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Which brain is best for your project?

Ben gets a lot of questions about whether discreet logic, an MCU, or a Raspberry Pi is best to use as the brains of a project.
22nd January 2015

Ben Heck's chimney of the future

Ben attempts to create a more efficient chimney that will circulate the heat from the rising smoke to the rest of the room. Will it work?
21st January 2015

Cortex A-5 processor at heart of development kit

Cortex A-5 processor at heart of development kit
Featuring an ARM Cortex-A5 microprocessor, the Atmel Xplained SAMA5D4-XULT board allows users to evaluate, prototype and create high performance, application-specific designs. The development kit, now on sale at element14, includes 4Gb DDR2 external memory, one Ethernet physical layer transceiver, two SD/MMC interfaces, two host USB ports and one device USB port, one 24-bit RGB LCD and HDMI interface and debug interfaces.
16th January 2015

Ben Heck’s Xbox One portable - part 1

Santa Ben gives his fans what they’ve been asking for - an Xbox One portable project! Since he’s not the the first person to attempt his, Ben wants to make his portable different and decides to go with a tablet form factor.
23rd December 2014

Ben Heck’s Parallax sensor 'seeing-eye' hat

Ben finally tries out an idea he’s had in mind for years - a seeing-eye hat! Ben uses a Parallax Propeller, ultrasonic sensors, and rumble motors to create a hat that helps the wearer to sense their surroundings.
23rd December 2014

Ben Heck's workshop hacks

Ben and crew are moved into the new workshop, but it could use some improvements. Ben gets to work building a cart to hold all his CNC materials. His second shop hack is to mod an old PC power supply into a bench supply he can use to test projects. Before the move he tossed the old, noisy power supply he had used in the past.
16th December 2014

2014 trends in PCB design

In the last year we’ve seen a lot of change in the PCB and electronics design industry, from the growth of development kits through to the introduction of new features that simplify the design process. By Richard Hammerl, CadSoft. So what does this mean for the market?
12th December 2014

Ben Heck teaches soldering

In this episode Alyson comes out from behind the camera to learn how to solder. Ben shows her the basics and has her do some tests before soldering up a real circuit. Ben helps Alyson as she creates an audio circuit for the Raspberry Pi Compute Module.
5th December 2014

Ben Heck's Apple 1 replica - part 3

Ben builds a 1970s style case to house the computer. When the sleek, wooden case is finished, he demonstrates the complete replica.
4th December 2014

What would you do for a FREE Dev Kit?

Farnell element 14 took a special vending machine to electronica this year. Vistors had the chance to win one of 600 free Dev Kits.
2nd December 2014

Ben Heck's Apple 1 replica - part 2

This video shows part two of Ben Heck's project to build an Apple 1 from scratch.
21st November 2014

Ben Heck's Apple 1 replica - part 1

Ben decides to take on another retro 8-bit computer project and builds an Apple 1 from scratch. He wires the CPU, ROM, and RAM to a PCB and adds some logic gates for memory addressing.
20th November 2014

Ben Heck's hacker halloween mask

Ben and Felix work together to create a hacker-friendly Halloween mask. They use basic materials from the hardware store to create the framework of the mask and add servos that will move the creature’s mandibles. Ben wires up a couple of LED matrices to use as the creature’s eyes.
4th November 2014

Ben Heck's battery charging circuit

Ben uses charging circuits in many of his projects so it’s about time he created his own! Ben uses EAGLE to design the PCB for his circuit and shows each step of the process.
30th October 2014

element14 aims to crowdsource the ultimate development kit

element14 aims to crowdsource the ultimate development kit
element14 has launched a global design initiative to discover the ultimate development kit for engineers and makers. The Dream Board project, live now on the element14 Community, allows users to create and brand their own virtual development kit using an interactive tool. The project will uncover the components and technologies that today’s engineers are looking for, using an innovative crowdsourcing approach.
28th October 2014

Ben Heck's Intel Galileo fighting robots

Ben decides it’s time to create a brawling robot game he’s wanted to build for a while. He builds mechanical robots and uses servos to make them punch as well as move side to side.
27th October 2014

Innovating with the Raspberry Pi B+

Innovating with the Raspberry Pi B+
The Raspberry Pi B+, launched earlier this year, can be seen as the next evolution to the Raspberry Pi board and is stacked with interesting new features, adding even more functionality and possibilities to designers, innovators and engineers. By Andy Laing, Raspberry Pi Global Product Manager, element14.
2nd October 2014

Ben Heck answers your 3D printing questions

Ben responds to viewer’s questions about 3D printing by delivering a full tutorial! He covers the kinds of printers available as well as the basic parts and costs of building your own printer.
24th September 2014

Version 7 of the EAGLE has landed

Since the acquisition of CadSoft by Premier Farnell, CadSoft has not stopped its ongoing investments into the development of the popular layout system, EAGLE. CadSoft, as highlighted in the just-launched version 7, has continuously worked on improving the software since the release of version 6, which included the game-changing implementation of the XML data format.
19th September 2014

RIoTboard accessories encompass Raspberry Pi, Arduino

RIoTboard accessories encompass Raspberry Pi, Arduino
The RIoTboard has grown its connections and its functionality with the release by Farnell element14 of the RIoTboard adapter, enabling the connection of a variety of accessory types. These include accessories from a wide range including Arduino shields, MikroE Clicks, Pmods and Raspberry Pi. 
18th September 2014

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