive for Electrical and Electronic Equipment, confirming that QD Vision’s Color IQ quantum dot technology is beneficial for the environment.
26th January 2015

Government announces investment in quantum technologies

A consortium of universities and businesses is set to bring innovative quantum technologies to market soon. The futuristic technologies include cameras which use just a single pixel to see through smoke, imaging systems which can time light to see around corners and miniature structures to create earthquake warning systems.
26th November 2014

Detecting Majorana particles for next-gen quantum computing

Detecting Majorana particles for next-gen quantum computing
Researchers from the University of Surrey and the Ben-Gurion University in Israel have uncovered a new method to detect Majorana particles. Previous attempts to find the elusive Majorana particle have been promising without providing definitive and conclusive evidence of its existence.
10th September 2014

ESG lab testing affirms industry-leading benefits of quantum dxi6800 for backup and disaster recovery

Quantum announced the results of industry analyst firm Enterprise Strategy Group’s evaluation of Quantum’s DXi6800 deduplication and backup appliance and related data protection offerings. ESG Lab’s testing demonstrated market-leading performance, scalability and security for backup and disaster recovery. The tests also illustrated how the DXi6800 works with other elements of Quantum’s comprehensive data protection portfolio to meet customers’ needs across physical, virtual and cloud environments.
17th June 2013

First commercial quantum computer system

Triton, Oxford Instruments’ cryofree dilution refrigeration system is an important component in the first commercial quantum computer system to be supplied by D-Wave Systems Inc. Vancouver based D-Wave has announced an agreement to sell a D-Wave One™ quantum computer system to a Fortune 100 company. The Triton™ system provides the low temperature environment that is essential to the performance of its quantum annealing processor. This processor is able to address complex computational challenges that are difficult or impractical to perform using conventional systems, and represents a paradigm shift in processing technology.
14th July 2011

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