Relialign RDI2 Series Residential Door Interlock Switches

14th June 2010
News Release from: Honeywell
Written by : ES Admin
Relialign RDI2 Series Residential Door Interlock Switches
Honeywell's Relialign Series of residential door interlocks now includes the RDI2 Series, engineered with a rugged, plastic housing. Designed specifically for residential swing door applications, the RDI2 Series joins an established product line of metal-housed products released in 2009 (RDI Series).
Honeywell's Relialign™ door interlocks hold the door in place and prevent it from being opened when not desired, such as when the elevator/lift car is not present at the door. A number of design features, including a door-closure retention cam, contribute to RDI2 Series' enhanced safety, reduction of nuisance stoppages, simplified wiring, and ease of installation. Reliable and smooth operations are enhanced by the use of a metal key that is less susceptible than plastic to bending and breakage. The lack of open or exposed contacts minimizes the possibility of owners making manual adjustments.
Featuring a custom internal solenoid control, Relialign™ RDI2 Series interlocks can reduce complexity of the host controller, trim power consumption for a greener product, extend solenoid life, and reduce solenoid time outs, lessening customer aggravation. RDI2 Series Residential Door Interlocks include a manual override for easy actuation without user hazard, which reduces the potential for call-backs.

To meet customer and industry requirements, the Relialign™ Series is compliant with ASME A17.1, UL Standard 104, and CSA-B44.1. Potential applications include residential elevators, dumbwaiters, and platform/vertical lifts.

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