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New functionality enhances debugging tool

IAR Systems has launched a new version of its development tools for STMicroelectronics’ STM8. Version 2.10 of IAR Embedded Workbench for STM8 adds improvements and new functionality for debugging, as well as selectable math functions, updated user documentation and new device support. STM8 microcontrollers are used in industrial and consumer applications, automotive applications, and in various applications where ultra-low power consumption is essential
21st November 2014

Advanced partitioning aids safety-critical system design

Wind River has introduced a safety profile for the next-gen version of its VxWorks RTOS. The profile adds safety features to VxWorks 7, aimed at the development of safety critical systems in industrial, medical, transportation, aerospace and defense applications. Wind River has enhanced its Virtualisation Profile for VxWorks.
21st November 2014

MCU tools increase functionality & macro management

IAR Systems has launched the latest version of its development tools for STMicroelectronics' STM8. Version 2.10 of IAR Embedded Workbench for STM8 adds improvements and functionality for debugging, as well as selectable maths functions, updated user documentation and further device support.
21st November 2014

Chipset supports 4K video over 12Gb/s link

M/A-COM Technology Solutions has announced that its 12G-SDI Chipset supports transmission of 4K60p video utilising a single 12Gb/s link over 80m of L-4.5CHD coaxial cable. In collaboration with Canare Electric, the combined solution allows transmission over long distances required in next-gen 4K editing, routing and transport applications.
20th November 2014

Verification offered for organic thin film transistor

Plastic Logic has adopted Synopsys' IC Validator product for physical verification of its proprietary organic thin film transistor technology. IC Validator's modern design and advanced hierarchical capabilities allow it to accommodate Plastic Logic's process technology and deliver fast turn-around times on the company's large flexible screen designs.
20th November 2014

Processor replication with IP rights eliminates errata

Rochester Electronics offers replication of processors through its Semiconductor Replication Process (SRP). There are several companies within the semiconductor industry selling their emulated versions of popular processors originally produced by Freescale and Intel. Because Rochester receives processor IP from the original manufacturer, there is no need to emulate.
20th November 2014

Multi-function USB Type-C can be implemented rapidly

Multi-function USB Type-C can be implemented rapidly
Lattice Semiconductor has announced four solutions that allow the rapid implementation of the recently released USB Type-C standard. These products have already been adopted by some customers, and Lattice will offer demonstrations during the USB 3.1 Developers’ Day, held in Singapore on 19th and 20th November.
19th November 2014

Starter kit enables fast FPGA safety certification

To simplify and speed up the certification and licensing process for FPGAs which must meet standards such as IEC 61508, Embedded Office has adapted its µC/OS-MPU Cert-Kit to Altera’s Cyclone V SoCs using the ARM Cortex-A9 processor, and moulded this into a starter kit.
19th November 2014

Industry's first 60GHz Wifi SoC achieves first-pass silicon success

Synopsys has announced that Nitero achieved first-pass silicon success for its NT4600, the industry's first 60GHz WiFi SoC built for low-power mobile applications, using Synopsys' DesignWare IP, Verification IP and the Galaxy Design Platform. Nitero integrated the PCI Express 2.0 Controller IP in less than one month, gaining a head start over its competition in the fast-moving mobile industry.
18th November 2014

IC prototyping service provides cost savings & flexibility

The Multi-Project Wafer (MPW) or shuttle run IC prototyping service from the Full Service Foundry division of ams is now available with an updated schedule for 2015. Combining several designs from different customers onto a single wafer, the service offers significant cost advantages for foundry customers as the costs for wafers and masks are shared among a number of different shuttle participants.
17th November 2014

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