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High-speed device can be deployed on legacy cable systems

High-speed device can be deployed on legacy cable systems
Marvell has announced the Alaska M 88E2180 Gigabit Ethernet transceiver, the world’s first octal multi-Gigabit Ethernet transceiver compatible with both the IEEE 802.3bz standard and the NBASE-T AllianceSM specification for 2.5 and 5 Gbps operation over CAT5e cables. This highly sophisticated IC will enable enterprises to quickly and cost-effectively migrate to multi-Gigabit Ethernet networking infrastructure.
1st June 2017

Multi-core processors for software ecosystems

Multi-core processors for software ecosystems
Marvell, a provider of storage, cloud infrastructure, Internet of Things (IoT), connectivity and multimedia semiconductor solutions, has announced that it has collaborated with ARM to introduce Marvell’s cost-effective and high-performance ARMADA 8040 networking community board, a widely available software development platform.
22nd June 2016

PoE PSE inclusion expedites turnkey IoT portfolio

Marvell has announced that it will incorporate Microsemi's PoE Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) offering into its turnkey manufacture-ready reference designs, bundled with software solutions. The combined technologies from Marvell and Microsemi will enable a large range of IoT and other connected network applications including wireless access points, 4G/LTE small cells, sensors, IP cameras and lighting.
5th June 2015

Marvell announce co-founder Weili Dai as President

Marvell announce co-founder Weili Dai as President
Marvell Technology have today announced that its Board of Directors has appointed Weili Dai as president of the company, effective July 14, 2013. Weili Dai is one of the most successful women entrepreneurs in the world today. Widely considered a technology visionary, she is the only woman co-founder of a global semiconductor company.
23rd July 2013

Marvell Launches New Prestera CX Devices

Marvell today announced the general availability of new devices within the Prestera CX family of packet processors. The new processors feature support for high-density 40GbE/10GbE ports for cloud storage and server interconnect solutions, as well as Ethernet backplanes in modular platforms.
8th May 2013

Marvell Launches ARMADA 375 Dual-Core 1.0 GHz Cortex A9-Based SoC for SMB, Infrastructure and Enterprise Applications

Marvell today introduced the Marvell ARMADA 375 System-on-Chip, a dual-core Cortex A9 SoC platform that builds on the highly successful ARMADA 370 and ARMADA XP families of embedded ARM processors for business networking applications.
8th May 2013

Marvell Introduces Consumable Security Chip Using Cryptography Research’s CryptoFirewall Anti-counterfeiting Technology

Today at the Mobile World Congress 2013, Marvell announced the Marvell PA800 consumable security chip that implements a complete, industry-leading solution to solve the challenges of robust system consumables security. The PA800 implements Cryptography Research’s (CRI) latest Consumable CryptoFirewall (CCF) technology for use in systems that require secure authentication and/or secure usage tracking for consumable items or accessories.
25th February 2013

Marvell Technology Group Ltd. Reports Fourth Fiscal Quarter and Fiscal Year 2013 Financial Results

Marvell Technology Group today reported financial results for the fourth fiscal quarter and fiscal year 2013, ended February 2, 2013.
22nd February 2013

Marvell Unveils DragonFly NVDRIVE PCIe SSD Cache Accelerator

Marvell Unveils DragonFly NVDRIVE PCIe SSD Cache Accelerator
Marvell today announced the availability of the Marvell DragonFly NVDRIVE, a turnkey enterprise-class PCIe SSD caching solution with built-in SSD modules that extends the company’s award-winning DragonFly NVCACHE and NVRAM adapter product offerings first announced last August.
4th January 2013

Marvell Technology Group Seeks to Overturn Jury's Patent Infringement Findings

Marvell announced that on December 26, 2012, a jury in Pittsburgh delivered a verdict in a lawsuit brought by Carnegie Mellon University against Marvell and Marvell Semiconductor in the United States District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania. In the lawsuit, CMU asserted that Marvell infringed two CMU patents claiming a specific technique related to read channel detector technology that is not practiced by any Marvell chips.
3rd January 2013

