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AdaCore to sponsor inaugural software engineering conference

Along with partner Altran, AdaCore will be sponsoring the inaugural High Integrity Software Conference (HIS), taking place in Bristol on the 23rd October 2014. HIS 2014, which is one day long, is a conference for sharing information about key challenges and recent developments within software engineering.
4th September 2014

Development & verification environment supports SPARK 2014

Development & verification environment supports SPARK 2014
Offering an integrated approach to the entire software development and verification lifecycle, Altran and AdaCore have released SPARK Pro 14.0. The integrated development and verification environment provides users with more powerful and easier to use tools that support the latest version of the SPARK language, SPARK 2014. The product brings software specification, coding, testing and unit verification by proof within a single integrated framework.
2nd May 2014

Cross-development environment targets processors running Android

GNAT Pro 7.2, for ARM Cortex processors running Android, is the latest Ada cross-development environment from AdaCore. The GNAT Pro product, hosted on Windows and Linux, comprises a complete Ada toolsuite for developing and maintaining Android applications using a mixture of Ada and Java. 
2nd April 2014

Development environment now offers support for ARM/Linux

GNAT Pro 7.2, the latest cross-development environment from AdaCore, extends support to ARM processors running Linux. This GNAT Pro ARM product provides a complete Ada development environment oriented towards embedded systems that require the flexibility and extensive services provided by Linux. Developers of such systems can now exploit the software engineering benefits of the Ada language, including reliability, maintainability, and portability.
28th February 2014

Upgraded tool assess bugs before program execution

Assessing potential bugs before program execution, CodePeer 2.3 is the latest version of AdaCore's static analysis tool for the automated review and validation of Ada source code. The tool is able to find errors efficiently and early in the development life cycle.
7th February 2014

Analysis tool updated to include hardware probe functionality

Supporting all levels of safety certification, GNATcoverage 1.2 is the leatest version of AdaCore's source and object code coverage analysis tool. The release includes supports usage with an iSystem hardware probe generating Nexus trace data, as well as usage with Valgrind on Linux.
5th February 2014

AdaCore Brings Ada to Wind River Linux

AdaCore today announced the availability of the GNAT Pro Ada development environment on the Wind River Linux platform. This new implementation continues a long, successful relationship between AdaCore and Wind River, marked by hundreds of joint customers worldwide, and brings the Ada language’s reliability benefits to the increasingly popular Wind River Linux platform.
2nd July 2013

Astrium Selects AdaCore’s GNAT Pro and PolyORB for International Space Station

AdaCore announced that Astrium, a wholly owned subsidiary of EADS, has selected AdaCore’s GNAT Pro development environment and PolyORB middleware toolset for use in the Core Ground System - CGS forms the basis to operate the Columbus laboratory, the European contribution to the International Space Station. The CGS ensures efficient communication across a network of User Support and Operation Centres distributed throughout Europe.
12th June 2013

AdaCore Announces Successful Completion of Project Hi-Lite

AdaCore and its research partners today announced the successful completion of Project Hi-Lite, a three-year, €3.9 million effort aimed at popularising formal methods in the development of high integrity software by combining formal verification and testing.
30th May 2013

Are High Reliability Applications Safe?

Are High Reliability Applications Safe?
We increasingly rely on systems where an error could cause financial disaster, organisational chaos, or in the worst case, death. Could the mandatory use of open source software improve safety and security in High Reliability applications? Robert Dewar, Co-founder and President of AdaCore, explores this question in detail in this insightful article from ES Design magazine.
9th May 2013

AdaCore Releases Major New Version of CodePeer Static Analysis Tool

AdaCore today announced the release of CodePeer 2.2, the advanced static analysis tool that helps developers detect potential run-time and logic errors in Ada programs. CodePeer is able to find non-trivial problems by systematically analyzing every possible input and path through the program, and can be employed very early in the development cycle to identify defects when they are the least costly to repair.
23rd April 2013

