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Innovating with the Raspberry Pi B+

Innovating with the Raspberry Pi B+
The Raspberry Pi B+, launched earlier this year, can be seen as the next evolution to the Raspberry Pi board and is stacked with interesting new features, adding even more functionality and possibilities to designers, innovators and engineers. By Andy Laing, Raspberry Pi Global Product Manager, element14.
2nd October 2014

Ben Heck answers your 3D printing questions

Ben responds to viewer’s questions about 3D printing by delivering a full tutorial! He covers the kinds of printers available as well as the basic parts and costs of building your own printer.
24th September 2014

Version 7 of the EAGLE has landed

Since the acquisition of CadSoft by Premier Farnell, CadSoft has not stopped its ongoing investments into the development of the popular layout system, EAGLE. CadSoft, as highlighted in the just-launched version 7, has continuously worked on improving the software since the release of version 6, which included the game-changing implementation of the XML data format.
19th September 2014

RIoTboard accessories encompass Raspberry Pi, Arduino

RIoTboard accessories encompass Raspberry Pi, Arduino
The RIoTboard has grown its connections and its functionality with the release by Farnell element14 of the RIoTboard adapter, enabling the connection of a variety of accessory types. These include accessories from a wide range including Arduino shields, MikroE Clicks, Pmods and Raspberry Pi. 
18th September 2014

Ben Heck's EMFCamp extreme camping chair

Ben travels to the United Kingdom to attend EMF Camp, an outdoor camping festival for geeks, crafters and technology enthusiasts. He sets up camp and breaks out the camping chair he souped-up for the occasion. In a series of flashbacks Ben shows how he created the mods back at the shop - including a beverage holder with active cooling and fans that detect campfire smoke to blow it away from the camper.
17th September 2014

Development kit supports array of debug features

Farnell element14 has introduced the C8051F850-B-DK development kit from Silicon Labs which opens up the C8051F85x/6x AEC-Q100-qualified, low-cost microcontroller family. The development kit enables developers to evaluate hardware and develop code, straight out of the box.
12th September 2014

Then and now: a brief history of single board computers

Then and now: a brief history of single board computers
  The term SBC or single board computer has been around for many years and has meant different things to different people. By Cliff Ortmeyer, Global Head of Solutions Development, Premier Farnell.
11th September 2014

Ben Heck's DIY cell phone - part 2

Ben and Felix continue building the simple cell phone. Ben dials in the code to parse the data sent by the FONA to the OLED display and Felix solders the necessary components on the homespun, double-sided PCB.
9th September 2014

Ben Heck's DIY cell phone - part 1

Ben decides to go back to a simpler time before smartphones by building a DIY basic cell phone. He uses the Adafruit FONA as the foundation of the project along with a keyboard, battery, OLED and MCU. Ben programmes the MCU to be the brains of his phone project.
9th September 2014

Ben Heck's Little Free Library

Ben creates a project for Little Free Library, an organisation that promotes literacy and the love of reading through free book exchanges.
27th August 2014

Ben Heck's Raspberry Pi webcam

Using the Raspberry Pi and its camera module, Ben creates a motorised web camera so viewers can tune into the shop and take a look behind the scenes. Felix uses his Linux skills to get the Pi streaming to the web and Ben builds the mechanical features of the project. Ben carefully designs the project from the camera out to ensure everything will function once it’s all assembled.
20th August 2014

Development platform eases path to Internet of Things

Texas Instruments CC3200 Launchpad and CC3100 BoosterPack, a development platform and Wi-Fi device, created for faster and easier implementation of solutions for the Internet of Things(IoT) is now available at Farnell element14. The kit is the industry’s first single-chip programmable microcontroller with built-in Wi-Fi connectivity suitable for applications in cloud connectivity, home automation, safety and security, health and fitness, and metering.
12th August 2014

I felt your social presence

Social media for engineers; is it a useful source of information, or simply a distraction? By Dianne Kibbey, Global Head of Community, element14.
6th August 2014

Development kits: identifying and supporting market needs

Development kits: identifying and supporting market needs
The age of the development kit is very much upon us. According to Farnell element14 research conducted with more than 1,500 designers of electronic prototypes, on average development kits were used in 45% of all designs in the 12 months up to March 2014. By utilising readymade, low cost boards engineers can test their design ideas with a variety of components. By Richard Curtin, Global Director of Strategic Alliance, element14.
30th July 2014

First look at the Raspberry Pi Model B+

In this video, Farnell element14 takes it's first look at the latest Raspberry Pi, the Raspberry Pi Model B+.
28th July 2014

Embracing open source hardware

Embracing open source hardware
The impact open source hardware has had in the past year has been momentous. Educators, students and hobbyists have all traditionally been big proponents of open-source hardware, but in the last 12 months we finally saw large companies and professional engineers begin to openly embrace the open source movement as well.
22nd July 2014

element14 launches Raspberry Pi Compute Development Kit

element14 launches Raspberry Pi Compute Development Kit
element14 is launching the latest in its extensive development kit range the Raspberry Pi Compute Development Kit to allow design engineers to harness the power of the Raspberry Pi for embedded applications. The Raspberry Pi Compute Module allows design engineers to use their own interface board that will host the compute module and deliver a smooth experience as they move from prototyping on the Pi through to shipping commercial product in volume.
16th July 2014

Refurbishing an old drill press with Ben Heck

Ben is inspired to refurbish an old drill press he received as a hand-me-down. The thirty four year old press is in rough shape and is in need of some cleaning, greasing, and has to be completely rewired. With Felix's help, Ben gets the drill press in working order and makes it look shiny and new.
7th July 2014

Take a Look Inside with Oscilloscopes

Ben has used his Agilent handheld oscilloscope many times to troubleshoot projects and was curious what he could do with some of the other scopes out there. He takes a trip to Madison Area Technical College to visit their electronics lab and get his hands on the high end scopes they have. He has three problems he's looking to solve with help from the oscilloscopes.
30th June 2014

Wires,cables use 100% recyclable insulation

Farnell element14 has launched the EcoCable and EcoFlex range from Alpha Wire. Utilising the innovative 100% recyclable mPPE insulation found in EcoWire, EcoCable and EcoFlex are designed to be up to 65% lighter and 47% smaller, with up to 91% lower outgassing than traditional PVC cable and capable of handling temperature extremes to -50°C.
30th June 2014

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