Marvell wins two prestigious American business awards

Marvell today announced that its 88DE3100 HD Media Process System-on-Chip (SoC) has received two esteemed American Business Awards in the “Best New Hardware Product or Service” and “Favorite Hardware People’s Choice” categories.
3rd October 2012

Marvell and Stanford Announce Availability of the SMILE Plug

Marvell today announced the availability of the SMILE Plug, the first cloud computer designed to transform a traditional classroom setting into a highly interactive learning environment. Beta versions of SMILE Plug are currently being piloted in more than 20 countries worldwide in classrooms ranging from early elementary levels to graduate level programs.
18th September 2012

Marvell DragonFly - The I/O acceleration solution that solves the write cliff problem the right way

Mobile. Global. Local. Social. It's no secret these are key megatrends transforming the world as we know it and pushing the envelope of an always-on society. But a growing disconnect is forming as big data continues to pile on, and always-on requires on-demand responsiveness.
6th September 2012

Marvell and OnLive Team Up to Deliver Next Generation Cloud Gaming

Marvell have announced that OnLive is using the ARMADA 15OO HD Media SoC to power on-demand gaming in Google TVs and Google TV devices. OnLive delivers hundreds of high-end video games directly from the cloud to PCs, Macs, TVs, tablets and now, leveraging the ARMADA 1500 chipset, to Google TV, with no game console necessary.
20th July 2012

ARMADA 1500 HD Media SoC enables Google TVs

Marvell was today proud to reveal that the ARMADA 1500-powered Google TV devices passed Google’s certification process. At the core of an increasing number of connected-home products, Marvell is determined to bring powerful and energy efficient devices at an attractive price point for consumers to enjoy.
16th July 2012

Marvell Joins Citrix System-on-Chip Initiative to Bring Citrix HDX Technology for Thin Clients to Market

Marvell today announced participation in the Citrix System-on-Chip initiative to enable an entirely new generation of thin clients for high-definition virtual applications and desktops at a low cost. The Marvell ARMADA 510 SoC seamlessly integrates Citrix HDX capabilities into a complete silicon solution.
28th May 2012

Marvell Powers china's Tier 1 Mobile OEM K-Touchs First Smartphone for China Mobile

Marvell today announced the entrance of China’s Tier 1 mobile OEM, K-Touch, into the Time Division Synchronous Code Division Multiple Access smartphone market. The new K-Touch T660 is equipped with a large 4-inch screen that delivers superior performance at the 1,000 RMB price point. The T660, which features the Marvell PXA920H single-chip communications processor, will be available on China Mobile, the country’s largest carrier with more than 650 million subscribers.
28th May 2012

Marvell Announces Industry-First Audio Video Bridging Family of SoCs with Integrated Switching, CPU and Endpoint Functionality

Marvell today announced the industry’s first Audio Video Bridging enabled system-on-chip solutions that combine switching, central processing unit and end audio node technology for its LinkStreet family of processors.
24th May 2012

Marvell Unveils Third-Gen SSD 6Gb/s SATA Controller Powered by High Performance Embedded Processor

Marvell today announced mass deployment of the Marvell 88SS9187 SATA controller fueled by high performance embedded processor technology. The 88SS9187 features a 6Gb/s SATA Revision 3.1 compliant host interface optimized for the fast-growing solid state drive sector, offering many game changing benefits to the consumer, mobile and enterprise markets.
24th May 2012

Marvell Delivers New Network Connectivity Options for wired home network performance

Marvell Delivers New Network Connectivity Options for wired home network performance
To support current and surging consumer demand for high-speed and highly robust home networking, Marvell announced the ITU-T compliant transceiver chipset, which enables the complete unification of the home wireline network for distributing more content to more screens in more rooms in the home. The new transceiver chipset family is designed to provide optimized home network performance over any wired medium (including powerline, coax and phoneline/twisted pair) in a single chipset, reducing overall cost, complexity of design and time to market (TTM) for system designers. With up to a 1 Gbps wire data rate, we expect the chipset to be an ideal solution for the wireline distribution of bandwidth-intensive and real-time applications such as HD IPTV, VoIP, gaming, multi-room DVR and beyond.
27th September 2011

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