AdaCore Releases GNAT Pro 7.1

AdaCore today announced the availability of GNAT Pro 7.1, a major new version of the company’s flagship development environment. This release incorporates a number of enhancements, many based on user suggestions, including several Ada language related features, run-time improvements, and new and enhanced tools.
23rd April 2013

AdaCore Releases GNAT Pro Safety-Critical For ARM Processors

AdaCore today announced the availability of its GNAT Pro Safety-Critical product for ARM Cortex micro-controllers. This bareboard GNAT Pro Safety-Critical product provides a complete Ada development environment, oriented towards systems that are safety-critical or have stringent memory constraints. Developers of such systems can now exploit the software engineering benefits of the Ada language, including reliability, maintainability, and portability.
20th March 2013

GNAT Pro Safety-Critical used by Terma A/S for Space Monitor Project

AdaCore today announced that Terma A/S has selected the GNAT Pro Safety-Critical development environment to develop onboard software for the Atmosphere-Space Interactions Monitor that will be mounted on the Columbus module of the International Space Station. Terma will use GNAT Pro Safety-Critical combined with the GNATemulator and GNATcoverage dynamic testing tools to develop and test the application prior to deployment on the actual LEON 3 embedded processor.
17th December 2012

AdaCore and Altran Praxis Release SPARK Pro 11

AdaCore and Altran Praxis today announced the release of the SPARK Pro 11 software development and verification environment, providing a major step forward for the developers of high-assurance systems. SPARK Pro 11 offers many enhancements particularly in the area of program proof.
29th November 2012

Rockwell Collins Develops SecureOne with SPARK Pro and GNAT Pro High-Security

AdaCore today announced the successful usage of its SPARK Pro and GNAT Pro High-Security products by Rockwell Collins in the development of the SecureOne Guard, a high assurance cross domain guard for military tactical systems. The SecureOne Guard has strict requirements for reliability and security. In order to meet these needs, Rockwell Collins selected SPARK Pro and GNAT Pro High-Security as key development tools for the project.
20th September 2012

SmartSide Adopts Ada and GNAT Pro for Smart Devices Platform

AdaCore today announced that SmartSide has adopted the Ada programming language and AdaCore’s GNAT Pro development environment for the implementation of their Smart Devices platform. SmartSide offers multi-energy meter data management systems. Distribution Network Operators use SmartSide technology to optimize their Smart Grid networks through the secure, reliable, highly-interoperable and business-oriented Smart Energy Core platform.
2nd July 2012

AdaCore Releases GNAT Pro 7.0

AdaCore today announced the availability of GNAT Pro 7.0, a major new version of the company’s flagship development environment product. This latest annual release completely implements the upcoming Ada 2012 language revision, offers a range of improvements (many based on user suggestions), supports several new platforms, includes an important new testing tool (GNATtest), and enhances several existing tools. As with all AdaCore products, GNAT Pro is Freely-Licensed Open Source Software (FLOSS).
28th February 2012

“Project P” and “Hi-MoCo” Research Projects Launched

AdaCore today announced its participation in “Project “P” and “Hi-MoCo” (High-Integrity Model Compiler), two open-source research efforts supported and partly funded by the French and Estonian national governments and the European EUREKA agency. The combined projects, which started in October 2011, aim to provide an open-source, tunable and qualifiable code generation framework for domain-specific modeling languages.
1st February 2012

AdaCore and SofCheck Merge

AdaCore today announced a merger with SofCheck, Inc., a Lexington, Massachusetts-based automated software quality (ASQ) company. SofCheck’s staff has joined the AdaCore technical team, and SofCheck Founder Tucker Taft has been named as AdaCore’s Director of Language Research. AdaCore has acquired SofCheck’s products, including static error detection tools, the AdaMagic compiler front end technology, and also ParaSail, a new Parallel Specification and Implementation Language intended for high-reliability applications on multicore target platforms.
11th January 2012

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